Sick Christmas

I brought the sickness home of a deathly cough and sore throat that slowly transformed into something even worse. This meant that I spent Christmas sick and I even got Rob sick.

Rob wasn't able to make it to my family's on Christmas Eve and even I was feeling quite terrible. It was Christmas though!
We exchanged gifts and I was super excited to give Kacee and Mattie a blanket that Rob and I had made together. We also got to open our Christmas PJs and hang out for a little while. I didn't stay around everyone too long so I could get plenty of rest for the following day.

On Christmas my family opened presents at 7:00 and just enjoyed one another until about 8:30 when Kacee and Mattie started to pack up to go home. I packed up Rob's presents and went over to his house. He was still asleep even though his family said to plan on 9:00.

I fell asleep as well and finally woke up around 11:00 and went upstairs. We had to kinda keep our distance from people so we didn't get them sick. Especially Scott and Emily's baby Alexis.

After presents and everything I took another nap and was just exhausted and not feeling well. I hardly had a voice and it hurt whenever I tried to use it.

Rob's mom was great and made a fantastic meal for Christmas that didn't go as formal as usual.
Later in the night Scott played some games with Janet, Stan, Josh, Rob and I until they had to leave. It was fun to just sit and enjoy each other.
Slowly Jessica's family was getting the illness so they started to go to be early and get rest.

It definitely wasn't a normal Christmas. It felt strange and almost like it wasn't Christmas at all. It was also strange not being in the Christmas spirit much until we got back Christmas Eve afternoon from our trip.

It was a lot of fun, but it would have been better if everyone weren't so sick. Hopefully we're all better by New Years!

Disneyland December 2012

Rob's mom's (Janet) family was having a family reunion in California and planned to go over Christmas. Some things changed and we ended up only going to the first portion of it, Disneyland, and didn't end up going to Fresno to meet up with everyone else.
Rob's family were the only ones to go for multiple days but everyone else showed up on the last day, Saturday. It was quite the busy trip but we had a blast!

Going to California - Wednesday

We left early Wednesday morning and made the drive out to California. We had a few bumps along the way though. Number one was that the washer fluid had frozen. There was a ton of salt on the roads from the storm so five and a half hours later we had only barely made it to Cedar City. We were having to pull of every little exit to try and clean off the windshield. It also didn't help that the wipers needed to be replaces.
When we finally hit Cedar City we stopped at Wal-Mart and Rob's dad, Stan, bought some new blades. Windshield wipers are not hard to put on, but for some reason this one was not cooperating. After about an hour messing with it, we finally pulled around to the car part of Wal-mart and asked for some help. They messed with it and finally just replaced the wipers with another one. Apparently the 98% of cars it fit did not include the van we were driving. We were on our way again.
Rob and I sat in the back of the van and watched movies/played Xbox (by xbox, that's clearly only Rob!).
I slept a lot of the way and it was nice to not get car sick.
We finally made it to California around 7:30, so it took us over 12 hours. Google maps says it should barely take 9 hours. It took Rob and I around 7. It was a very long drive!

We got to the hotel and after switching the rooms around and got everyone situated, we were able to decide we were starving. Josh, Jessica, Caden, Rob and I headed over to Downtown Disney to eat at one of mine and Rob's favorite restaurants, Rainforest Cafe.
It was delicious and so fun to go out. It was a little chilly though and even in the restaurant with a jacket I was shivering! Thank goodness for warm food though.
Lights at Downtown Disney

Me, Caden, and Rob after dinner at  Rainforest Cafe

Me, Caden, and Rob after dinner at  Rainforest Cafe

Josh Messing with the Camera

As we waited to be seated for dinner, we walked over to the Lego Store. It was amazing. The only way we could get Josh to take our picture was if we posed as the Beauty and the Beast, but roles switched. It kinda looked like Rob was proposing though... he wasn't.

