boredom: to the eXtrEme.

Amber left me to go on a trip..
Robert and I watched Cars last night.
And he is probably playing video games tonight.
My family is off decorating for Christmas.

And I am more bored than the word bored itself.

I've watched endless episodes of "The OC"
Become uncomfortable with my own bed.

And just don't know what to do!

Please will someone like text me or tell me a story,
or just help me in anyway!



Thanksgiving :)

I always look forward to Thanksgiving, I love the food and the family!
Last year my family left before me and went out to Saratoga Springs.. I had no money to pay for gas and so I got stuck home by myself.

This year was so amazing to not have to worry about getting off work or anything.
I have Wednesday-Sunday for Thanksgiving break.

We woke up and went to the Muhlestein gathering in Lehi and were supposed to eat at 12:30.

It was probably at least 2:00 by the time I got food.
I was completely starving.

We played there for a while and then I got bored.
I don't really have any cousins my age on the Muhlestein side..
Plus most of them weren't there.
Also the kids are more between 6 and up so they aren't as fun to play with as the little little kids.

I gave up around 3:30 when they decided to get out the card games and I went to the Harris gathering. Allex came with me, but everyone else stayed behind.
Around 6 my family made it there.
We had a lot of pies and the kids are littler and play with me more there.

I even saw Sydney who has been going to school at Utah State. Its been months and we used to pretend we were twins.
We never really looked that close alike, but we liked to pretend it.

Slowly, some families left, and then more showed up.
My mom has ten kids in her family so I have a lot of aunts and uncles.. and even more cousins.

Right as my family showed up, I was ready to go.
I dropped Syd off at her house since she was finished with the chaos as well.
Then Allex and I headed home.

It was a lot of fun and I had a lot of food.

Now, I definitely need to get started back up on my workout routine since I have been slacking lately. :)
Lately I have been feeling very un-bloggistic.
I used to blog about everything, and I feel like no one wants to read about my boring night
driving around and going to Taco Bell.
Not that I have gone to Taco Bell lately.

I'll be disappointed in myself if I don't blog.
I am definitely sorry though for all of you that have all the stupid long stories on my blog to read.

I give up hope on this blog.

So now I'm going to go and post a million blogs.. but change the date so it appears I actually did it when it happened :)

Twilight & Halo

Once upon a time, I am a huge Twilight fan. With the books anyway. I loved them and always got so into them.
Of course this made me VERY excited for the movie to come out!
To my disappointment, I hated it. I woke up early and went to see it, wasting sleep. And HATED it. I think they could have done much better.
I could go on and on about everything I didn't like about it.. but then to those of you who haven't seen it.. I will let you have your own opinion. Maybe you'll like it. I was too picky.
I am the type of person who likes to find things wrong with the movie instead of the good.

Once the movie has been out a little longer I might go and say specifics.. but not today.

So after Amber, Tiffani, and I got done with that we went back to the Shell residence...

And then guess what!?!

I actually accomplished playing Halo!
I can look around AND walk.

The truth is, I have always been jealous of the people who can play, because I suck.
Before I have always just watched Rob playing online against real people.
Amber introduced me to to the REAL game against the aliens and such.

I never knew what I was doing or where I was going, but I would be Amber to the places we were supposed to go.

Its amazing and addicting.

I thought we were playing for just a few minutes.. twenty tops
So I looked at the clock and it was three hours later.

I'm a geek!


mY nEw ADdicTion

For so long
Everyone would say they loved The OC
I had never seen it nor had any desire to see it.

Then me and Amber were looking through Twilight movie stuff and she kept going "He's on The OC.. so is she, and he is too."

Basically, I was sick of it.

Friday we started it.
Slowly I've becoming more and more addicted.

Yesterday she sent me home with the first season so I could watch it.

Sundays can get boring you know..

So now I am even more addicted and it will forever be my friend but yet enemy.


November 21

November 21, 2002 I got up for school like any other day.
I went to school and had a semi okay day but had a funny feeling all day.
When I got home, my parents were just returning as well.
They were gone when I left in the morning which was unusual.

I then received the news.

He died.

My grandpa had been having a rough while and decided to go off of dialysis, even though it was a death sentence.
I heard that news casually while my dad was on one computer and I was on another. I couldn't understand how it could be so casual or how anyone could make that decision. The decision to die. I was only twelve years old.

