I just finished all weekly assignments, quizzes, and tests for the rest of the semester for my nutrition class. I just need to record what I eat for 2 days (easy since I do it for another class already) and take my final in the testing center.

Hopefully its in the testing center already.

Then I'm done with it!!!!

Too bad I have another class starting on Tuesday... Hopefully I can find it. Apparently, it will be in the library? A class?



mix of everything.

I hate the feeling of being obligated to blog. In fact, it makes me avoid blogging.

Maybe if I had something important to blog about... I would have more posts.

But... I don't.

Work has been cRaZy as ever.

Anyways... Valentine's Day! It was a great day. I surprised Rob with a couple presents here and there all day. They were stupid and cheap stuff but it was at least something.

He sent me the most gorgeous flowers.. daisies. My favorite. I LOVE daisies.

For dinner we got take out from Brick Oven... our favorite restaurant ever. The traffic was a bit ridiculous and it was nice to not have to be in the huge crowd to eat at the restaurant. We took our pasta home and finished watching Iron Man 2. Oh and we also picked up an ice cream cake and Baskin Robbins (I haven't been there in forever). I probably fell asleep like 10 minutes into the movie (like 7:45). It was nice to just be comfortable and fall asleep in Rob's arms.

There is no safer place.

One day I will marry that man. When he finally decides he is ready. But for now, I'll spend as much time with him as possible. Basically all waking moments... besides work and school.

Anyways... I'm still alive. Not that you would know that... I've been very distant from the blogging world.
I still enjoy blog stalking.... just don't enjoy writing as much.

Well... My break is over. I will see you all in a month or so. Don't miss me too much.