Summer Ends: School Begins

The summer is [finally] ending but I also feeling like its just beginning.

I've enjoyed my summer for the most part but feel like it flew by. Ever since I got on the idea train of being a teacher though I just crave being in a classroom. I get to work with my friend [Maggie] again and am excited for the kids as of right now.

I'm so anxious to be back but know that I'll miss so much with the summer.
Although I had to be "in charge", I don't feel like I really had to do too much extra. 

I'm going to miss:
  • The kids: they all have their own personalities and I love them all. I've spend 4 years with these kids and now this is probably going to be my last one. It breaks my heart to think I won't see most of them around again.
  • The parks: everyday we were at a park and it was fun to just be hanging around outside. There were definitely times I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have.
  • Laying in the grass: well on a blanket. We could just lay on the grass and play toys or games with the kids. We could turn on music and just enjoy the day.
  •  Friends: Brittney and I loved working together at Canyon View back in the day - and I loved having her around at Summer Program. Its going to be sad going our different ways for the fall and probably not seeing much of each other between our busy lives.
  • The money: during the school year I definitely take a pay cut while trying to balance classes as well. I could probably take up more shifts after school but feel like I just want some free time too!
 Now I'm heading back to somewhat more of a real life - finishing up my last semester at UVU, working two jobs, and trying to survive on a student budget. But if I can do one last semester then I can graduate and maybe finally start to be a real grown up!