It was so hard to handle and I prayed every night thinking that maybe by some miracle he could live. That was the most selfish thing I ever did. Here he was, suffering, and I wanted him to stay alive longer to spend more time with him.

Every year since then, with or without my family, I have made a trip to the cemetery on this day.
There are other visits as well.. but ALWAYS on the date I went.
This year, I didn't make it.

He always showed his love.. always wanting to cuddle.. always wanting to be with the grand kids around.
He made me his little nurse helping with checking his sugars and giving him his insulin.

Those days are long gone..
But I feel so terrible for not making it.
It might not make a difference to him now
or to anyone else.

But it made a difference to me.
Every year for five years I made it

I don't know what stopped me,
Pretending I was busy,
Trying to avoid sitting by myself just living in the past,
or whatever excuse:
I should have gone.

For him.



Today was a very off day in Nursery. Brynn was sad and cried because she wanted her dad.
JT or Joey wanted his dad to stay in with him during the Sunday School hour.

They got over it and played soon enough though.

But boy.. Noah did not. At all.

In September we had Noah come in. His dad started bringing him in a couple weeks early so that he could get used to the idea. He did so good at first and his dad could even leave for a little bit and he would keep playing.

But for the last month that has not been the case.
He just wants his parents in there to play with him.

So today, we decided it was time for a change. His dad brought him in and he would cry anytime he wasn't being held.
Finally, he just left and we attempted to make him not cry after so long.

He just cried and cried and cried.
He even threw up he cried so much.
I felt really bad and just wanted to make him happy!
I kept trying new toys and trying to hold him, until his dad sent in a note.

He told us to just ignore him and eventually he'll give up and play.

That was really hard for me. But it was time to clean up anyways and so I helped the other kids and then started getting snack time ready.

Once I handed everyone their water, I looked over and he was playing by himself with the pretend washing machine. I brought over his few snacks and he started being my friend. We played while the other kids ate..
Emma got a little jealous and kept trying to come over until I chased her right back.

After he finished the few snacks we gave him he wanted to sit in the boat. I slowly and casually pulled him into the other room to sit down while we had singing time and a lesson.

He kept eating his snacks out of my hand once we got him some more.

Then when it was music time, he wouldn't look at anyone else but me.. and very discretely did the actions to the songs in his boat.

He stayed in his boat the rest of the time.. and even colored with me.
It was the first time he ever colored a picture. Even when he was being good back in the days.

Then it was time to go home. He wasn't too anxious to get out of there but wasn't like clinging to stay.

So then after church I took a nap and was sleeping. Around six my mom came down and woke me up saying someone was at the door for me.

It was Noah's family with a plate of cookies telling me thank you and had a little card for me.
He was a little tense at first and wouldn't look at me. But we have the same fruit snacks at home that we use in nursery and so I got a bag out and he kept playing a game out of it. He would take it out of my hand and throw it on the floor.

Eventually he started eating them and then he played with me and my dog, pluto.

It was so cute and hopefully next week he will be so much better.

It is a lot harder in nursery than it is as school now, but it is definitely worth it and now maybe he will be my friend too.
It'll be hard to let all the older kids go in January just having a few left.. but it will be nice and then soon enough, Noah will be the big kid!

Taco Bell Adventures: Part Twelve-Hundred and Thirteen.

You will never guess where I went yesterday!
It is going to be really hard.
I'll give you a guess.
It isn't Mexican Bell.. despite Amber's idea of it.

That's right. Taco Bell.
Actually, it started out that Amber and I went to the fabric store with her mom who is sewing fabulous costumes. Then we had to pick Tiffani up from work. We actually didn't get food there!
But since we still adventured there.. I'll consider it a Taco Bell Adventure.
I wouldn't want last night to be jealous of all the other Adventure nights. :)

The sad part is.. We ended up at Taco Amigo instead.
If I ever trip and fall.. or have Amber push me into a hole.. again... and bleed: it will be tacos.
I'll bet you.

After we ate... and a little before as well.. Amber and I played Guitar Hero (another go-figure.)
We only have a few more gigs left before we've won the whole game in career mode.

After Guitar Hero we adventured to pick up some of Tiffani's friends, and then we made it to Nickelcade.

It just so happens that me and Amber have the same shoes. I have had mine for a while. Since I worked at Leatherby's back in the day. Amber's are much newer and don't appear to worn out.

