New Camera Pictures

I snapped a few pictures to see how good my new camera is...
Here are the results

[Special Note- These are being taken through a window, while driving in a car]

Catch Up

I've got a lot to catch up on so I'm just going to combine it all into one big blog.

Saturday, April 25:
I woke up with this big desire to dye my hair.
I wanted to try dark dark dark.
So that's what I did :)
Amber was so kind to volunteer to do it for me.
Its super dark and I will get some pictures up at some point so I'm not just telling you about it
But these pictures do not exist yet.

Monday, April 27:
Guess what! I got a new camera!
It was about time.
It was our Dairy Queen Adventure Day!
I planned to take a lot of pictures of our adventures and share... but lets face it
Uploading pictures is too crazy.

We didn't quite know what to do so we went to explore Shopko like we usually do.
I've been wanting a new camera and so we went to look at their selection.

I made my decision and purchased the camera I wanted.

We then drove around for a while and even got ice cream from Dairy Queen!

Also we managed to end up at Walmart and bought some pretty cool best friend key chains

We got food at Taco Amigo and I eventually had to go to FHE and teach about cleaning..

But after I went to charge the battery on my new camera... and no charger.
Turns out the camera they gave me was returned and the person didn't return everything in the box.
So I headed back to Shopko to exchange it.
After 20 minutes of waiting for someone to get me the camera or even acknowledge my presence I went to check out again.
This time everything was in it... BUT the camera.
Definitely not something I wanted.
The lady almost didn't have me check the box
So then my third and final box was a miracle and I am now the proud owner of a Fujifilm Coolpix J10.

Every night also I've been watching Lost with the Masons.
Its getting crazy how little sleep I manage to get each night
But Lost is sooooo addicting
Please join me in this new fascination.

Picture tag!

1. Go to My Documents/Pictures
2. Go to your fifth folder
3. Go to your fifth picture
4. Blog about it
5. Tag five people

Jessica will probably kill me for this one. But I had to do it!
This was taken on New Years Eve. We were playing a game called "Would you rather..."
She had drawn a challenge card and had to pick some not so embarrassing things from a list.. but she made it definitely a lot more embarrassing.
She chose to keep a spoon in her mouth for two turns.
It made it funnier because of how much she hated it

I tag: Amber, Emily, McKenna, Angi, Erika


Technology is taking over our lives.

My day consists of all technology...

Instead of going outside and running, while enjoying the warm day with the fresh air

I drag myself into the gym.. blasting music I pretend to listen to into my ears.
I don't even pay attention to it, just have it there, for comfort.
Just in case.
Maybe I'll find a song that relates to everything
Maybe it'll make me feel a special way.

Then I come home and lay in front of the television.
Again, completely mindless.

I don't listen, nor pay attention.

In between the endlessness of trying to sell pointless things to me, I pick up the computer and try to pretend I have a life.

Catch up and see what 'so-and-so' is doing.

Maybe someone will have commented on my blog,
or maybe someone uploaded new fun pictures to look at on facebook!

There never is anything I enjoy to look at.

I put away the computer and check my phone once again.

That's a hopeless cause.

I try and convince myself I'm not dependant on it.
Then one second later I see a flash on the phone... maybe it was a text.

I get my hopes up on it, just to look at the same empty picture time after time.

No one is there.

My comfort is my technology.

Yet, it doesn't satisfy me.

It gives me nothing I want.

This room, these things in it, are my prison.

Its all used just to make me suffer.

In all actuality, it was meant to make me not think, to just be the "thing".

But instead of letting that happen, I let it punish me more.
It makes me think.
It makes me cry.
It makes me feel inadequate.
It makes me think I'm not who I'm supposed to be.
It makes me think I'm in another world.

--This is not the typical day for me, I promise.
I do not do this every day

I still find myself coming back to it though time and again.

It just so happens this was the place I was put today.

Drifting in and out of the world
but having no place in it.

I've become the invisible.
You don't see me;
I don't know if its because I don't wish to be seen,
or if its better that I'm not seen.

This technology still has performed its "mindless body" goal with me, but not in the intended way.