Rob and Caden in Downtown Disney

Caden in the car going to dinner

Rob in the car going to dinner

Josh driving us to dinner in Downtown Disney

In the Park

We had a 3 day pass to Disneyland. Rob and I didn't waste any time not being at the park. We woke up early each day and stayed until no earlier than an hour before closing.
The first day, Thursday, we woke up early and we were able to walk to the park with Jessica and her family. It was only about a 10 minute walk which was super nice.
We spent the first half of the day with his family and went on rides with them. We even lucked out to get a fast pass for the new ride in Cars Land (Radiator Springs Racers). It was never below a 2 hour wait to get on the ride.
We ate lunch with his family and then split off to do our own thing and go on the big kid rides. Throughout the trip there wasn't a single ride we missed that we wanted to go on. With the exception of Splash Mountain.
The weather was pretty good during the day, as long as you were in the sun. I wore a jacket most the time during the day though and at night added my second one. For leaving freezing Utah, it still didn't seem that warm.
Friday was a little busier but still not that bad. We tried to stay in Disneyland in the morning and move to California Adventures at night, then maybe making our way back to Disneyland for the end of the evening. It got really crowded in Disneyland to the point they were almost at capacity. The people in California Adventure were basically begging guests to not switch parks because it was too crowded.

There was one night that we were able to go on Toy Story Mania (usually about an hour wait) four times in a row because no one was there. This was also partially due to the fact that World of Color was going on. Rob's hand was even bruised the next day from pulling the rope and shooting so much.

Rob's favorite rides are: Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, and Pirates. (No particular order)
Brylie's least favorite rides: Tower of Terror, Space Mountain. (They make me sick!)

We still went on them plenty of times though.

There was a time when we decided we should do something funny for the picture on Tower of Terror. There was a young boy who was going for the first time and Rob and I decided to do the crazy eyes and just stare at him. Once he realized looking at the picture he was completely freaked out. I wish we could have gotten a picture of it but we didn't want his group to question us!

Friday evening we went back to the Rainforest Cafe with all the relatives that came in town for the reunion. Yummy! There were a lot of us crammed in a small space but we loved it! I was able to meet all his aunts and uncles and extended family. I only knew one of his uncles from that side before the trip so it was fun to meet everyone!

Saturday we were able to hang out with the family a little more and go around together for a little while. It was starting to get really crazy in Disneyland so Rob and I split off to go eat for a while. The crowd was insane and we just needed some time to do our own thing. We went and did the new Cars ride for a second time and then just some random rides in California Adventure. For dinner we met up with Jessica's family and ate at Tony Roma's.

Not so cute little side story. Rob said something at the table that I glared at him for (no one quite remembers what it was) and he decided to pretend that I kicked him. He did the full action and even spilled both our water cups. Jessica and Josh both thought that I really kicked him and would NOT believe me that I didn't really kick him and that he was faking it. It wasn't until Christmas when we were home that he finally admitted to faking it and everyone felt bad that they didn't believe me.

Rob and I enjoyed every single moment at Disneyland, besides the point where I was limping my legs hurt so bad! We were so glad we were able to go!

Space Mountain... Rob said for the picture we could kiss... not. Rude!

Mia and I waiting for everyone to get off Toy Story Mania

Baby Mia

Kyler and Jessica on Toy Story Mania

Kyler and Brylie on Toy Story Mania

Kyler and Brylie on Toy Story Mania

Robert and Caden on Toy Story Mania. They're shooting at us!

Rob and Caden on Toy Story Mania

Stan at Rainforest Cafe with the Gorilla (in the hat!)

Caden and the Gorilla at Rainforest Cafe

Waiting for Popcorn!

One of the days, Jessica and Josh took the kids home to rest, but Caden got to stay and play with us at the park while everyone napped.

One of the days, Jessica and Josh took the kids home to rest, but Caden got to stay and play with us at the park while everyone napped.

