Christmas Time

Christmas has come and passed already. How did that happen?

Well.. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I didn't take a single picture.

The last day before school got out was a blast. We had a PJ party and ate treats all day. I got lots of fun presents and cards from the kids. I loved it but was ready to say goodbye to them for a little break. A SEVENTEEN DAY break.

The Christmas season really started with me with my first party.. the Muhlestein party.

For Saturday the 17th, my Grandma M bought everyone a ticket to the play "The Christmas Miracle of Johnathon Toomey" or something like that.
We went and watched this play with my family (minus Rob who was sick because of me.... poor guy).

After the play all the Muhlestein side of the family went to my Aunt Ami and Uncle Brent's house in Lehi. We ate dinner and did a white elephant exchange. It was all super exciting!

On Wednesday, I was able to open up presents with the cutest little girl I work with. I love her and her family so much. I want to just keep them all. Since she is in a wheelchair, its hard to put a jacket on her. So her grandma made her some ponchos a few years back. 
I found her the cutest one ever at Ross and HAD to get it for her.

She loved it!

I also got her and her family Don't Break The Ice (HHUUGGEE hit) and Trouble! (another favorite).

She is constantly asking to play games so it was fun to have some new games to play.

They were so nice and got me a gift card to Cafe Rio and some delicious chocolate covered oreos (I didn't think they sounded very good until I tried them. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMY.)

Then, on Thursday I had a fun work party with the cute girls I work with and their men/Ashlyn.
We had authentic italian pasta made by Brittney and it was super yummy. 
[Everything was authentic besides my "homemade" Pizza Factory Alfredo... hehehhe]
We chatted and did a little Secret Santa exchange.. super fun.

Christmas Eve- On Saturday night Rob and I went to go over to my house for a little get together but as we were walking out, I was some red lights. I asked Rob what they were then realized it looked like a perfect candy cane shape of lights up on Mount Timpanogos. We decided it was a good idea to chase these lights.

Our mission failed, as we got closer to the mountain, the lights disappeared.

So then Rob drove us up to Dry Canyon to look at the valley and all the lights. [closed.]

We couldn't get up the road.

I then had the most brilliant idea, but had no idea what was actually going to happen from it.

We stopped at a gas station and got some hot chocolate then drove up to south mountain (traverse mountain).

It was the most gorgeous view I've ever seen. I thought you would see more colors from the christmas lights, but you couldn't really make out a difference. The view was amazing. 
Words cannot describe what we saw.

After looking at the view with each other and trying to keep warm we headed back home and opened up our christmas PJ's with my family.

Then it was off to bed. 

Christmas Morning/Day- My family decided we were opening presents at 7:00 which really meant like 7:30. I had to wake Rob up and force him to get ready because it was so early.

Once he was ready we drove back over to my house and opened presents. It was so fun to have the whole family there, including Grandma Muhlestein who had slept over the night before, as well as Kacee and Mattie (with their two dogs: jack and cori)

We were too spoiled, even with it being a "smaller" christmas since my dad has a lower paying job.

Around 8:30 we headed back to Rob's to have a nativity scene acted out by his family while I recorded it...
We then watched Rob's nephews and niece open some presents.

By around 11:30 we finally headed downstairs to do the rest of the family present opening. 
First we opened our stalkings. Rob's dad is really funny with stockings and does some funny things. This year, we got some pickled pigs feet. Disgusting.

We also got TONS of candy. Too much candy.

Then of course we were also spoiled with tons of clothes and cute fun things.

It was a good Christmas.

By 4:00 I was asleep on the couch with a migraine though and just was exhausted from the day... up really early and not eating anything nutritional.

At 5:30 we had a Christmas turkey... [more like just mashed potatoes and rolls for me] and played some fun games.

It was a super fun day and nice to spend time with family.

My only regret is I wish I could have spent more time with my family instead of opening presents and running back over to Rob's in time for the nativity. 
Next year we'll have to do better planning so that we get an equal share of time with both families.

How was your Christmas?



I'm a little behind here guys...  I can't help it. Someone yell at me!

Thanksgiving came at the perfect time for it.. it was a much needed break from work.

I started out first by going over to my Grandma and Grandpa Harris' in Saratoga Springs. I ate Lunch/Dinner with all the cousins...
[fun fact: my mom has 9 siblings, that makes 10 kids including her. 8 live in Utah. Everyone has at least 4 kids... that is a lot of cousins.]

But this year only 3 families showed up. It was a super small affair.

After eating yummy potatoes and rolls I had to head over to Rob's house to do Thanksgiving with his family.

Thanksgiving for me is a little pathetic. I don't like turkey, I don't like sweet potatoes, and it depends on my mood for stuffing.

I was already pretty full so I only ate a little bit at his house. I had to restrain myself too because Thanksgiving is in November .. which was no sugar month for me.

I couldn't have any pie.

Not that I'm a huge pie fan... but I didn't even have the option for it.
It was so sad.

After everyone was done eating, Rob and I were big party poopers and decided to watch Lie To Me in his room. Very anti-social of us, I know.

It probably is the reason we started not liking Lie To Me... it definitely changed from what it was.
[Anyone watch it? We were on the last season on Netflix... does it get back to good? Should we just keep watching?]

But anyways, Its completely my fault for not remembering anything else about Thanksgiving since I decided to wait until a month later to write about it.
So Sorry.

Never Again.


Old Students

Its been a long time.

How have you been world?

I've been crazy as usual.
Not knowing what to do with myself I'm so busy.

Tonight I went with Sydney and Maggie (a teacher I work with) and visited an old student.

This girl was at Canyon View when I started and she was just in 7th grade. We were both just getting the hang of things.

I grew so close to her.

This year was her first year of high school.
Can I tell you how much I miss her?

I don't think I could.

Sometimes, I get tears in my eyes thinking about her.
I'm such a baby.

Anyways, tonight her mom let us go and see her.

I loved every minute of it.

No she didn't talk to me. But she did dance with me.

And we got her cheap-o little gifts, but ones she loves.

So we played with them for the night.

And her mom shared stories and stories about her.

Then I got home and wanted to cry and just go back.
[Again, I'm a baby.]

This is what I'm supposed to do.
I need to work with kids with disabilities. In some way.

Maybe not in a classroom, but some way, some how.

I have to work with them.

I wish I could just work with this one girl all day every day.

I would seriously have the funnest time.
We would dance, listen to music, eat crackers and cheetos, and probably just play all day.