Celebrate the finals are over!! Thank goodness, I don't think I could stand one more day.

I finished my last final last night and ended up with like a 106% in psychology. It was the only class I really worried about since I put off the tests. 4 classes and all done!

I definitely need a year or so off.

But for now, let's celebrate the end of the semester. And Christmas.

I finally get to think about Christmas. It has been the furthest thing on my mind.

Thanks for listening and cheering in celebration with me.

Miss Brylie.

P.S. don't you just love the celebrate picture I found? I feel like making some blocks that match it. I love it. Love Love Love it.


Okay.. I'm awful.

I promise, once this new handy dandy computer gets here, I'll be much better. Plus it will also mean that finals are over. This is something I cannot wait to have happen.

I swear these tests will be the death of me.

I just finished one test... (not even a final, just a random end of semester test), and now I have an hour til Biology starts.

I finally ordered a new computer on Thanksgiving. Super good deal! But it didn't ship until TODAY. Lame.. I know. But it promises to be here by Wednesday. Hopefully this is true since I have a 12 page paper due this weekend and my dad's laptop is not cutting it for me anymore.

I don't have much news or anything going on except school.
I did put up a little "Mason/Muhlestein" christmas tree though! Complete with paper decorations because we didn't have any. Also, the scissors weren't working well so I practically tore the paper.
Still, its our little special christmas tree and I'll take what I can get.

Now, if only I knew what to get everyone for christmas... then I could put presents under the tree. That bit of worrying will have to wait until next Tuesday. When I will be done with finals and this semester.

(Did I mention that its almost finals?)

Anyways, even though I've been ignoring you guys, I truly do love you. Hope to be back soon!


No computer

Dear friends,

I know I got your hopes up and all... but the new and fancy computer had to be returned.

It was freezing out of control, which isn't normal for a brand new computer.

So hopefully on black friday I can find a great deal.

I also have been stuck with hours upon hours of homework. Its ridiculous how much I have.. and I'm dreading every moment of it.

I still love you and I'll get back to you after the holiday with hopefully a new computer.

Love, Brylie



School sucks. Really bad.

I wish I could just run away from it and be done... but I'm afraid it doesn't work like that.

Currently, I'm supposed to be writing a short short about "murder, in which a murderer is convicted and sentenced to death. Cover the feelings of both the felon and the victim's family in your story. "


I haven't written a word yet. I got stuck on the murderers name. At first, I was trying to think of boy names, but what if that's the trick! Maybe in class (ethics and values) he'll bring up how everyone assumes its a boy. What a stereotype it is. But I also don't think I want to do a story about a girl.
Actually, I don't want to do a story at all.

As of lately, I feel like I'm completely overwhelmed by school work. There is always another big project waiting to be done.
It'll never be done.

I had two papers due by Friday and didn't do those until the day of, and I still have a 5 minute powerpoint I have to make up about cancer for biology, and write this stupid short story.

Not to mention the fact I have to help Rob with his math class, which gave us a week and a half to do a HUGE homework assignment (like 70 problems) and prepare for his test this Saturday. And we need to catch up on his Meteorology as we are only on chapter 3, everyone else is scheduled to be on chapter 9.
Also, he has a paper due tonight. Ughh... I forgot about that until just now.

With this semester only half way over, I can't wait until next semester when I can take all electives, minus a stupid humanities class (I ended up dropping Intro to Philosophy.. it was TOO hard when I was at 15 credits. Plus I didn't even understand it.)

With how busy school is keeping me, I'm thinking I want to take a year off before I go into the Special Education program.

I just want things to settle down, and secretly, when I think about being a teacher on my own, it scares me to death.

The teacher I work with is gone 4-5 times a month.... which is a lot! I'm left in charge and I seriously question my decision sometimes. I know as a teacher it will be completely different when its my classroom, and the students will know my authority more. But what if they don't? What if I'm left with a class I can't get control over?

Anyways, right now, I'm content being an aide. I would love to have a year off to just take my time and get more prepared for the idea of being on my own.

We'll see how that ends up going... but I should honestly get back to writing my short story........... hmmm what name should I give to my murderer?


Happy Halloween!

This year was so fun at work, I really am so glad that I work somewhere that gives me an excuse to still dress up... even if I can never think of something until the day before.