We spend so much money on nickels just to play games. It was crazy.
Admission: $9.00
My Donation: $2.25
Amber's Donation: $2.00
Leah's Donation: $11.00
Amber's Birthday Money Donation: $5.00
My Change Donation: $0.55
We won 1250 tickets...
But that only bought us each a hat and a ring.

They might come out with a new Addams Family movie.. and I'll be top pick for Cousin It.

This is probably my favorite picture. It is all of our rings.
I started the trend.. but really, I just though they were plain and silver.
I wanted that while everyone else was getting candy.
Once he brought it over it was a skull ring.
Of course, then everyone else traded in their candy desires for the skull ring.

Once we were done at Nickelcade, we made it back to Amber's to play some weird catch game. You have an elastic sensor you put around your hand and you're assigned a color. (If you can see in Amber's hand its purple!) Its called Cosmic Catch. It was pretty exciting and probably deadly. Amber had the bright idea to throw the ball at anyone who was texting or looking at their phone.
A few people will probably be bruised today.

The of course, we resorted back to Guitar Hero.
I just so badly want to have it all beat so then we can compete against each other with every song.

I attempted to play the drums.. But it is ridiculous!

Maybe someday I'll get it down, but for now I am sticking to guitar! :)


tACo BelL AdventUres: nOT MeXIcAn AdvEnTuReS!

I don't have any idea what it is. I always crave Taco Bell when I am with Amber. It will never stop. It is madness.
Maybe someday I will figure it out. I don't crave it unless I am with her. I can't help the craving when we're hanging out. I need Taco Bell. And I need it now.
Also, I have this intense need to have to go to the restroom like every thirty minutes when I am at her house. Its not so bad everywhere else.. I still have to go more regularly than everyone..
But I have this theory that there is something in the air there that makes my bladder shrink from its five year old kid size to a two year old kid size.
It is horrible. I have never peed so much anywhere as much as I have at Ambers.

So, I went over to Amber's house and we played the new Guitar Hero: World Tour.
(Fun little thing.. our band name is Taco Bell Adventur.. we ran out of letters.. but awesome eh?)
We got bored.. and HUNGRY!
Then we went to Taco Bell.. not Mexican Bell.

On our way home we took some pictures with a hunk.
Then took some cool pictures of the lights with cool effects. I even got the light changing from red to green while we were turning.
You can't deny that its cool.

Oh, And some sign that said "Got Lights?".. But Amber kept getting in the way and this is all it turned out.
We went back and played Guitar Hero some more.. and some more.. and some more..

Not the most exciting news.. but my character is hot on the game.
And we're rich.

The End.


mUscLe ManiA!

The other day.. at our "tutoring" program, Mrs. M mentioned that me and Amanda have access to the weight room and we can use it after school if we would like.

I thought about it and then decided to try it out!
I asked "Miss Amanda" yesterday if she would like to come up and work out with me for today.

She said yes and we both brought our clothes.

We worked out for about an hour and it was a lot of fun.
It was just us two and we had the music up loud and went around doing whatever.

We decided that we should do it every other day..
Monday: Workout
Tuesday: Tutoring
Wednesday: Workout
Thursday: Tutoring
Friday: Workout

I am only at the school until 3:30 which is nice
It still leaves me plenty of time to do stuff.

Soon I'll be in shape and I'll be able to kick your bum.



tAco BEll AventUres: nUmber whO knOWs.. maybe two.. and a half.

Yesterday, Monday, Finally I had a Taco Bell Adventure with Amber.

It seems like it has been AGES.

We actually ended up playing with a surger trying to get it threaded for like an hour.
But somehow we were entertained.
While testing it, we found this orange sock and I made these fantastic bracelets from it. Basically they were pretty cool.

Then, after watching Ellen of course, we went to Taco Bell!


We went back to Amber's to eat and then went to Family Dollar to visit her sister.

I bought paint and candy and headbands and a SPIDERMAN watch!
All for like eight dollars I think.

We painted while watching another favorite show of ours, Intervention.
In between the drying period, we got discussing Heidi Klum's tattoo that says seal. I had a hard time getting it.. but eventually did. We decided to tattoo each other. The one on my wrist wouldn't photograph well and was just too blurry. They definitely aren't the same.. but close?