Player 1: Robert.
Player 2: Brylie.
Who won?

Rob, Caden, and Kyler posing with a tractor

Beach Day! - Sunday

 On Sunday I woke up feeling absolutely terrible. All night I was trying to not cough. It hurt everything in my body to cough and I just didn't want to do it. I also started feeling a little nauseous but didn't want it to spoil our last day. After we packed everything up, Rob and I headed to the beach while everyone waited for Josh to get back from his pilot test.

We went down to our favorite as of late, Huntington Beach. It is nice and clean and not too long of a drive.

When we got there a surfer walked up and gave us the parking ticket he purchased for the day. It gave us a few hours of free parking instead of us having to pay. It was so incredibly nice! After that we just walked on the beach to see what we could find.
We saw baby seagulls (cutest things ever... especially compared to their parents) and lots of sea shells.
With the sea shells we also found a whole clam! We wanted to open it up and see if there was a pearl, but didn't have the means to open it and didn't want to kill it if it was still alive. Rob threw it back into the ocean so it could live and in the process dropped one of my shoes into the water. Ugh.

Rob also found me a whole sand dollar as well as this weird shell that had little mini volcanoes on it. We didn't know what it was and tried to bring it home but it was too fragile and broke in transit.

It was a gorgeous day and even made me feel better with the fresh air.  It was the first time in a long time that we were at the beach without fog. The fog is really cool but I do love a sunny beach!

Clam found on the beach

crazy shell we found with "volcanoes"

Rob and I on the beach

Clam in the sand

Huntington Beach

It was bright

Very bright

Brylie on the beach

Huntington Beach

Rob on the beach

Cute boy.

Rob in the water

Brylie in the water

When we got back to the hotel, we loaded everything up and were off. We first made a stop at Downtown Disney so Rob and I could get our traditional shirts. We used to try and get something Disney but its too expensive, so we started looking in Quicksilver.
We also got some pizza and then started the drive.

The traffic was horrible and a complete stop in Las Vegas due to a huge car accident. Rob's dad was starting to be tired from driving and when we made it to Mesquite he pulled over to try and find us a hotel. All along we had planned to stop in Saint George at Janet's Brother's vacation home. For some reason Stan wasn't thinking it was a close as it was and was trying to get us into a hotel. Rob convinced him that it was MAYBE a 30 minute drive and then we would be there. So we drove the rest of the way to Saint George.

The house was so nice and we were so thankful to Uncle Robert (Rob's uncle) for letting us stay there. We would be super excited to go stay again sometime when we aren't so rushed.

The next morning we finished driving home in quite the storm. My parents both said that it was snowing terribly in Orem and that we needed to be extra careful. This kinda scared us but seeing as it was Christmas Eve we just wanted to get home!

We made it with the "horrible storm" that was bad but not horrible. It was so nice to be home and out of the car and being able to rest.  I brought the sickness home with me and got even worse and was so glad to not have to be anywhere or feel guilty for not using tickets/vacation time.



I got to the point tonight where I thought..

I could quit my job.
And I could quit school.

And it would be the best thing in the world.

I'm just so done with everything.

Maybe I just need a nap.

Do you ever get to the point where you just want to quit everything and lay in bed forever?

Stupidly.. I have been envious of people on bed rest or spur of the moment surgery... they get to lay in bed without having to worry about anything.

But between work and school... it just couldn't/wouldn't happen.

Someday I'll have like a week off. And enjoy it more than anyone else.


Life has been crazy.

This week was going to be my week off of nothing to just relax...but that didn't happen.
Instead,  I have had at least one thing (if not several) things going on every day.

Rob ended up quitting his job. He hated it so bad. So it was going to be fun to spend a week doing nothing and just having fun.

Not the case.

I have had training and work and so much going on that I am not sure I can handle going back to class next week.

