Real teachers need real websites

I've created a lot of resources that I plan on using in my classroom - whenever I get it.

Sharing things on a blog was okay - but its so much more convenient on one website that is my very own.

Come on over and check out www.MissBrylie.com to see different things I've created, how I will keep my classroom organized and ways to manage your classroom as well.


First Race

I got to see Allex - who works at OFC where the race was hosted
I officially ran my first race. I ran it!

Okay, so I didn't run the whole thing. I stopped a few times to walk... but I ran it!

I did a 4 mile run on Thanksgiving morning and made it in 44:24. It may not be the fastest ever - but its my own personal record from my "training" that I've been lacking on. My dream goal was do it in less an 45:00

It felt so good to get out there and do it. I wasn't even the last one in!

I think this helped give me the confidence I needed to know I can keep running. I made it and didn't die - even though it was cold.

So now I just need to get in a good rhythm of a schedule and then off I can go.

Umm. Wait.. What?!

So I had given up hope that I would get a classroom this school year and just put it in the back of my mind that I could get one, hopefully, in the fall.

Then I got an email from someone at the district.

They're opening a new classroom starting just after Christmas Break in January.

Of course, my first thought was that if they were expanding and needing a new classroom that it would probably not be close to home. I would have to really travel to get to it.

Then she said it would be in South Orem.
Um.. I live in Orem!

So then I started getting in contact with USU to make sure I would be able to get into the program.
Yep. They do it all the time - it would just take 2 1/2 years to do it instead of the traditional 2.

So now I'm preparing like crazy in case I actually get it.

I still have to interview. I still have to go up against teachers who are already certified.

But I'm hoping my 6+ years of experience can help set me apart. Hopefully.

So this Thanksgiving Break I've worked on creating and printing and sewing a calendar set, made a visual schedule (with a million options so I'm sure to have everything), and gathered some toys and things that would be helpful in my classroom. I also am in the process of making Rob help me perfect my resume & cover letter.

I want the job so badly and I feel like I'm so close but so far away. It terrifies me though that in a month I could have my own classroom. I'll be leaving the world of aides and actually be in charge.

I think the hardest thing for me that I had to do was let Maggie know. If I get this job I wouldn't be able to be her long term substitute. Of course this news came after I was all ready to be hired at any moment by the subbing company.
She's been supportive though and there to answer questions. It wasn't until after I told her that I was able to actually get excited about it.

So now in the next week I'll hopefully get all applied and interview soon.
Then I'll have two weeks over Christmas Break to get a classroom all ready to go.

[Two weeks is not enough time! Ahhh!]


Half Marathon

Its official.

I have always hated running. Never could do it or get into it. Emily really helped me push to get into it and now I don't hate it quite as much.

I really love being able to say at the end of the day that I ran without stopping for __ miles.

I love it!

So I running a 4 mile run for Thanksgiving and by April I hope to be in shape enough because I'm running a half-marathon with my aunt and cousin.  I'm a little terrified.

I never thought I would want to run 13.1 miles. I never thought I would want to run 2 miles.

But the idea of completing it makes me feel so excited for my future self. I can do hard things!

Rob says I'm crazy and no one should ever want to run that far. But you know what - I want to!

I have a training plan in place and a couple motivators to keep me going. I no longer am worrying about how my body looks because I just feel better - I have more endurance to do more things.

April 25th will be here so fast but I will be ready and WILL run 13.1 miles in under 3 hours (or I don't get to finish or get a medal!). I will do it!


These were my goals for 2014.

Its officially November. How am I doing now that year is close to over?


1: Work out 4 times a week: I was horrible with this - up until the last month or so. I've been running usually 3+ days a week and have been motivated and excited to do more.

2: Run a 5k: I participated in 2 this spring but walked the majority of them. They each took me about 45 minutes walking. I really wanted to run a 5k. I will be running a 4 miler (just over a 5k) on Thanksgiving morning with Emily - so hopefully this will be successful.

3: Hike Mount Baldy: We tried - and never made it. But I did hike Angels Landing so maybe that counts? I still really want to do Baldy though ... maybe before it snows like crazy I still can?!

4: Eat Healthier: I definitely didn't start the year out great. I did pretty good for a while but have fallen back into not counting. I don't think I'm terribly over where I should be, but definitely over.

