Teacher? Me?

Last week I was talking with a lady from the district about what I'm going to do when I graduate. I explained my situation of wanting to do early intervention but the company I want to work for is currently undergoing some changes. I've heard its a little crazy so I've just been hoping its all sorted out by December when I graduate.

The lady suggested that I just teach in one of the special education preschools. No longer be an aide. Actually teach. The more I thought about it the more excited I got. So I emailed some people to figure out what exactly I would need to do to be able to be a teacher since I don't have a teaching certificate.

The district can sponsor you while you're teaching and in a program at USU. You take online classes and have a coach until you complete the program.

This wasn't what I originally intended to do but I can't get the idea out of my head... it excites me to have my own classroom while still working with littles. I have already started to plan it even though the earliest I could start is January. Then I would have to be extremely lucky to have someone leaving in the middle of the school year and not having a more qualified and certified applicant against me.

Otherwise I'm looking at August in 2015. I just have to hope they have enough positions available with not enough certified teachers applying. I've emailed my list of references to them and explained all my experience and they'll keep me in mind but there is no guarantee.

The last few nights though I just can't sleep. I'm planning a classroom in my head instead.
What things would I want to implement? What do I want my room to look like? How the kids will line up and find their names... the list goes on and on!

So even though I'm a ways away from getting my own classroom, I've already started preparing a little. Today I started making "get to know your child" sheets. I also worked on daily trackers to send home. I also spoke with Maggie to ask her if she'll help train me on certain testing and writing IEPs if we have down time. She's agreed and I'm hoping it will give me some extra help when I finally do get my own classroom.

Here I come preschoolers - I'm heading your way! (Hopefully!)

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