UVU fall starts on Monday... and I was a fool and decided 17 credits wasn't too much.
I've done 15, but usually with 1-2 online classes. I have to attend every single one and add on working. Right now I am about at about 20 hours... maybe a little more.
I'm worried it won't be enough to keep me going. But it is going to have to be.

I can't wait until the day I have graduated and can start just working and not have to worry about school.

Until family worries come in.

I miss being sixteen!



Zumba and me have a new found love connection.
Not because it is something I am good at.

In fact, I don't know how to shake my hips OR shimmy! But For an hour it is my type of workout.

I have started going with my friend Tara from Rise Summer Program. It will be our way to keep in touch since she quit on me.
We started last week and it really is so fun.

The time goes so fast and of course different websites say different things but zumba is kicking my calories' butts.

I absolutely love it!

Every day I get so sore after... but I love being sore.

I had gotten to the point with running at the gym that nothing was working anymore.
Plateau smateau. I hate you.

Zumba is super great though and its so fun since I have someone to go with.

Tonight was the first night that I went by myself (Tara had other plans) and it was super fun. I watched myself in the mirror though and I looked like a total fool. Good thing I stood next to all the other white girls who can't dance.

I'm looking forward to actually knowing the dances instead of just having the follow step by step what the instructor does.

(PS right now my arms hurt from typing. I'm that sore.)

But this could be something I could get used to.. Zumba all the way!


Dear Brylie

You need to get your butt into gear.
You are getting too lazy.

You need to own up for what you do every day. Instead of being too wussy to see how many calories you ate, you need to accept it and responsibility.

You don't need to gain your weight back.

You can do it.

You ARE strong. You CAN do good.

Goals this week:
-Walk mores instead of sitting at Summer Program.
-Don't eat a second lunch after Summer Program.
-Pack a better lunch for the day.
-Exercise at least twice a week at the gym (before work)


Mia's Birthday!!

It was my birthday!

Last Thursday was my birthday and I'm officially twenty-two.
I'm getting old.

I actually got spoiled the day before by both my dad and Robert.

Rob got me a new Kitchen Aid  mixer! I love it so much! Rob would like it to be known that I screwed up the recipe for my first attempt at using the mixer.

[The recipe had a tsp for teaspoon and a t (lowercase) for tablespoon. I only put in 4 teaspoons of cocoa instead of 4 tablespoons because it had a lowercase t. Oh well.. it was still good!]

My dad took my car and got the windows tinted for me! It looks super good but I have yet to go take pictures. Imagine it looking so beautiful and classy. I'll get some pictures though because it is amazing.

Then on my birthday I got to have my first experience of having my birthday at school!
Maggie and Sydney were so great to have a party for me and Sydney even brought donuts.
[doughnuts? donuts? I like donuts better...]

We had a few behaviors to deal with throughout the day but it was fun to just have a party at the end of the school day.

After summer school I picked up the boy I work with and headed over to Nelson's Grove in Orem for Rise's Summer Program.

Turns out... I hate that park for doing summer program. No shade and it was muggy and just gross. I even had the sprinklers spray me when I attempted to sit in the little of shade there was. After moving to another tree a dog came over and kicked up dirt at me. The lady was just letting her dog run wild and it was bothering me. Dirt on wet clothes=mud. Awesome.

Katie was so great though and brought some delicious raspberry rolls and a cute little gift.

Finally at four I got to drop my boy off and go back home. Rob decided to get us Pizza Factory take-out and we rented Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I really like that movie but I probably made it 10 minutes into the movie before I fell asleep. I was so tired and just crashed.

A birthday nap is exactly what I needed.

That weekend we went to Brick Oven to have a night out and I must say it was super delicious. 
On Sunday Rob's family was super great and had a birthday dinner for me as well. Guess what we had... Pasta! My favorite. [That was a lot of pasta in a short time-frame.]

Rob's sister Jessica got me a cute picture frame with wire for hanging up earrings. Turns out.. I have a lot of earrings! Who would have known?!