5: Drink 90 ounces of water a day: School days I do really good at this - but when I'm just hanging out around the house I am not so great at it. I get headaches very easily and if I could stay on top of drinking water I don't think I would get them nearly as much.

6: Only eat out once a week: Failure. I think a typically week Rob and I go out to eat at least twice. Its hard to keepup on having other things around to eat and its just so much easier to go out. We're usually going to winco to get some pre-made food in the deli so its better than like Wendy's, but I still have time to improve!

7: Be in bed no later than 11:00: I'm also slacking at this - Its hard to get to bed early when I come home and nap - then I end up not tired to go to sleep and just have formed a really bad cycle.

8: Don't sleep in past 11:00: so this may seem pathetic for a goal - but if I don't set an alarm, I do not wake up before like 1:00 in the afternoon. Seriously. I have actually done really good at this though! There have been a few times I've snoozed my alarm to 11:30 but for the most part I'm never still in bed past 11:00.

9: Make a budget every month: I started the year off great with this. It really helped me to see where I could be saving money - but slowly stopped throughout the summer when I made more money. Now I'm back to not having as much because of having to manage classes as well  and should get back into it but it kinda depresses me to look at it all.

10: Put 10% of money into savings: I was really good with this until the school year started. I have a hard time making it month to month without having to pull from savings right now because of my lack of hours. I know I could probably still make things work with being 10% less but I forget to take it out first and then just feel like I need that extra money for gas or something. Two more months and I can get more realistic with this.

11: Read one book for fun a month: I read a few new books this year but had a hard time getting into anything I really enjoyed. Any suggestions for me?!

12: Graduate: I'm on the track - two more months and I'm DONE!

13: Be Happy: This year has definitely made things a little rocky between my parents divorcing and having to sell the house. I have my moments of just wanting to curl into a ball but for the most part I feel I've been a happier person.

I'm starting to think of new goals for next year already and how I can help myself actually achieve them. I need to be more accountable and look at them often so I can remember where I want to be.


I'm a runner?

So I don't know when it becomes official - when I can officially say I have become a runner.

I started out running twice a week with my "sister-in-law" Emily. She'd been going for a while before and it was kind of intimidating to me that she's already been going and I definitely needed to stop and walk a lot more. Luckily she's so sweet and is willing to let me walk and even walks with me [even though I remind her she can keep running].
With her we run about two miles and we get done in about 22-23 minutes. That's pretty good for a girl who has never really ran before. We definitely were a lot slower starting out but I'm getting further and further without having to walk. My goal this next time is to make it a mile.

My biggest issue is not being able to breathe - I have the energy and motivation to keep going but just can't breathe. Breathing is kind of important... if you didn't know that!

Rob's parents also recently invested in a pretty high tech treadmill - like very high tech. It has motivated me to run while Rob's playing a game or something. Each day I've worked up for running longer and further. I've been able to run about a mile and a half on it without having to walk [just at a measly 4.8 pace... but still!]

Its getting more and more motivating to keep going. Although it definitely is easier for me on the treadmill I want to be able to run a 5k by the end of the year. I set a resolution to do a 5k this year and I did two! But I walked most of them so now I'm modifying my goal to run one - like really run one!

I think the easiest part about the treadmill is watching a show/movie [currently, I'm watching The Big Bang Theory] so it distracts me from thinking over and over again "I hate running - this is stupid. I want to stop!"

But as of today I made it to 3 miles (only walking about .4 miles total!) - got off to cool down and felt like I could get back on and go more. I'm trying to be careful to not over do it but I'm starting to enjoy it. Now I just need to get to enjoy it outside more and be able to go further outside. Then I can succeed at my 5k dreams!


Summer Ends: School Begins

The summer is [finally] ending but I also feeling like its just beginning.

I've enjoyed my summer for the most part but feel like it flew by. Ever since I got on the idea train of being a teacher though I just crave being in a classroom. I get to work with my friend [Maggie] again and am excited for the kids as of right now.

I'm so anxious to be back but know that I'll miss so much with the summer.
Although I had to be "in charge", I don't feel like I really had to do too much extra. 

