I'm a runner?

So I don't know when it becomes official - when I can officially say I have become a runner.

I started out running twice a week with my "sister-in-law" Emily. She'd been going for a while before and it was kind of intimidating to me that she's already been going and I definitely needed to stop and walk a lot more. Luckily she's so sweet and is willing to let me walk and even walks with me [even though I remind her she can keep running].
With her we run about two miles and we get done in about 22-23 minutes. That's pretty good for a girl who has never really ran before. We definitely were a lot slower starting out but I'm getting further and further without having to walk. My goal this next time is to make it a mile.

My biggest issue is not being able to breathe - I have the energy and motivation to keep going but just can't breathe. Breathing is kind of important... if you didn't know that!

Rob's parents also recently invested in a pretty high tech treadmill - like very high tech. It has motivated me to run while Rob's playing a game or something. Each day I've worked up for running longer and further. I've been able to run about a mile and a half on it without having to walk [just at a measly 4.8 pace... but still!]

Its getting more and more motivating to keep going. Although it definitely is easier for me on the treadmill I want to be able to run a 5k by the end of the year. I set a resolution to do a 5k this year and I did two! But I walked most of them so now I'm modifying my goal to run one - like really run one!

I think the easiest part about the treadmill is watching a show/movie [currently, I'm watching The Big Bang Theory] so it distracts me from thinking over and over again "I hate running - this is stupid. I want to stop!"

But as of today I made it to 3 miles (only walking about .4 miles total!) - got off to cool down and felt like I could get back on and go more. I'm trying to be careful to not over do it but I'm starting to enjoy it. Now I just need to get to enjoy it outside more and be able to go further outside. Then I can succeed at my 5k dreams!