Preschool - Get To Know You

As I'm preparing to hopefully be teaching preschool in the next year or so - I got excited and started to make different documents for my future classroom!

This one is a get to know you sheet I want to have the parents fill out. The parents will receive the first two pages and the third sheet will be for me and I'll include a picture I've taken of he child. I will store them all in a binder with parent contact logs to have quick information and be able to write down notes if I talk to a parent.

I've gone back and forth of what information I want to keep on the sheet and what else I might need to add - but this is what I've come with up after looking at many many different ones online.

If you'd like to use these sheets here is a link:

.pdf file - Not customizable

Is there other information you'd want to get from the parents and include on this sheet?

Let me know how you like them!

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