I'm going to miss:
  • The kids: they all have their own personalities and I love them all. I've spend 4 years with these kids and now this is probably going to be my last one. It breaks my heart to think I won't see most of them around again.
  • The parks: everyday we were at a park and it was fun to just be hanging around outside. There were definitely times I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have.
  • Laying in the grass: well on a blanket. We could just lay on the grass and play toys or games with the kids. We could turn on music and just enjoy the day.
  •  Friends: Brittney and I loved working together at Canyon View back in the day - and I loved having her around at Summer Program. Its going to be sad going our different ways for the fall and probably not seeing much of each other between our busy lives.
  • The money: during the school year I definitely take a pay cut while trying to balance classes as well. I could probably take up more shifts after school but feel like I just want some free time too!
 Now I'm heading back to somewhat more of a real life - finishing up my last semester at UVU, working two jobs, and trying to survive on a student budget. But if I can do one last semester then I can graduate and maybe finally start to be a real grown up!


Singing Time

I'm definitely not a big singer - those who know me well probably have never heard me really singing. I don't enjoy it nor do I want to embarrass myself in front of people to ever do it.

But for preschool singing time is kinda a big thing.

[I'm hoping I can find a cd or hook my ipod up to have the songs already ready to go so the kiddos don't have to hear me sing] - but I still want to give them their singing time and be able to make some choices.

The old classroom I worked in had all the songs in clipart and every kid would get to choose a song during circle time at the beginning of the day. I really liked that idea but wanted to find my own pictures so I googled a bunch of clip art and organized them into a sheet for each song. I'll print that out on cardstock and heavy laminate it because I'm sure they'll get a lot of use.

I have about 37 ish songs right now that I will want to rotate out to get a good mix.

I also didn't want to forget the lyrics at any point - so I made little lyric cards that will also go on cardstock, then I'll hole punch the corner and put them on a binder ring. Ideally I'd like to number the cards and then have a number hidden on the back of pieces they choose. That way I can find it quickly if needed. But I also coordinated and put the clipart behind the lyrics so that its easily recognizable. 

Hopefully this will make singing time more fun and let all the kids get a say in what we should sing for the day.

If you'd like copies of the songs I've made so far:
Here is the file for the songs to choose from
Here is the file for the lyrics cards


Where is the class?

In the past I've made a couple "Where is the class" signs so that when we aren't in the classroom people can find us. I decided to really go all out on this one and make it patterned and very customized.

The individual cards can be swapped out so only one is displayed at a time. I plan on attaching the "Where is Miss Brylie's Class" to a sheet of cardstock - laminating it and having velcro at the bottom to put the strip of where we're going to be at the bottom. Each of the cards will also be laminated.

The fun thing is the words are separate from the patterns so I could print the patterns on colored paper and then have the words on white to stand out a little more. The patterns can be mixed and matched and the color of the words can be changed as well!

Most of the patterns have a light version and a dark version to choose from in the files below.

The room: ______ one is so that I can fill in a room number if needed that I don't have a paper for already... since it will be laminated already I'll probably use a wet erase marker on it. These are ones I made up for the classroom I'm currently a paraprofessional in - then I have a few that will be more preschool friendly.

If you'd like to use these here are a few links:

Editable pieces all separated (.docx) [Use this if you would like to print out the words separate from the pattern pieces AND you want to customize the words- for example if you'd like the pattern pieces on colored paper but the word pieces on white paper] There are more patterns for you to choose from.

Pieces all separated (.pdf) [Use this if you would like to print out the words separate from the pattern pieces and just use the options already created - for example if you'd like the pattern pieces on colored paper but the word pieces on white paper]

Editable pieces together (.docx)  [Use this if you would like to print out the words and pattern pieces together, but you want to customize the words - for example if you'd like the pattern pieces and words already together after printing (but can create your own words/cards)]

Pieces together (.pdf)  [Use this if you would like to print out the words and pattern pieces together, and use the cards already created - for example if you'd like the pattern pieces and words already together after printing]

[NOTE: if using the .docx version - It may look a little crazy on the link - hopefully it will go back to normal once downloaded. I used the Smiley Monster font from: Kevin & Amanda's Free Scrapbook Fonts.]

If you use these, I'd love to see how they turned out for your classroom! :) Send me an email with some pictures - brylie.muhlestein [@] gmail [dot] com


Preschool - Get To Know You

As I'm preparing to hopefully be teaching preschool in the next year or so - I got excited and started to make different documents for my future classroom!

This one is a get to know you sheet I want to have the parents fill out. The parents will receive the first two pages and the third sheet will be for me and I'll include a picture I've taken of he child. I will store them all in a binder with parent contact logs to have quick information and be able to write down notes if I talk to a parent.

