First, a side note:
Today at school was crazy.
First period went by quickly,
second period we practiced for our "mini talent show"
Then the soon to be new 7th graders came.

It was so cute to see them and meet them all.

We had our talent show
went on a tour of the school
showed them the classroom
then had adaptive PE with them.

They slowly left one by one.

At lunch we had a problem with a peer tutor who didn't listen one bit..
And she will get in so much trouble.

After lunch I had a break, then went to have cooking class for Dustin's birthday
But was interrupted by a bathroom change for a girl in the class.
It was not pretty.

I finally finished with that 5 minutes before we were supposed to be leaving to take them to the bus.

I originally planned to work out after school but just didn't feel like it.

::::I absolutely love swimming... I would stay in the water all day every day if I could!

Rain especially makes me want to swim..

So, after my absolutely insane day at work
I asked Allex to come with me and we went to the Orem Fitness Center.

I haven't used my pass there for ages.

First, we worked out
Second, we ran
Third, I biked
Fourth, I crunched
Fifth, we sauna-ed
Sixth, we swam
Seventh, we saunaed again!

It was so perfect and wonderful.

I came home feeling more ambitious to do things..
So I'll run more in a little while

And I went tanning with Robert.

It was fun. And now I am exhausted and can go to bed well rested tonight.


Disneyland let down

Me and Jessica have been looking at houses to stay at in Disneyland for a while now.

We've gotten so excited
Each one getting better and better!

We finally got set on the "bug house" and it was perfect.
Everyone had their place.

They hadn't posted updates and was actually taken the week we were going.

Heart. Broken.

We're crying now and having to try to find others.

I'll never get over it.

Help :(

I'm going to be stuck in a never ending depression cycle


Pushing harder.

This year I've set a goal to do Race for the Cure.

So far... I haven't been doing very well working out.

Saturday I did.
But haven't since.

So anytime you talk to me:
Make sure I'm doing it.

Tomorrow I plan to ride my bike in the freezing cold to work.

I will go to Harmon's on my break... also on my bike... and get fruit for lunch.

I have such a desire to be able to run but I'm just no good at it

So I am starting with biking... get more in shape... then run more.


Race for the Cure - http://karimasonfund.org/pdf/wasatch_woman.pdf
Kari was my Sunday school teacher and I loved her. She was amazing!

Walk for Autism -
Ian.. and his amazing mom Angi. She is so good taking care of him, even in all the challenges of the world.
My class. Working with these students every day I wish I could just be able to help them.
Maybe someday we'll understand more for them.

I took for granted everything I had as a child.
I watch The Biggest Loser ever Tuesday and just wonder how people get to be like that.
Pure laziness. Like me.
I was America's Next Top Model the next night and realize I don't need to look like them... but wish I could find my own little beauty.
I will work out, be healthy, but not super stick thin with an eating disorder.
I enjoy food WAY too much for that.

So here it goes.

By May
I will be

new phone

I did it.
I bought a new phone.

Not that much different from my old one.
Just a slight upgrade from the Blackberry 8100 to 8120 :)

I love it.

In my love of Blackberries, I've always installed the latest operating system and deleted the things I don't like, and added things I do.

Somehow in this process, I practically killed my phone.

An hour later, I finally got it to live again.
But this was without:
Old texts (I save all the cute ones)
Contacts I hadn't yet saved to my SIM card
Calendar events

Basically, everything.

I almost started crying.


Anyways, I've been working on this since I got home from work: about four o'clock.

Finally I think I have figured it out.

If it doesn't happen, I will forever remain in the corner of my bedroom devistated about this


Mason filled Saturday!

I went over to watch Caden and Kyler around three
And we had a lot of fun!

We went outside and played in the warm sunshine,
And watched Horton Hears a Who....
(Personally, my first time)

Then after all the fun and such...

I went home to get stuff to plan my nursery lesson while Robert played his silly video game.

It actually turned out that Jess and Josh came up with us.

Josh watched Rob play his game while me and Jessica found vacation houses for Disneyland '09

It got me so excited.
We're not going until November but it will just be so fun.

This year is going to be an adventure and I am looking forward to it so much!


To whom it may concern:

I am sorry about my lack of blogging.
I've been terrible lately.
So even when I decide that something is worth blogging about,
It ends up so short and stupid that its not even worth blogging.
Some day maybe I will get out of this rut.

Sincerely, Brylie Muhlestein



I finally am facing up to the fact about attending school again.

I was so excited but now I am just really stressed out.
I finally got my transcript and I cannot find anywhere that will tell me where in the world I take it.

I meet with my advisor on Monday which should clear up some questions, but I have no clue where her office is... or if I am able to meet with her without my transcript turned in.

I am dealing with all of this... I had a crazy day at work...
I didn't get much sleep,
And yet I'm blogging instead of sleeping.

I am almost to tears wishing I knew what I was doing.

I wish I could just already be done and past all this stupid first year stuff.

Being done with school completely and teaching would be better actually.



Happy Birthday Allex!

Allex's Birthday is tomorrow.. and since I stayed home from church sick (not wanting to get all the little kids sick) I made her birthday cake today.

She loves basketball and is really good at it.
Almost everything she says is about basketball.

So when I first started making cakes, I decided I wanted to make her a basketball one.

I had the fondant left over from Valentine's day
And so I just had to dye it.. which wasn't too easy.

It didn't take too long..

I hadn't really thought about how I would do the lines... So I ended up just using normal frosting.

That made a mess and I wish it was better... but what can you do?
I had enough left over that I decided to write "Happy Birthday Allex!!"
Actually, I was planning on putting it on the top, but with the lines it would have looked dumb.
Its written around the sides, pretty sloppily actually.

A ziplock baggie can only do so much

I love Allex to pieces and hope she has a great birthday!