School sucks. Really bad.

I wish I could just run away from it and be done... but I'm afraid it doesn't work like that.

Currently, I'm supposed to be writing a short short about "murder, in which a murderer is convicted and sentenced to death. Cover the feelings of both the felon and the victim's family in your story. "


I haven't written a word yet. I got stuck on the murderers name. At first, I was trying to think of boy names, but what if that's the trick! Maybe in class (ethics and values) he'll bring up how everyone assumes its a boy. What a stereotype it is. But I also don't think I want to do a story about a girl.
Actually, I don't want to do a story at all.

As of lately, I feel like I'm completely overwhelmed by school work. There is always another big project waiting to be done.
It'll never be done.

I had two papers due by Friday and didn't do those until the day of, and I still have a 5 minute powerpoint I have to make up about cancer for biology, and write this stupid short story.

Not to mention the fact I have to help Rob with his math class, which gave us a week and a half to do a HUGE homework assignment (like 70 problems) and prepare for his test this Saturday. And we need to catch up on his Meteorology as we are only on chapter 3, everyone else is scheduled to be on chapter 9.
Also, he has a paper due tonight. Ughh... I forgot about that until just now.

With this semester only half way over, I can't wait until next semester when I can take all electives, minus a stupid humanities class (I ended up dropping Intro to Philosophy.. it was TOO hard when I was at 15 credits. Plus I didn't even understand it.)

With how busy school is keeping me, I'm thinking I want to take a year off before I go into the Special Education program.

I just want things to settle down, and secretly, when I think about being a teacher on my own, it scares me to death.

The teacher I work with is gone 4-5 times a month.... which is a lot! I'm left in charge and I seriously question my decision sometimes. I know as a teacher it will be completely different when its my classroom, and the students will know my authority more. But what if they don't? What if I'm left with a class I can't get control over?

Anyways, right now, I'm content being an aide. I would love to have a year off to just take my time and get more prepared for the idea of being on my own.

We'll see how that ends up going... but I should honestly get back to writing my short story........... hmmm what name should I give to my murderer?


Happy Halloween!

This year was so fun at work, I really am so glad that I work somewhere that gives me an excuse to still dress up... even if I can never think of something until the day before.

I spent all morning and afternoon looking for a new computer. My old laptop decided to crap out and wasn't charging... and once I found out I could trade it in (under the condition it turned on) for a discount, of course it decided to die completely. It would take all the power and short out the power supply cord when you plugged it in. Weirdest thing of my life.

But anyways, I have a new computer!! Big bonus (one of my favorite things about it, besides it works and is fast) is that it has a built in memory card reader! Yes! that will make posting pictures and actually blogging a million times easier.

I promise, sometime to come will be my blogs about Disneyland 2010 and the BYU game.
Also, possibly a look at what we did at school for Halloween (minus the pictures of the students). But you can have a picture of me and Miss Sydney!

Back to Halloween.... after looking and buying a new computer, I was able to come to Rob's house and we had a yummy dinner. The Rob got all dressed up in his Jack Sparrow costume, including make up:), and I got dressed as Hermione Granger. We went Trick or Treating with Caden and Kyler for a little while, then headed back to the Mason's to have hot chocolate and watch some pretty awesome movies on TV. Now we're snuggling up and getting warm in blankets.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Dear bloggin world

I know you've missed me... and I've missed you too!

For a while now, we've had this love hate relationship, but this is all about to change.

While at the BYU game with Sydney, she commented on how I need to start blogging again.
I gave up for a while because it was pointless... I felt I was just boring the world and no one even cared to read it.

I'm up for the challenge to start blogging again,
I would just post everything now

But I don't have my card reader to get all my fun pictures off.

So I'll let you all be anxious for the posts that are sure to come.

-Disneyland 2010!
-BYU vs. Wyoming!

and maybe even more!