Rob's brother and sister-in-law got me the cutest picture frame that has a film strip to put the pictures in. Perfect since I love photography.

Rob's parents were great and got me a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond. I need to go shopping!

It was a great day this year and I can't believe I'm seriously this old.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings!



Can you believe it's summer already?

I honestly don't even know what to do with myself... time is moving so fast that I feel like maybe I should be ten years older!

I've had a few days off here and there and then been working with the summer program.

I do love working outside and just being able to take it easy.

The girls I work with were all talking and we decided we really have the easiest job.

I mean, each kid is really pretty easy to work with. They just each have one thing that is difficult that we have to overcome.

I've been working with the cute girl that I work with year around and love her to pieces. She is just hard to move/lift. She seriously makes me so happy and I don't know what I would do/will do when I can't work with her anymore.

But now I get to switch between this young boy and I'm a little nervous for something new.

I have to admit though, I work with some amazing girls who make it all worth it.

Next week I will start doing ESY and the summer program.
I'm so excited to keep working with Maggie Gardner. She is an amazing teacher.
I also get to work with my best cousin, Sydney.

I'm super super super stoked.

Not only will I get to work with both of them but I also get to see a few students for the last time. It breaks my heart to be saying goodbye to the schools. With all the changes that are coming though it just wouldn't be the same.

Rob has been on the hunt for a new job. He doesn't love his current one but doesn't know if the new job could be as flexible as his current one for his schedule with school.

Other news: I only have a few weeks left of my Child Development class and then just less than a month left of my Anthropology class on the weekends.

It will be nice to just work in the summer and not have to worry about class and homework.

Also: about a month ago I purchased a new car.

My old car that I got from my grandma was getting about 17 miles to the gallon.

That's REALLY bad.
I wasn't for sure that I was going to get a new car right away, but I had my eye on KSL to see what I could get.

My dad offered to take me up to some dealerships to see what kind of deals we could get. I ended up getting a super good discount on a car and so I left that day with a brand new car!

I was even the first person to test drive the car.

Its super cute and the only thing its missing is tinted windows, but since my birthday is coming up in a few weeks my dad was going to get it done for me.

He is such a great guy.

Rob and I haven't really been up to much else. I keep wanting to get out and go hiking but its either been bad weather for it (too col and gross or way way way hot) or I have been way to exhausted after work.

Hopefully I can get out and do some more exercising so I can stay on track with losing those last five pounds.

I haven't been motivated much and need to just stick to My Fitness Pal.

I did so great before but I haven't even installed it on my new phone because I don't want to feel guilty.
I guess its time to man up.

I will have to install it right now and do it starting: tomorrow.


Joining Blogs

A while back I started a blog to help motivate me to lose weight.
Then I was too embarrassed to actually share it with anyone.
So no one knew it existed.

Anyways, now that I'm a little more comfortable with where I am with my weight, I think I am going to just combine the two ideas and merge them onto here.

Here is the most recent post about my weight loss fun-ness:

So my goal came and went. I officially made it to 135 pounds and I can fit into a size four pant (at Old Navy). That was my goal!
I actually didn't fit into the size 4 until this week (ish) and it felt amazing to finally do so.

My only problem is once I hit 135 I kind of gave up on eating healthy. I still didn't eat AS much as before, but it still wasn't the best. I've gone up and down between 135-137. Which in all reality, is amazing!

Especially if you look at where I started. I never planned to actually say it anywhere... but I was at 160 pounds. [ew. I hate that everyone can see that.]

How did I even do that?

But I feel like I would like to lose just five more.

And lately, I've felt the urge to just go running or just go work out.
So tonight after my late class (9:45!!!) I wanted to go running.

Rob wouldn't go with and honestly, I was a little scared to go out running in the dark alone.
Plus I don't run. I did the elliptical... not for a while though.

[How did I fall out of the routine so quickly?!!?!]

