Birthday! twenty-three

The only pictures I got from the day were Tristan waking me up in the morning for a Birthday Snuggle and later when he helped me open my present.

The day started off with Tristan hanging out with me and making the day extra special. After I got ready and hung out with my mom, him and Rikkell. Rikkell refused to have any pictures that included with her posted though.

Tristan and my mom took me to Ross to look around after I opened my present from them.
Rob picked me up from Ross when he got off of work (across the street) and we went to go eat. We stopped to get Five Guys and bought movie tickets to go see Man of Steel. I wasn't super impressed with the movie and grew a little bored throughout it. After we went home so Rob could change and made our way to T-mobile where Rob bought me a new phone for my birthday [samsung galaxy s4].

Then we headed to Brick Oven for dinner where I enjoyed the most delicious calzone ever. After we met Jon at the movie theater and saw "This is the End", which was completely hilarious.

It was a great day and just fun to not feel too rushed to do anything. I think I gained five pounds just in the one day.

This last Sunday, on June 30, his family had a birthday dinner for me. They pretty much know that they should always just plan on having pasta for dinner, but Rob planned everything out and made it even better than I could have imagined. He made probably 30 pounds of homemade fettuccine - garlic and herb flavored. I've never had more delicious noodles.. then everyone else had such yummy food - the best alfredo, a tasty salad [with a million croutons - my favorite!], angel food cake with strawberries and homemade whipped cream, and buttery-parmesan-y rolls.
I drool still thinking about it!

I was so spoiled this year and was so happy to spend it with friends and family.
Hopefully we'll have another great year now being twenty-three.

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