4th of July


We celebrated the 4th of July this year with Scott, Emily, & Alexis. 

First we made tacos for dinner (very American of us, don't you think). They were so yummy. Rob and I are obsessed with making them lately. We've had them four times in the last week!

After dinner we cleaned up and headed over to their house. We did some fireworks so that Alexis could see them. She was being my little buddy and wanted me to hold onto her book the entire night.

After doing some fireworks in the light we went inside. The boys played ping pong while Emily put Alexis to bed and then we played Mario Kart on the Wii.

When it was finally dark enough we went out and lit the last few fireworks we had and watched some of the neighbors' fireworks as well. 

We finished playing Mario Kart until almost midnight.

It was a lot of fun just taking things easy and doing what we wanted. Its always fun spending time with family!

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