Anyways... I ended up pulling up Just Dance videos on YouTube and following them.
I didn't want to play the actual game because Rob was in the room with the Xbox... and he isn't allowed to watch.

But I feel great after doing a few workouts and I'm ready to fight the last five pounds.

This summer will be a great opportunity because I have to pack a lunch everyday for my summer job and I will be pushing a wheelchair and carrying the kid around.

It will be good.

I can do it.

p.s. Why do I always have the urge to work out and get skinny late at night when its not possible to start... then the next day I'm too tired to really care to do anything?!
Geez Brylie. Get over it and want to do it all in the morning!

Another year gone

School is almost over, don't get me wrong, I'm super stoked for the summer.

But this is my last year in a school and I'm going to miss it dearly.
I've become closer to the girls I work with as well as grown as a person because of them.

I am so sad to have to leave it, but even staying at Canyon View wouldn't be the same.

Everyone from work (the girls) minus Kelli
It's been an amazing four years but I'm ready needing to move on.
I have been talking all at work how badly I just want it to be summer but now that it is really here I want to cry.

I didn't realize how sad I was until Thursday night. I was laying on the couch at Rob's and I almost started to cry.

Its time to move to the next chapter in my life but I don't know if I can actually do it.

I need to be a grown up. I need to get a real job, a real grown-up job.

This is the last week of me working at Canyon View Junior High school.

This is the last week of me being "Miss Brylie"... or affectionately called "Bryl" by students or one particular student.

This isn't fair.

Why can't I just stay being the young girl that never turns into a grown up.

But here I am, almost twenty-two years old and I am still just working a job that I got right out of high school.
No experience required.
I had no experience.

What if I end up being horrible at Early Intervention?
When I first learned about it I went crazy knowing that's what I wanted, but what if I'm wrong. What if I was crazy to take that route?

What if I get my degree and then I can't get a job... I don't know what else I can even get a job in with my degree (Behavioral Science -Family Studies emphasis in Development.)

Why is this so hard for me at this point?!
Why didn't I think this through that at this moment, I'm officially stranded.

I have to hope to get enough hours through Rise to cover my bum while in school as well as paying for my (NEW!) car.

What if I start going to more classes and completely fail at life and can't take it?

What if I have a mental breakdown right now just thinking about it?

Thursday is going to be a hard day for me. I just might end up crying in my bed all day wondering what I've done.


Hermana Pasquale

I've had a real hard time missing Brittney.. like bad.

I was walking around the Provo Temple with my mom and little brother when we were walking through all the missionaries that were sitting around. It hit me that Brittney MIGHT be there too.

Once I saw her I started shaking. I didn't know if she would get in trouble for seeing me or if girl missionaries are even allowed to hug.
So I played it off like I was taking a picture with my mom when she screamed and ran over.

It was the best day of my life. I just wanted to stay with her forever.
I hope she doesn't get in trouble that I saw her.  That would make me terribly sad!

I miss this lady. But she is going to be a great missionary!



We just got back and I need to get things posted before I forget!

Rob and I left to drive out to Las Vegas Tuesday after work. After a few errands we were on our way. We made really good time after just a few stops to get gas and food. 
We stayed at LVH. I thought it would be a much better hotel than it was. It was alright, but I think really any hotel in Vegas wouldn't be super great. It seemed nice but they were really cheap. $15 a day for WiFi? No, thank you. The beds were gross and we didn't dare walk around without shoes on in the room. Gross.

We spent very little time in there. 

Once we took our bags up, Rob and I bought a pass to the monorail and went to the strip. My goal was to see the Bellagio Hotel Fountains. We saw about the last 30 seconds but it was gorgeous. After that we walked around to try and find something cool but it was all just smoke and gambling. 

I have to admit that Rob and I did try our hands at the penny slots. We had no idea what we were doing. We just pressed buttons. I won a few times but ended up losing our $3.00. Oh well! It was fun though.