I'm not mindless, just appear that way.
No one knows quite what is going on in my head while I debate if its all real.

I wish it wasn't.
So badly I wish.

Arby's Adventure

Once upon a time,
there came a point in both Amber and my life when we were bored.
So we planned an excellent night.

We got some food in the mall food court, Arby's..... as in Arby's Adventure, and then headed over to the movie theater to watch 17 again.

I was too distracted from the movie, so don't ask me what I thought of it.
We were seated in the worst section EVER. There were to five year olds that repeated everything and tried to predict everything. Also, they wouldn't leave Amber's seat alone. To her right, there were two girls that came up and sat right next to her.
I've always been a firm believer in the one rule seat.... you have to have one seat between people you sit by if you are not with them.
Anyways, they provided commentary on the movie like "ew.. why is he in his boxers. that is inappropriate."
or "he is so hot.. oh my gosh!"

Anyways, after the movie, we didn't quite know what to do, so I headed to the dollar store.

I LOVE the dollar store! :)
We walked around for a little bit and I fell in love.

Meet 'bob':
I also had to invest in the flamingo glasses.
It was practically love at first sight.
Everything was perfect and we were watching TV at Amber's house now...
When I noticed something very terrible:

One of his feet was completely turned backwards. When they assembled him, they had it backwards. It doesn't make much sense to me, but they did it.
I decided not to make him feel bad and make it look like mine was too.

After this tragedy I was hungry so we headed to Macey's for some ice cream. Boy was it yummy!

We then started The OC over from season one. I'm hooked again.
I just love it!
Three episodes later I was falling asleep so I had to head home.

But it was an adventurous night.



pure anger.

I love and support everything that helps with breast cancer.

But now I'll be a little more careful.

You know all the commercials about the 3 day.

They were on a lot.

So I thought, cool! I'll check it out.

I placed an order for a necklace, a waterbottle, and a hat.

It took them two months and a WHOLE LOT of complaining and emails and calls for them to realize I was not happy.

They sent me my necklace and water bottle.

I'm still currently waiting for the hat.

Its been two and a half months.

Every time I call, I receive the same "at the end of this week..." response.

Or "The manufacturer is delaying it!"

What company would let customer's wait two months for a product and just be fine with the manufacturer delay it more?

I can't think of one.

Except the 3 day people.

I am very unhappy and I've already been charged.
What can I do but wait?

Special note to you:
Never purchase anything from the Breast Cancer 3 Day.


Exercise is a pain in my..

To use Dani's words.

I've been not so good this week with exercising..
I have gone swimming with Jessica and Josh
Who are so good and getting up and going.

But I have really been lacking.

Finally after three hours of convincing myself I finally went.

But I feel like I didn't work as hard as I should have.

or could have.

I just wish it didn't take so much work.

How am I supposed to run in Race for the Cure or Walk Now for Autism

If I can't even drag myself to the gym.



Traumatic experience

Today I had an appointment with a doctor about all my random little scars.
I hate them so bad!

So I finally got in thinking I would get a prescription for a cream and leave. Paying 20 dollars for the whole thing.

Big upside to the whole not having to pay 100 for OTC cream ... Especially knowing it would work.

I started getting nervous when I got there and mom told me there was no way I would get a shot.... Only plastic surgeons would do that. I calmed down a lot after that.

For 3 different areas/scars I got 3 completely different treatments.
This doctor was great and just said what we needed to do, and actually did it instead of telling me to come back.

Now we get to the reason of the post:
First thing they did was give me a shot.
He said it was REALLY painful and that just made me even more tense.
It KILLED! He had to jab it through tough scar tissue though so it makes sense.

I didn't cry this time but I had to keep laying down for a lot longer because of how shaky I still was.

I'm such a baby


Mimi's Cafe

After the terrible day and making stuff in preparation for bunco,
I got to go out with Jessica and Emily again.

I love going out to dinner with those two!

We actually decided that we're going to do it at least once a month.

We had so much fun and made fun of our rude waitress almost constantly.

The food was delicious... especially for trying to decide for a full thirty minutes of what I could actually eat on the menu.

I definitely need to stop being so picky.