I spent all morning and afternoon looking for a new computer. My old laptop decided to crap out and wasn't charging... and once I found out I could trade it in (under the condition it turned on) for a discount, of course it decided to die completely. It would take all the power and short out the power supply cord when you plugged it in. Weirdest thing of my life.

But anyways, I have a new computer!! Big bonus (one of my favorite things about it, besides it works and is fast) is that it has a built in memory card reader! Yes! that will make posting pictures and actually blogging a million times easier.

I promise, sometime to come will be my blogs about Disneyland 2010 and the BYU game.
Also, possibly a look at what we did at school for Halloween (minus the pictures of the students). But you can have a picture of me and Miss Sydney!

Back to Halloween.... after looking and buying a new computer, I was able to come to Rob's house and we had a yummy dinner. The Rob got all dressed up in his Jack Sparrow costume, including make up:), and I got dressed as Hermione Granger. We went Trick or Treating with Caden and Kyler for a little while, then headed back to the Mason's to have hot chocolate and watch some pretty awesome movies on TV. Now we're snuggling up and getting warm in blankets.

Happy Halloween everyone!


Dear bloggin world

I know you've missed me... and I've missed you too!

For a while now, we've had this love hate relationship, but this is all about to change.

While at the BYU game with Sydney, she commented on how I need to start blogging again.
I gave up for a while because it was pointless... I felt I was just boring the world and no one even cared to read it.

I'm up for the challenge to start blogging again,
I would just post everything now

But I don't have my card reader to get all my fun pictures off.

So I'll let you all be anxious for the posts that are sure to come.

-Disneyland 2010!
-BYU vs. Wyoming!

and maybe even more!



So its been ages since I've done anything different with my hair. Its always been long and layers.

I grew it the longest its been but with my layers and such.. it felt stringy.. gross.. and was never down.

Yesterday (friday) I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I went to get it done and actually only planned on a few inches off. I knew the girl that was doing it for me even though I was just at good old fantastic sams. and we ended up going a lot shorter than I ever planned. I struggle to get it to stay in a pony tail even.

I'm hoping the change will be good enough though I haven't adjusted yet. Hopefully it will be a million times easier to keep up.


Sydney is married!

P.S. Her photographers are AWESOME. I love them. So far I've only seen about 10 of the pictures but this one is my favorite.

Sydney and I are only a few months apart. Our huge family is really close and would constantly be getting together. I was always closest to Sydney.. of course!

When we were little we would always play around and when we would go to the mall we would hook our pinkies saying we were Siamese twins. (Haha like they wouldn’t separate us if it REALLY did happen like that.)

We loved to get ice cream at Taco Amigo and walk to the park. We were best buddies.

Once we graduated we didn’t keep in contact as much since she moved up to Utah State and I stayed down here.

Until she recently moved back and in the spring semester we took a couple classes together. We spent 3 nights a week together just chatting and having fun.

It was so weird to not see her once the semester was over.

Now she is a married woman!

On Thursday, June 17 I headed over to the church for her reception right after work. We set up from 12 until 7 when the reception started. (You should have seen my awesome, ridiculously red sunburn.)

She looked so beautiful!

On Friday, June 18 she was married in the Salt Lake City Temple to David Raynes.
I guess he’ll do. He better take excellent care of her though… OR ELSE.

But I'm pretty sure he will.

Birthday Surprise

On Friday after all the wedding festivities... a surprise came!

I showed up to Rob's house and after a little while of waiting, we headed out.

He told me I was NOT to peek. (Now this was a tad bit of a problem for me. I am a peeker! I ALWAYS peek. When I was in elementary school playing "Heads Up, 7 up" I would look at the shoes and peek. That's how much of a peeker I am.)

But I didn't this time.. I was so proud of myself.

Anyways, he stopped where he wasn't supposed to, put on his blinker when not needed, etc. all to just throw me off. After a 30 minute drive for what only takes about 10 we finally arrived at Brick Oven.
Then I walked inside and there was his ENTIRE family. :)


It was a lot of fun with yummmmmmy food. Josh and Rob also had the balloon guy make me a hat. They specifically asked for the most embarrassing thing, preferably something to wear.

This guy was amazing and made me an alien like this one but the arms went around my head and he sat on my shoulders.
There was not a single person who didn't stare at my hat.

