Sydney is married!

P.S. Her photographers are AWESOME. I love them. So far I've only seen about 10 of the pictures but this one is my favorite.

Sydney and I are only a few months apart. Our huge family is really close and would constantly be getting together. I was always closest to Sydney.. of course!

When we were little we would always play around and when we would go to the mall we would hook our pinkies saying we were Siamese twins. (Haha like they wouldn’t separate us if it REALLY did happen like that.)

We loved to get ice cream at Taco Amigo and walk to the park. We were best buddies.

Once we graduated we didn’t keep in contact as much since she moved up to Utah State and I stayed down here.

Until she recently moved back and in the spring semester we took a couple classes together. We spent 3 nights a week together just chatting and having fun.

It was so weird to not see her once the semester was over.

Now she is a married woman!

On Thursday, June 17 I headed over to the church for her reception right after work. We set up from 12 until 7 when the reception started. (You should have seen my awesome, ridiculously red sunburn.)

She looked so beautiful!

On Friday, June 18 she was married in the Salt Lake City Temple to David Raynes.
I guess he’ll do. He better take excellent care of her though… OR ELSE.

But I'm pretty sure he will.

Birthday Surprise

On Friday after all the wedding festivities... a surprise came!

I showed up to Rob's house and after a little while of waiting, we headed out.

He told me I was NOT to peek. (Now this was a tad bit of a problem for me. I am a peeker! I ALWAYS peek. When I was in elementary school playing "Heads Up, 7 up" I would look at the shoes and peek. That's how much of a peeker I am.)

But I didn't this time.. I was so proud of myself.

Anyways, he stopped where he wasn't supposed to, put on his blinker when not needed, etc. all to just throw me off. After a 30 minute drive for what only takes about 10 we finally arrived at Brick Oven.
Then I walked inside and there was his ENTIRE family. :)


It was a lot of fun with yummmmmmy food. Josh and Rob also had the balloon guy make me a hat. They specifically asked for the most embarrassing thing, preferably something to wear.

This guy was amazing and made me an alien like this one but the arms went around my head and he sat on my shoulders.
There was not a single person who didn't stare at my hat.

Then, after the dinner party was over we headed back to Rob's family's house.
Everyone kept disappearing but I thought nothing of it.

Rob kept saying he needed to go number 2 and then would end up showing up 20 minutes later. (Quite normal actually. Gross)

Finally everyone was there and they brought out the most delicious strawberry shortcake with sprinkles, tons of whip cream, strawberries AND raspberries. Yummmmy. They sang happy birthday and let me blow out the candle.

I thought this was the end and I just enjoyed my dessert while watching random America's Got Talent videos on youtube.

20 minutes later Rob comes in, grabs my hand and walks me outside without saying a word.

If you remember, last summer we (Jessica, Josh, Rob and I... sometimes Scott and Emily) would go up to the canyon to watch a movie.. like we did for my birthday last year.

Instead they set up everything in the backyard. This included air matresses, movie theater popcorn, and blankets.

Everyone was disappearing to get it all set up. I couldn't believe how awesome it was and I loved it!

We watched The Blindside since Rob and I had wanted to watch it for a few weeks but haven't gotten around to it.

It was the most perfect surprises ever and I really didn't expect them to keep going.

Thanks MASONS :)

Sorry, for some reason it wouldn't let me upload pictures. Blogger is trying to ruin my life.


San Diego/Oceanside

Early Tuesday (June 1st) I woke up at 3:30 to get ready for my trip to San Diego with Kelli. It was SOOOO early but I was anxious to get going.

She picked me up at about 5 and we headed up to the airport. It was a quick 2 hour flight with a stop in Phoenix. The flight went well except on our landing in Phoenix. My eye had a pounding pain and wouldn't stop watering. It was awful and I thought my eye would pop out. The second landing went smooth though.

Once we arrived Kelli's Mom (Sherry), two sisters (Brenda and Tara), and Tara's Friend Kim.

We headed right to the San Diego Zoo where we looked at every single animal. Most of them twice even!
It was cool since I haven't been there since I was young and didn't remember anything. I took tons of pictures (soon to follow).

We then headed home and instantly went swimming.
After we headed to Dominic's for some delicious pizza :). I used my left overs for my dinner the whole week as I am too picky to eat whatever the other people were.

