Birthday: 21 baby!

I am officially 21.

Can you believe it?

I certainly cannot.

Anyways, the day started off quite rocky.

First, I had to wake up extra early to go to the DMV since my license was expiring and I definitely cannot drive without a license for work. I would get in so much trouble.

Then, I had to drive all the way to Payson to pick up the person I work with.

From there on out it was a crazy day for him. (I blame it on the stress of him moving professional parent homes.)

I even got hit in the nose quite a few times as well as dealt with tons of tantrums.
So fun.

We spend the day at a park, then trying to go to a movie. He definitely didn't like the movie.
After, we headed over to a park in Spanish Fork where the group leader had a card signed by the group and a tiara since the card said I should be a queen since its my birthday. They also had cupcakes and a candle to blow out.
(Probably the only good part of the day at work!)

I was definitely ready to go home for the day.

While I was driving home, Rob called me and told me he had a surprise and I had to follow his directions without being told where I was going.

I was lead to Joann's and he was picking out a sewing machine for me but needed help since he didn't know anything about them.
Cute side story:
I've been looking for a good sewing machine on KSL for a while and kept complaining about how awful my mom's is. Then, when I tried to borrow his mom's, hers was broken as well. I would still sew on my mom's but hate every second of it. It was a very cute present.

After convincing them to give it to him for less than half of the $500 it was supposed to cost, we were on our way.

We stopped home and I explored the sewing machine and then we went to Brick Oven.

I looooooove Brick Oven. We go every year on my birthday and I can't even tell you how delicious it is. Go there.

After Brick Oven we went to the movies.. Rob even chose a chick flick for us.

It was super fun and by the time we got home I was exhausted and ready for bed.

It was the perfect way to spend my big 2.1. ... with Rob :)

Father's Day: Restaurant


For Father's day we had a "Father's Day Grill Restaurant" completely with waiters.

Josh spent the day cooking the meat and then in the evening for dinner Jessica had the boys dress up and make menus. They came out taking our orders, getting us drinks, and bringing us Jello Salad. It was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

How can you not be in love with these two little boys?

Best part about the dinner: I got to hold Mia for the whooooooooole dinner!

Welcome: Mia Marguerite Price

Isn't she the most precious thing you've ever seen? I just want to eat her up.

I am definitely going to call her my niece even though I'm not technically her aunt.

Auntie Brylie is going to be her favorite!


I've been really into sewing lately.

I love it and want to make so much stuff, but about halfway through my back starts to hurt and I want to give up.

I've gotten both of these projects off of Noodlehead.

I love them both.. even though there are little mistakes here and there that really bother me.

I use the bag every day.. and since it wasn't very expensive, I just kick it around all over the place. I just finished the clutch tonight but I'm looking forward to putting it to good use.

(P.S. A few weeks ago I was complaining to Rob about how my mom's sewing machine sucked and I was really wanting to make the bag. Since then he had a plan to get me one for my birthday! I loved it and it was such a pleasant surprise)