Celebrate the finals are over!! Thank goodness, I don't think I could stand one more day.

I finished my last final last night and ended up with like a 106% in psychology. It was the only class I really worried about since I put off the tests. 4 classes and all done!

I definitely need a year or so off.

But for now, let's celebrate the end of the semester. And Christmas.

I finally get to think about Christmas. It has been the furthest thing on my mind.

Thanks for listening and cheering in celebration with me.

Miss Brylie.

P.S. don't you just love the celebrate picture I found? I feel like making some blocks that match it. I love it. Love Love Love it.


Okay.. I'm awful.

I promise, once this new handy dandy computer gets here, I'll be much better. Plus it will also mean that finals are over. This is something I cannot wait to have happen.

I swear these tests will be the death of me.

I just finished one test... (not even a final, just a random end of semester test), and now I have an hour til Biology starts.

I finally ordered a new computer on Thanksgiving. Super good deal! But it didn't ship until TODAY. Lame.. I know. But it promises to be here by Wednesday. Hopefully this is true since I have a 12 page paper due this weekend and my dad's laptop is not cutting it for me anymore.

I don't have much news or anything going on except school.
I did put up a little "Mason/Muhlestein" christmas tree though! Complete with paper decorations because we didn't have any. Also, the scissors weren't working well so I practically tore the paper.
Still, its our little special christmas tree and I'll take what I can get.

Now, if only I knew what to get everyone for christmas... then I could put presents under the tree. That bit of worrying will have to wait until next Tuesday. When I will be done with finals and this semester.

(Did I mention that its almost finals?)

Anyways, even though I've been ignoring you guys, I truly do love you. Hope to be back soon!