brown vs. blonde

So I have loved loved loved having brown hair. I've done so many different shades of it. But I've looked at old pictures.... and again I long for a change.

Its been a long time since I've had blonde hair.

My problem? I always have such a hard time changing so drastically. I am super nervous, even though I could just re-dye my hair back dark after if I absolutely hate it.

What's your opinion?

Here are some old blondie pictures to remember me by.


Homework week

I have officially finished all my assignments for my Exceptional Students class. Except for the final and a few quizzes here and there.... I'm done!

I also am halfway done with my history class. Its awful reading and then quizzes about the chapter. I usually just skim and then use the book (as suggested) to find the answers I missed.
As I just took the midterm, I got 26/60. That is like 43%. That really bummed my mood. A LOT.

My ASL class is going great and I love it.

I have all my classes (minus my online history class) with my cousin Sydney. She is amazing and I am so glad we have gotten to spend time with her!

Anyways... I'm still stoked I'm done with E.S. and the semester is half over! Geez


Kiddos and Freedom!

To inform you all.... since my last post about my Palmer cousins, they have moved out!

It was getting too crazy for my whole family.

Lies after lies, story after story, disrespect and such.

So my parents told the state that it was too much for our family and they are gone. They're currently living with they're grandma (dad's mom). She doesn't have work or other kids to take care of. She also has a bedroom for each of them. Also, because she is a grandma, and not a random aunt, they listen to her better.

I'm just glad they're gone and the house has been more peaceful.

I do feel like though, there are more fights between siblings. Maybe before we were just too distracted by hating every day that we bonded more.

Oh well... they're gone and we're free!

Stolen Ipod

Okay, so this was completely my fault to begin with.
During the winter, if I locked my doors to my car I was unable to get back into my car, since the locks would freeze. I got into the habit of unlocking just the driver side door.
So now, even though its warming up a bit, I have still been leaving it unlocked.

Basically, my ipod was still in my car after I worked out to charge up a bit for the next time I went to the Orem Fitness Center.... a must.

It wasn't like the ipod was COMPLETELY out in the open, it was well covered.
But some thieves decided to just open my car door and go through MY belongings.

They took my ipod. Complete with the headphones and money tucked in the silicone cover (just in case OFC decides that Novell isn't on the let in list any longer). Also, they took the ipod player that Rob bought me for my birthday last year.


I was so mad and frustrated. They also went through Rob's car... but nothing was in it to take.... since they took everything the last time they were around.

But this is my new ipod beauty. It should be here any day! Its smaller... for working out. Its orange. I love orange!

Valentine's Dance

Today was probably the greatest day ever at work.

We wanted to plan a Valentine's Dance with Orem Jr. because we had one with them last year. Then it hit me! Why are we planning a dance with kids we don't know, when we could plan one with Orem High School and have our old students come and dance with us!

((My favorite part though by far, was seeing one particular student (who really is lazy most the time) get up and dance... like really dancing and boogie-ing by herself!))

It was so much fun to see the old kids, I loved it and it just made my day.

I hate having to have kids move on... it makes me really sad.
In fact, only like 2 1/2 months left until we lose 3 more :(

How is it almost summer already? This year went by so fast I cannot believe it..

I don't know what I will do in the summer... except cry.

Hopefully though, I get my part-time aide job in the summer school and I can possibly work with some of the students in my class... plus meet some new students. I am crossing my fingers they call me and need me. I would love to see what it is like in other teachers classrooms.

Caden & Brylie Date

On Monday/President's Day, Caden and I finally got to go on our date!
I thought it would be fun to do, but we've been talking about it for at least 2 months...

He had just barely eaten lunch, but he didn't care, he was set on going to Chuck-E-Cheese.
It was a little crowded but that didn't stop us from eating yummy pizza, playing fun games, or riding cool rides.
We ended up with 84 tickets! Yaaaay go us!

He got a roller suction cup stick thing and a sticker puzzle.

We didn't want Kyler to feel bad, so after we headed down to the dollar store to pick out a couple of things, including: a walk climber (Pooh bear), a ball that attaches to your wrist so it comes back, and a yo-yo ball.
Then of course we had to get something for mommy/Jessica, so Caden picked out some glass cups and some candy then helped me fill it before we gave it to mommy. I couldn't NOT give one to Rob... so I made one for him too.

It was a lot of fun to give Caden 100% attention and let him do whatever he wanted!
I loved spending time with just him :)

flowers :)

These are the lovely flowers that Rob gave me for Valentine's day... with the bear :)


Valentines Weekend

My weekend started on Saturday. My family was putting in new wood floors and the door rang. I came down to the most beautiful flowers.. similar to the ones above... complete with a teddy bear and a bow tie. They were SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. Daisies are my favorite. I don't even know how he remembered or figured it out. They are gorgeous.

Saturday night we made homemade pizza together. We both love the pizza and it was nice to spend time together making the food instead of spending tons of money in a crowded restaurant. After we headed down to the movies to watch The Lovely Bones. I wouldn't have ever guessed that Rob would pick this movie. He actually wanted to see it. We both liked it :)

Sunday morning I woke up early and made Rob breakfast.
Pink pancakes. Sunny side up eggs. Juice. and Toast.
It was a surprise!!!!

After that, he didn't want to fall back asleep (I assumed he would) but I was exhausted, so I took a little nap on his couch while he played his funny computer game.

Rob also made me *with scott... making cookies for jessica and emily as well* the cutest decorated cookie. I loved it! I almost didn't want to eat it, but I did.

I also got to spend some time talking with Jessica cleaning. I love girl talk with her. (While Rob and Scott played some video game, I didn't abandon him!)

It was great to spend time with him, even though we didn't do anything to extra special, it was special to me.