We also took a walk on the beach and spent some time in our Worldmark Resort. I didn't have to pay a dime for the hotel which was SWEEEEEEET.

Kelli and I also made a quick trip to the grocery store to purchase some yummy snacks.

We got up and headed to Sea World! I was the most excited to see Sea World but ended up a tad let down. For $70 a day it was not worth it. The shows were alright and didn't have much to look at. It wasn't an all day adventure at all.

I did enjoy the Shamu show "Believe" though.

We returned to the beach as it was only a short walk from the resort and rinsed off in the swimming pool.

We decided to have a day just to relax. We spent some time at the beach and even made a sand turtle!

After the time at the beach we walked through the shops at the harbor and I bought a few things.

Later that night we headed to the next town over, Carlsbad, and had dinner with Kelli's cousin Greg at a Mexican restaurant called Los Olas (it means the waves). I had a quesadilla and it was quite yummy.

We ended up watching movies for the rest of the night taking it easy.

First we headed down back to Carlsbad to do some shopping but didn't really find a whole lot. Instead we made our way to the beach down there and looked for shells. I found a few but was a little disappointed by how few they had.

We got some more sun and after an hour Brenda and Sherry were tired and wanted to go back.

I spent a good amount of time talking to Rob about the funeral and other things about the week. I always had to go on the balcony when I wanted to call or text anyone since T Mobile had NO service inside. It sucked. Then I met everyone down at the pool.

Later in the evening Kelli, Tara, Kim, and I walked down to the gas station to have some treats to eat while watching a movie. I missed most of the movies because I was too occupied talking to Rob again on the phone.

The best part was the Del Taco down the street. Tacos were on sale for 36 cents. Yes that's 13 cents cheaper than Utah.

I packed up most of my stuff and went to bed exhausted.

In the morning I was anxious to get home and see Rob. I missed him really bad and was excited he was picking me up. The flight wasn't bad and it went by pretty quick. As soon as I saw him I ran to his arms and gave him the biggest hug.

Since we were already in Salt Lake and we needed to get some extra credit we stopped at the Clark Planetarium. It was so cool and I was so much more fascinated than I would have ever been if I wasn't taking this class.
We then headed down home and went to the Pizza Pie Cafe since Scott and Emily said it was the place to go.

I though it was very delicious and is one of my new favorites. Please check it out.
After dinner we went to Prince of Persia .. it was alright, and I mostly just enjoyed spending the time with Rob but I don't plan on seeing the movie ever again.

Summer time... and the livin's easy... right?

School has been out for a week now, but I haven't had much time to tell you about it.
I miss it but it still doesn't feel real to me what all has been happening.

The last week of school was great and I loved it. Although, the last weekend before school got out Rob's grandma had some medical problems and has since passed away.

I knew her before I knew Rob actually. My mom and her would go to the temple together and my mom loved to visit with her. Whenever she would go to visit she would drag at least one of the kids with her... So I got a good chance at getting to know her.

She was funny and would talk for hours.

Once I became friends with Rob she would always tell me "You know, I don't think he's seeing anyone. He could be your girlfriend!" I would laugh at the mix up but she knew it would happen.

Over the past couple years she has gone down hill with not remembering much. She would often tell me and Rob that she would drive us to Vegas to get married.

I have endless stories about her actually. She was a great great lady.

She passed away on Monday, May 31, 2010. Memorial Day. I felt awful but was unable to attend her funeral. It was the hardest thing to not be able to go. I wanted to so bad as Rob's family is like my own. No one usually understands how close I am with them and how often I see them. Its more than I see my own normally.

On a happier note, Josh is home from Afghanistan!!!! He came home Saturday, May 29. It was so fun being there to pick him up and seeing the family reunited. I am SO glad I was at least home to experience it. He is a great guy and I missed him.

Celebrating him coming home, we had 3 BBQ nights in a row. It was so yummy!! I love spending the nights outside, even if I smell like smoke for the next forever.
That lasted Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

I then had to leave on a trip and leave those I love behind in their time of sadness. But they survived and I came back to hugs and kisses knowing they missed me as much as I missed them. I'm glad they knew the pain for me being gone and didn't hold it against me.