Life is moving on and I'm busy as ever again. I am stuck going to school almost every night and working nights also so I tend not to have any free time. The one thing I do love is having Fridays off. Well.. after the preschool I get to come home and have the weekend to myself.

The only thing that is going to stink is now Robert has a job!! Woo Hoo!!

Okay, that part doesn't stink.

Just the fact that he has to work weekends.

But he will be officially starting this Friday at RC Willey in Orem. It doesn't pay super awesome and it isn't an awesome amount of hours. But it will be something and work with his school schedule. As well as not be too much to overwhelm him.

I've just gotten so darn use to him always being around so now I have to deal with sharing him again.

The nice thing is that RC Willey closes at 9:00 so if he does close he won't be much later. And my classes go until 8:30 anyways so it will work out during the week.

And when I work on Tuesday nights, its close enough I could take the cute little girl on a walk and visit... if it was warm. :) That would be fun!

Hopefully he likes the job fine and enjoys it. It sounds like it will be super easy and he is excited to have some income again. His exact words were "We can go out to eat again! Prepare to gain your weight back."
Thanks for the support with weight loss Rob.

Just kidding. I think.

The preschool is going well, I am really enjoying it. It is such a change from what I was doing before. It will be interesting to see how things carry on through the year.

I did find out that if I wanted to attend school in the summer I would have to quit the school for the month of May.
I just barely started and would have to quit already!!
Um no.

So I won't be able to graduate until next Spring.
But I can then work my butt off this summer and save up money (now that I have been used to living off of nothing) and find a way to make the schedule work for Fall. Maybe I could work at RC Willey with Rob!! Best Idea. Ever.

Well, we're getting along great. Things are good. Just busy busy busy. Like I feel like I'm beyond busy. But its good as long as I keep up on homework.

But we love you all!!! 

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