I've gone back and forth of what information I want to keep on the sheet and what else I might need to add - but this is what I've come with up after looking at many many different ones online.

If you'd like to use these sheets here is a link:

.pdf file - Not customizable

Is there other information you'd want to get from the parents and include on this sheet?

Let me know how you like them!


Teacher? Me?

Last week I was talking with a lady from the district about what I'm going to do when I graduate. I explained my situation of wanting to do early intervention but the company I want to work for is currently undergoing some changes. I've heard its a little crazy so I've just been hoping its all sorted out by December when I graduate.

The lady suggested that I just teach in one of the special education preschools. No longer be an aide. Actually teach. The more I thought about it the more excited I got. So I emailed some people to figure out what exactly I would need to do to be able to be a teacher since I don't have a teaching certificate.

The district can sponsor you while you're teaching and in a program at USU. You take online classes and have a coach until you complete the program.

This wasn't what I originally intended to do but I can't get the idea out of my head... it excites me to have my own classroom while still working with littles. I have already started to plan it even though the earliest I could start is January. Then I would have to be extremely lucky to have someone leaving in the middle of the school year and not having a more qualified and certified applicant against me.

Otherwise I'm looking at August in 2015. I just have to hope they have enough positions available with not enough certified teachers applying. I've emailed my list of references to them and explained all my experience and they'll keep me in mind but there is no guarantee.

The last few nights though I just can't sleep. I'm planning a classroom in my head instead.
What things would I want to implement? What do I want my room to look like? How the kids will line up and find their names... the list goes on and on!

So even though I'm a ways away from getting my own classroom, I've already started preparing a little. Today I started making "get to know your child" sheets. I also worked on daily trackers to send home. I also spoke with Maggie to ask her if she'll help train me on certain testing and writing IEPs if we have down time. She's agreed and I'm hoping it will give me some extra help when I finally do get my own classroom.

Here I come preschoolers - I'm heading your way! (Hopefully!)


4th of July


Daddy's Night Out

Long story short my dad is currently in rehab getting the help he needs to stop doing things he was unable to do on his own. He has always said he is an open book and has no problem letting the world know about what is going on with him.

Because of my recent trip to California and then doing some respite work the next weekend it had been a few weeks since I had been able to see my dad. I told him I would really like to come up and spend some time with him when he got his day pass. He called to set up when we would go and said he had a pass to the Hogle Zoo. I drove up Thursday after work to pick up him. Kacee, Mattie, & Tristan decided to join us and met us up there. Too bad we didn't look up when the zoo closes! The gates closed 15 minutes before we got there so we had to come up with a different plan. 

Birthday Trip!

 For my birthday this year Rob and I decided to take a little vacation. We've both been working like crazy and it was a much needed break. We both took off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from work but didn't have a real plan of what we would do.


After sleeping in we realized it was time to decide what we were going to do for our days off. We thought about going to California but hadn't made any plans so we didn't know if it would be too late. We also considered going to stay up in Salt Lake to do different things each day (Lagoon, Park City, etc.). And our last option we considered was going down to Zion National Park/Saint George. 

Rob decided he really wanted to go hike Angels Landing so we booked a hotel in Hurricane and drove down that night. We got to the hotel and didn't know what to do with ourselves for the rest of the night. It was about 8:00 so too late to go into Zion's and hike but we didn't want to just sit in the hotel. Rob looked up movies and we decided to go see How To Train Your Dragon 2. The soonest time was a 3D showing so we decided to just go with it. Little did we know that we would be getting red and blue 3D glasses and that it was going to be the worst 3D movie we've ever seen. It was a cute little movie but having to see it in the pathetic 3D just made me thankful for what movie theaters we have in real life civilization! 



What's next?!

I am almost done with school! I'm excited yet intimidated all at the same time! This last semester (Spring) I was able to finish up all of my classes required for my Bachelor's Degree in Family Studies with an emphasis in Human Development. I have delayed graduation though to finish up a new minor in Autism Studies. I'm doing an internship this summer through Rise (Group Supervisor - kind of intimidating!) and then will have two more classes to take in the Fall. The school year just ended for Mountain Ridge and I was a lot sadder to go than I thought I would be. It was so awesome working with Maggie again - even though we really had a tough year.

