Exciting news

For so long I've been ready to move out

I had plans to move out with my sister Kacee... but that didn't work out.

So I decided to just stay at home and save up my money.
Still wishing I could move out and have my own space, own rules, own grown up life.

So a couple of days ago, Rob's sister Jessica asked me to move in with her.

Its her story to tell or not tell about the situation, but because of it, she will be renting a house instead of staying at her parents.

I love her to death and is a great friend, so I'm excited.

We still don't know exactly where or how

But within the next little while I'll be free :)


I am now officially attending college.
I've signed up and the day has come where I started classes..
or A class for the matter.

not only is it a math class and I haven't been in math for 3 years... BUT I tested out of 1010 and so now I am in Math 1050: College Algebra.

We'll see if I make it.

My mind will need a lot of refreshing.

The summer will be a time for me to just catch up and get back into the routine of school again.

Then in the fall I'll work.. while taking: English (online), Sociology.. and my personal favorite, American Sign Language.


Fall will be so much more fun.

All my math will be completely out of the way.

Look out work, I'm all grown up!


Its been quite some time since I've been to a midnight showing.
But the time has come again... and it didn't completely destroy me because I didn't have to wake up early. We went with Mckay and a bunch of other people.. who I couldn't tell you the names, probably. It was a lot of fun, but very very very long. It said a lot more naughty words than the first one.. but I liked the movie for the most part.

Mckay left to California, so we had to celebrate all week. The next night... being Wednesday, we all went bowling.
It was fun and I didn't do too bad the first game... but the second was HORRIBLE.
I cannot bowl without bumpers... and so for not having them I didn't do too bad.

It was a reminder of how much I miss my class again... but soon enough I'll be bowling with them.

After bowling we went down to Applebee's. I've only been there twice.
One time I got mac & cheese... and it was out of a box.
Another I got a quesadilla and it had bacon in it, even though I asked to get it without.

This time I got fettucini alfredo and it was delicious. yuuuuuum.


I know.. I know..
I'm behind .......again.

This time, I actually have an excuse!
I was waiting for my mom to upload her photos onto the computer.
But I guess we'll just have to try without and add them at a later time.

(The few pictures I do have, are from my own camera... taken by Allex)

I'm sorry.

[[note: this all takes place on Sunday, June 21.]]

Once upon a time, a sleepy girl woke up to a phone call from a very important man in her life.

He called to tell her Happy Birthday!
It was a fabulous way to wake up. :)

The sleepy girl, after talking to him for a while, then decided to get up and get ready.

Then her family was so excited to open presents... so they did.

[side story- in the past, I normally don't get much, mostly money to buy stuff myself. My parents never know what to get me. So this year was my big year of gifts... plus my graduation present added]

The first present was a shirt. If you look throughout the pictures, you will notice my new skirt from Jessica. My mom had seen this wonderfully beautiful, screaming "brylie" skirt from her, and bought me a shirt to match. My second present was a new LCD TV! I was so excited. If you could only see my plastic piece of crap TV.
Then came a new DVD player! We actually ended up taking that one back, and getting a new beautiful one. It is a match made in heaven.

After presents I went to nursery and we played all day.
Immediately after church, I headed over to Robert's house.

The night before Rob actually gave me his presents... but I don't want to post a whole blog for it.

That really is just a picture I found online.. no one had a picture of the actually blanket.

Let me tell you a story about this Falcons blanket.
He has the same one on his bed and I love it. He sleeps with it every night... and when I'm cold I take it while watching a movie, Xbox, or TV over there.
So he went and bought me the exact same one so I can sleep with it at night... just like he is.

Cute story, huh?

Anyways, he also bought me a new Ipod thing for my car since mine was completely shot and I was so sick of it.

Anyways, we just played with his nephews at his house for a while and then headed to my house for dinner. Enchiladas :) yummy!

Then he helped me set up my TV because I was completely clueless and it took both him and my dad a couple hours.

Once it was up and running he made sure all the settings were good so it looked HD and the colors were perfect.

[missing pictures.. due to mom]

We then had "cake".. or mousse pie from Brick Oven.

... another funny side story, my parents bought it the night before, and it was their last pie.... BUT they had already sold a piece, so I had a pie minus a piece.

Then we played the Wii!
It was so much fun.
First, we played Guitar Hero for a little while.

The last time I played with him he was between hard and expert, and I was stuck on easy.

But I beat his butt at every single song!

Then we played Wii Sports and we split the winnings half and half.

After all the excitement at my house, we headed back to his house where it was quieter and Kyson wouldn't constantly be trying to hang out with him and watched a movie.

It was a wonderful day


BirtHdaY NighT with MasOnS.

Once upon a time, the Masons all joined me for a birthday celebration. Put together by Jessica.

