:) ESY

The school year is coming to a close. I have loved my job so much this year and the kids are really fun.

But... I didn't know what I was going to do in the summer. I have yet to sign up for summer classes and I had no job.

I asked Kelli and she said the district does Extended School Year aka summer school.

She emailed the lady and gave me a quick recommendation as well as getting me the information I needed.

The teachers turned in the information to the district of what students qualify the week after spring break. It took them a little while to compile all the info and she told me it would take another couple of weeks.

That would have been this week.

So I emailed her, stressed that I wouldn't have a job, or that I would end up with 2 and have to let one down.

I nicely told her I needed to know one way or the other so I would know if I should start looking ASAP.

Apparently some teachers are behind and still getting the information to the district, 3 weeks late...

But to plan on me being there with more info to follow.


I spend all my time with one of two students, who both with be at summer school. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So.. lets chat

Its been a while... a long while.

I can't really report on much, I haven't been up to anything..

Here are the boring things that have happened lately:

.I finished my history class.. C-. Normally I hate not getting A's... but this class.. I'll deal with the C-.. it was awful.

.Robert and I are into House [MD]. Best.Show.Ever. We're just about done with the first season.

.I dyed my hair blonde. Much more natural looking and I love it (for now.)

.Work is almost over, and it will be another dreary summer with nothing to do. I didn't do a student loan for summer yet and it might possibly be too late. Most likely I won't be taking any classes...

.I need a summer job. Hopefully I'll hear back real soon that they need my help in summer school. (Cross your fingers) if not.. help me!

.I've been struggling with a co-worker more than usual. It drives me insane. I probably just have no patience for normal people.

. I feel almost non-existent at my house. Invisible. Even when I am there, no one notices, so I spend much of my time at Rob's.

.Beginning of March I got a new car. :) My grandmother who I love so much sold it to me. She's so great.

.Rob, Jessica, and I have begun playing silly night tricks while scaring ourselves silly. We literally got nightmares. Included in these games: night vision goggles, charlie brown, and a loaded .22 gun.

.I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kids that I work with. They're my life. I wish I could take them home with me. Hopefully I get to be in summer school with them.

.We've done lots of remodeling at my house. New laminate floors, new paint, new carpet, new bathrooms. To go with the new carpet in my room, I had to reorganize everything. I also purchased a new comforter that makes me not want to get out of bed.

.Because of the remodeling at my house, I want to re-do Rob's room and make it more homey... its like a family room/computer room/bedroom all rolled into one. I would love to take down the silly stop sign he has and put up cute decorations... and even have lamps. He refuses.

.Rice packs have become the new fad. They are referred to as "the warms."

.I was doing so good with going to the gym 3+ times a week and have lost my motivation.

.I purchased 200 dollars work of bottoms/jeans at old navy. They actually fit and make me feel so much better, plus my tush doesn't get exposed on a daily basis.

.The warm inspired me and rob to go out for a picnic this afternoon. It was then followed by me doing homework in the shade while he played basketball. I am so excited for summer.

.The top two things on my list are BBQs in the backyard and movies in the canyon.

.Rob's Bro-in-law (I might as well say mine too.. we're close enough) Josh will be home in just a couple of months!! :]

. The week after school gets out I will be going to San Diego with Kelli/Mrs. M and a few of her family members. I was super stoked when she asked me. I am just hoping I don't miss Josh's homecoming.

.Sydney (my cousin.. whom we are hooked at the pinky) is getting married and I am a bridesmaid. We've had 2 classes with each other this semester and its been way fun getting to reconnect. It seems crazy she is getting married.

There isn't much more I can think of... any questions, let me know.
Or just drop in and say hello.
It will give me more motivation to say on top of blogging.