The paintings started because I have been taking a girl to Art class at work. They have been working on this amazingly cool looking project and I just wanted to try it.
Unfortunately, We didn't have a good brush, or good paper. So it was peeling and we had to use our fingers.

I still think they look amazing.:) (mine is on the left, Amber's is on the right)

Then we watched some funny things on the computer and I had to go home to sleep.
Because I love sleep.

I miss my Taco Bell Adventures though.


coRn CutteRs

Tonight, I got to go babysit Rob's Nephew's/Jessica's boys :)! We had so much fun and did so many activities! These boys have more energy than I could ever hope for, but they definitely kept me entertained.
Caden was so excited once I got there and would run around with his tractor saying it was his corn cutter. He laughed when I would run away "scared". Kyler took a little bit of warming up, but once I got my purse out it was fine because he had my mirror, keys, and phone. :)
Both of the boys would run away and look back like "well aren't you going to chase me?" We played a lot of running back and forth. We had dinner and then played some more with the bucket.
Once Grandma Mason (Rob's Mom) got there, they were even more excited. Kyler refused to be my friend after that. They still ran around and around. Finally, we convinced Caden to put on his pajamas by bribing him with Thomas. I asked if I could have a hug goodbye while he was watching it and he said he was too busy watching the show! Finally, he gave me a hug and even gave me a kiss on my shoulder. :)
Kyler definitely was not going to give me a hug or anything close, so I got a high five instead. They were way fun and we had a super night! :)
Kyler is sooo excited! He loves my keys and my mirror. It will probably be the only way he will ever like me though :(
This is Caden with his "corn cutter"... he would chase me around saying "They corn cutter is going to get you!"
At one point during the night, we emptied the toy bucket (don't worry, we cleaned up too!) and both of the boys had fun playing in it and "flying".
Along with his "corn cutter", Caden kept playing dead.
He "killed" me here, and told me to play dead. The knife was awfully sharp and killed me instantly.
Caden "dead" again. :)
Another toy Kyler loved was my cell phone. The second he saw it, he wanted it!











no words.


mOUnT BaLDy :)

On Wednesday my mom, Robert, and I planned to go to Mount Baldy. He wasn't feeling well and I ended up getting a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad cold. So my mom and I made plans to go today. We left at about 3:30 and thought it would be easy and fun! We went up through Battle Creek Canyon in PG and planned to end up at Dry Canyon.

It started out easy :)

Then all of a sudden, it was steep and painful. My mom is use to her lots of exercise, but I am terribly out of shape. Every step I thought I was going to die.

It was mostly up hill. We hardly ever went down. I would cry happy tears when it went down.

So, approx 1.3 miles in and an hour and a half later, we see this sign and have no clue what to think of it. We decide to follow the trail we're on because we see NO other trail around.

We kept going, and going, and going. This was the usual sight for my mom. Any rock that looked good to sit on I told her "this rock has resting rock written on it!" I would stop for like five minutes and she would be ready to get up and go again.

The trail started heading in a direction opposite of Baldy. It looked like it had no intention of ever going back towards it. My mom decided she needed to pray about if we were going the right way. She received the answer "no"

We got back to the sign and looked on the other side. We had gone the wrong way and there was a trail we missed that went across the river. We went to the other side and up a little bit, and then my mom prayed again.
She wanted to know if we should keep going to the top or just head back to the car. She got the impression to go back to the car and so we started heading back.

There was a tree all tied up with other branches in it to climb and so we played for a minute on them. They weren't the most stable and so we didn't get to go up very high.

The bridge to get back across the river practically fell out from under my feet. Luckily, I made it across, but who knows how many more people can go over it. I would guess maybe one.

By one of the waterfalls, we took a lot of pictures. It took us a while to get the timer to work, but we finally did it!

So down and down we went. It was getting dark a lot quicker than we expected. It was so lucky we didn't keep going up, or we would have been in complete darkness.
We even found a cave.
It was really gorgeous up there and I'm so glad I made it as far as I did. Its going on my bucket list to make it all the way to the top next year.
My mom has what I call an obsession with having to collect heart shaped rocks and put them in places other people will see. She also always brings home a few. I brought home the coolest one and I will keep it forever in memory of our hike TO Mount Baldy.

We talked about how we would tell people we hiked to Baldy. If they asked "all the way to the top?" We will reply "on Baldy" instead of denying it.

Someday we'll make it. Hopefully it won't be so hot! :)