We were all told to meet at Brick Oven at six:thirty PM. Only Scott and Emily were there on time, and waited fourty-five minutes for us to show up. I'm sorry guys :(

The last people to roll in were Josh...
.. and Jessica. But we still love them.Me & Robert... he is such a good smiler
After Brick Oven, we made our way up to the canyon to watch What About Bob. We put a sheet up for the screen and Rob brought up his projector. It was a lot of fun :)
Robert and Josh are excellent setter uppers...
The girls just played around and took pictures while the boys got everything ready... (after I put up the sheet, of course)
This is Emily showing us how to do a really good silly lip face
The only picture of all the girls that is presentable :)
But this one is just too funny, Scott & Emily brought up marshmallows, but no one brought charcoal... so we stuffed our mouths and are signing candy like Kyler.

It was a lot of fun going with them, especially with Scott & Emily there, I hardly ever see them!


Baby Quail

Today my mom was outside getting things ready for our ward camp out and she found this little bird. isnt' he so cute?



Dear Angi,

You are a wonderful mom and I know it gets hard with all the kids home for the summer.

I would like to offer to take Ian for couple of hours once he is done with his summer school for a couple of days.

It would mean a whole lot to me.
[If its okay with you]

Plus, you would have more time to do whatever you possibly wanted.

Please pLeAsE PLEASE

If you are not comfortable with me taking him, can I come play with him in your backyard.

I love all your kids, I really do.......

But I miss having the hard/fun times with special needs kids.



I moved all the posts about my class :(
With specifics

Terrible, I know. Probably not that any of you cared.

But do not call the detective because I know where they are and you cannot have them.

Please don't cry.


The other day, Robert took me to Bonneville Elementary in the field and taught me how to golf.
It was a lot of fun being outdoors doing something he loves to do. Plus you could totally tell that he loved teaching me... even though I am still horrible.

I'm finally sort of getting it down.

We probably hit it back and forth 6 or 7 times.

Every time I hit it far and did a good job, he would hold my hand to the next spot.
If I hit it farther than him... [rarely] he gave me a cute little kiss on the cheek.

Haha great motivation

Its a lot of fun, and maybe I'll get good enough that when Mckay comes back, I'll be able to go super duper real golfing with them.
[[[[[I would like all of you to know that these posts from today are not at all in order... they're in complete crazy order.
At least I got them posted :).
Now enjoy & comment.]]]]]

Brylie & Madi & Whitney

Madi is a mommy! That is so weird, but he is the cutest little guy!
It is so weird to me how many people my age are married and have kids!

Saturday her mom threw her a baby shower at the Hampton Inn & Suites.. where both she and Holli work.

Madi currently lives out in LAMEville in California.

She came out and her mom magically threw it all together.

I purchased a beautifully cute little bath set for Kelvin & Madi.

I wish I could say I picked it out... but it was actually on their registry. :(

We played lots of fun games and laughed the whole time.

Afterwards, Me, Madi, and Whitney Florea stayed and talked
Eventually Whitney had to go to work, only an hour late, and so Madi and I also went to Winger's and sat in her section so we could talk while she had little breaks in between.

I haven't seen Madi probably since Sento days back in the 2007 : February time period.

It was so crazy to catch up with her and see how life is going.

She's going to be a wonderful mommy... and maybe she'll even move back to get more help

Mckay's birthday: Happy Sumo

Since Mckay will be gone for his birthday next month, he had an early birthday party.
We all went to Happy Sumo for dinner.
It was a lot of fun, even though I didn't know anyone before [besides Rob & Mckay].
I had just plain noodles .... there was no way I was going to try sushi

Kelly Clarkson Concert 6.12.09

(Below) the reason I'm glad I don't call myself a Mason
Once upon a time there were four girls who decided they wanted to go to a Kelly Clarkson concert at UVU: Alicia [my cousin], Katrina, Jessica [Rob's sister], & Brylie [me].

They picked up dinner at Cafe Rio. Of course, the two cousins who don't eat anything [pickiest eaters in the world] ate just a cheese quesadilla.
They ate on the way because it was simple. When they arrived at UVU the line was massive so they waited in line while Katrina & Jessica ate their salads. While the other two were practically inside, they had to run to the front.

Once inside, they found Alicia's parents, Debbie & Tracy [my Aunt & Uncle].
They sat on a blanket with them and waited for the show to begin.

"Utah's Got Talent" showed their finalists and they announced the winners. Then came Kelly.

It was so much fun and they all danced around and sang with their microphones [fist with thumbs sticking out].

Afterwards, they waited for what seemed like hours trying to get out of the parking lot. Instead of fighting it, they waited patiently and just talked.

They then headed over to IHOP for some desserts.


What a great night! I love going out with girls and making fools of ourselves... lets do it again sometime :)



So, I'm searching .. but failing.

Is there anywhere you can move posts from one blog to another one of your blogs?

I would really love to do this. please help

*Copy and paste deletes all the funny spaces I do.... PLUS you don't get the pictures in.*

:( There is no hope for me is there


Literal Videos

The other day I was just watching random videos on YouTube and I came across this magnificent video.

So now I would like to share it with all of you
And if you find any other that are good.. you can feel free to let me know about them.

Click Here
Total Eclipse of the Heart


I feel empty without my class.
I just don't know what to do.

I'm not me.

I wish I could go back.

I wish it was fall and time for school to start.

I want my class back!