What's next?!

I am almost done with school! I'm excited yet intimidated all at the same time! This last semester (Spring) I was able to finish up all of my classes required for my Bachelor's Degree in Family Studies with an emphasis in Human Development. I have delayed graduation though to finish up a new minor in Autism Studies. I'm doing an internship this summer through Rise (Group Supervisor - kind of intimidating!) and then will have two more classes to take in the Fall. The school year just ended for Mountain Ridge and I was a lot sadder to go than I thought I would be. It was so awesome working with Maggie again - even though we really had a tough year.

It made me grow so much being there and she has told me I can come back in the fall to still work with my class schedule - which is amazing to know that I won't be searching to try and figure something else out.

I am worried about what is going to happen when I actually graduate - what if I can't find a job, what if I don't enjoy what I'm doing? So much is going through my head so I'm anxious to be done but so nervous for what the future holds.

For now I'm just going to be focusing all my attention on Summer Program and hoping that I make it out alive. I've been with the group for three other years but now all of a sudden being in charge is a little scary to me! Luckily I have Brittney in my group as well as Jake - so we shouldn't have too many problems as far as staff goes. I just hope I can step it up and show that I can be in charge. I think if it came down to it this could help lead to a career with Rise if I wanted it to... but I'm not sure that's exactly what I want.

Rob has also been making some changes and had his last day at RC Willey today. He recently switched to being a sales associate and wasn't liking how slow it was. He didn't have to deal with the dumb people in customer service anymore but he was dealing with helping one or two people in a six+ hour shift.

He is going to be working at Boostability doing web design things. It sounds like it is going to be a great thing to help him learn more for his major and be much more enjoyable. He starts that on Monday and he won't know what the hours and everything will be until he goes in. They basically told him he can work what he wants, which is amazing!! I'm excited for him to start and see how much he enjoys it!

Family life is a little crazy right now, but hopefully through new adventures things can sort themselves out and Rob and I can just make sure we're both happy, healthy, and enjoying life!