On Wednesday morning we woke up early and drove out to California. I found someone on KSL who was selling their remaining three days to Disneyland for $118 [BIG improvement from the $105 for a one-day pass!]

We were needing to meet them by 11:30 so we woke up at like 6:30 and headed out. It wasn't too bad and we actually made great time and ended up arriving at like 10:30 [We thought we wouldn't get there until almost twelve!]

After we made the exchange, we still had a while until we could check into our hotel in California. This meant we had plenty of time to spend at the beach! Last time we went to California, our beach trip wasn't so great. We tried out Seal Beach and it was just oily and gross. Plus we had barbed wire fences all around. 
This time we went to Huntington Beach. It was super fun and perfect weather. After walking around for a while we got hungry and ate at the restaurant on the pier, Ruby's.

It was really yummy actually and just fun to hang out.

Finally, when our hotel was ready we went over and brought our bags in.

We were pretty tired from waking up early to drive in so we fell asleep for a nap. By the time we woke up it was a little later so we decided to just drive over to Downtown Disney and explore. We ate at some pizza place and it was pretty yummy.
We also were able to pick out our California shirts that we always get. It was fun to just walk around and take it easy.
Then we went back and just relaxed and watched TV until we went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up and got ready to go to Disneyland for the day. It was super fun to go around just the two of us and do whatever we wanted. The lines were super short and the weather was perfect. After going on all the faster rides, I started not feeling well at all. Rob wanted to keep going but I was ready to stop. So we decided to take it slow and go on the easier rides.
We actually went on any and all rides we wanted to go on in the first day.

For dinner we went over to one of our favorites, the Rain Forest Cafe.

It was super delicious and a great show. We were actually sitting next to a gorilla that would come to "life" every once in a while. There was one time where it started moving and Rob and I almost both fell out of a our chairs. It was the scariest moment of my life.

That night we watched "World of Color" for our second time since they started showing it. It is an amazing show and I reallllllllllly recommend that you see it in person if you haven't. It was kind of chilly when we were watching it though and we were both in shorts and a T-shirt. Rob was so sweet to hold me and keep me warm the whole time.

Again that night we crashed and slept sooo good.

Since we were able to go on all the rides we wanted to the day before, on Friday we slept in a little and then spent some more time at the beach. There was a surf competition going on even. It was fun to watch and I even fell asleep for a little while. Rob got really burnt.

After relaxing for a while we headed back to our hotel and over to Disneyland again.
We rode some rides and then went to the Rain Forest Cafe in Downtown Disney for dinner.... again.

We even decided to order their volcano brownie dessert. It was huge and we barely made a dent in it but it was SOOOO good.

We rode a few more rides and then went back to the hotel. It was a really chill day and super fun.

We woke up at about eight and started packing and getting everything together. Since we still had one more day on our passes to Disneyland we decided to go back and do a few more rides. We ended up going on Rob's personal favorite, Tower of Terror, three times in a row. I like it until I'm actually on the ride. Then I hate it.
After Tower of Terror we went on Space Mountain [after a 65 minutes wait... boring!] and then we wanted to go on Splash Mountain one more time. The lines were so much longer since it was a weekend so we didn't have time to go on it :[.

Instead we got a corn dog and ice cream and then off we went.

The drive was long so we stopped in Saint George (mostly because I was going to pee my pants!)
When I called and talked to my dad he mentioned that there is a Brick Oven in Saint George too. This was the perfect stop for us since its one of our favorites and we filled up quick. Then we finished our drive home, arriving at about 1:00 AM.
We planned on staying in Saint George but forgot to book a hotel for there (plus they would have been extra expensive since it was a Saturday night) so we just finished driving home.

Overall, it was a good trip. I loved spending so much time with Rob and just enjoying our time. We didn't have to worry about being anywhere.
Rob was super sweet to me and took great care of me. I can't wait to go back again!