It made me grow so much being there and she has told me I can come back in the fall to still work with my class schedule - which is amazing to know that I won't be searching to try and figure something else out.

I am worried about what is going to happen when I actually graduate - what if I can't find a job, what if I don't enjoy what I'm doing? So much is going through my head so I'm anxious to be done but so nervous for what the future holds.

For now I'm just going to be focusing all my attention on Summer Program and hoping that I make it out alive. I've been with the group for three other years but now all of a sudden being in charge is a little scary to me! Luckily I have Brittney in my group as well as Jake - so we shouldn't have too many problems as far as staff goes. I just hope I can step it up and show that I can be in charge. I think if it came down to it this could help lead to a career with Rise if I wanted it to... but I'm not sure that's exactly what I want.

Rob has also been making some changes and had his last day at RC Willey today. He recently switched to being a sales associate and wasn't liking how slow it was. He didn't have to deal with the dumb people in customer service anymore but he was dealing with helping one or two people in a six+ hour shift.

He is going to be working at Boostability doing web design things. It sounds like it is going to be a great thing to help him learn more for his major and be much more enjoyable. He starts that on Monday and he won't know what the hours and everything will be until he goes in. They basically told him he can work what he wants, which is amazing!! I'm excited for him to start and see how much he enjoys it!

Family life is a little crazy right now, but hopefully through new adventures things can sort themselves out and Rob and I can just make sure we're both happy, healthy, and enjoying life!


Like always - life has just gotten the best of me.

It has had a lot of ups and even more downs.

But every day we grow and become older - I feel like I've become really old lately.

Last semester I decided to add an Autism Studies minor to my bachelor's degree. I've always enjoyed learning about disabilities and autism is just one that I would love to know more about.

This has postponed my graduation - hopefully just one semester (summer).

But the last few weeks I've been wondering if its worth it. If maybe I should just graduate this semester. In May I could just be done - my bachelors will be completely done. I could walk at graduation - I could move on and become an adult.

Both situations scare me.

I want to graduate - I want to be done. I want to move on.

But what if I don't like my job? What if I can't even get a job?! What if I'm not cut out to live in the real world?

Sometime though I'm going to just have to jump in - I won't be able to hold off on life anymore.

Last semester and this semester both I've squished in 18 credits each (yikes!!) and have also been working two jobs. Although, it doesn't even add up to very many hours. I've had to try and figure out how to live on next to nothing each month. I can't imagine what its going to be like to be on salary - not having to take money from something else in order to afford another item. That is one part I will happily jump into!

I am basically working or going to school Monday-Thursday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm and Fridays until 3:30pm. I feel like I have no life - which in reality I don't.

We're only two weeks into the semester and so far I enjoy this semester much more than last - but it is still going to be a ton of work to do.

My goal is to get ahead on as many things as possible for homework so I don't get so stressed out - but yet I'm blogging currently instead of doing homework so who knows if that is going to work out.

One of my favorite parts of this semester though is I have to do 40 hours of volunteering for my autism program. - The hours aren't my favorite part but half of my hours have turned out to be a great experience! -
An old student of mine from Canyon View - who I hate to say it was one of my favorites - gets to come hang out for me every once in a while. I still often think about her and when I thought about possibly being able to take her out and give her family a break I got so excited.

Yesterday I was able to take her out for the first time. I loved being able to give her family a little break as well as giving me the opportunity to see and hang out with her. She is non-verbal and many may think doesn't have a personality or what not. But I just connected with her and missed her ever since she went to high school.

She's definitely older and bigger and more stubborn - but I still love it!

I'm so glad her mom let me have the opportunity to hang out with her without thinking I'm just a weirdo.

I've set up a few goals for the year that so far have seemed not so great.
I'm back to watching calories and working out. I've done fairly well with the calories but struggle to get to the gym since I have to wake up at 5:45am to go.

I don't have many people volunteering to go with me that early - but I hope eventually I'll get the routine down.

My main problem with it is not getting to bed early enough so I just want to stay in bed.

I would like to get to the gym four to five days a week.

I also have goals for making a budget each month, drinking more water, going to bed no later than 11:00, hiking Mount Baldy, and running a 5k.

Then my number one girl for the year is to be happy.

This next year is going to be bringing a lot of changes. I am going to have to jump in whether I'm ready or not.

I might as well make myself ready!

And become the best person I can be!!