Then, after the dinner party was over we headed back to Rob's family's house.
Everyone kept disappearing but I thought nothing of it.

Rob kept saying he needed to go number 2 and then would end up showing up 20 minutes later. (Quite normal actually. Gross)

Finally everyone was there and they brought out the most delicious strawberry shortcake with sprinkles, tons of whip cream, strawberries AND raspberries. Yummmmy. They sang happy birthday and let me blow out the candle.

I thought this was the end and I just enjoyed my dessert while watching random America's Got Talent videos on youtube.

20 minutes later Rob comes in, grabs my hand and walks me outside without saying a word.

If you remember, last summer we (Jessica, Josh, Rob and I... sometimes Scott and Emily) would go up to the canyon to watch a movie.. like we did for my birthday last year.

Instead they set up everything in the backyard. This included air matresses, movie theater popcorn, and blankets.

Everyone was disappearing to get it all set up. I couldn't believe how awesome it was and I loved it!

We watched The Blindside since Rob and I had wanted to watch it for a few weeks but haven't gotten around to it.

It was the most perfect surprises ever and I really didn't expect them to keep going.

Thanks MASONS :)

Sorry, for some reason it wouldn't let me upload pictures. Blogger is trying to ruin my life.


San Diego/Oceanside

Early Tuesday (June 1st) I woke up at 3:30 to get ready for my trip to San Diego with Kelli. It was SOOOO early but I was anxious to get going.

She picked me up at about 5 and we headed up to the airport. It was a quick 2 hour flight with a stop in Phoenix. The flight went well except on our landing in Phoenix. My eye had a pounding pain and wouldn't stop watering. It was awful and I thought my eye would pop out. The second landing went smooth though.

Once we arrived Kelli's Mom (Sherry), two sisters (Brenda and Tara), and Tara's Friend Kim.

We headed right to the San Diego Zoo where we looked at every single animal. Most of them twice even!
It was cool since I haven't been there since I was young and didn't remember anything. I took tons of pictures (soon to follow).

We then headed home and instantly went swimming.
After we headed to Dominic's for some delicious pizza :). I used my left overs for my dinner the whole week as I am too picky to eat whatever the other people were.

We also took a walk on the beach and spent some time in our Worldmark Resort. I didn't have to pay a dime for the hotel which was SWEEEEEEET.

Kelli and I also made a quick trip to the grocery store to purchase some yummy snacks.

We got up and headed to Sea World! I was the most excited to see Sea World but ended up a tad let down. For $70 a day it was not worth it. The shows were alright and didn't have much to look at. It wasn't an all day adventure at all.

I did enjoy the Shamu show "Believe" though.

We returned to the beach as it was only a short walk from the resort and rinsed off in the swimming pool.

We decided to have a day just to relax. We spent some time at the beach and even made a sand turtle!

After the time at the beach we walked through the shops at the harbor and I bought a few things.

Later that night we headed to the next town over, Carlsbad, and had dinner with Kelli's cousin Greg at a Mexican restaurant called Los Olas (it means the waves). I had a quesadilla and it was quite yummy.

We ended up watching movies for the rest of the night taking it easy.

First we headed down back to Carlsbad to do some shopping but didn't really find a whole lot. Instead we made our way to the beach down there and looked for shells. I found a few but was a little disappointed by how few they had.

We got some more sun and after an hour Brenda and Sherry were tired and wanted to go back.

I spent a good amount of time talking to Rob about the funeral and other things about the week. I always had to go on the balcony when I wanted to call or text anyone since T Mobile had NO service inside. It sucked. Then I met everyone down at the pool.

Later in the evening Kelli, Tara, Kim, and I walked down to the gas station to have some treats to eat while watching a movie. I missed most of the movies because I was too occupied talking to Rob again on the phone.

The best part was the Del Taco down the street. Tacos were on sale for 36 cents. Yes that's 13 cents cheaper than Utah.

I packed up most of my stuff and went to bed exhausted.

In the morning I was anxious to get home and see Rob. I missed him really bad and was excited he was picking me up. The flight wasn't bad and it went by pretty quick. As soon as I saw him I ran to his arms and gave him the biggest hug.

Since we were already in Salt Lake and we needed to get some extra credit we stopped at the Clark Planetarium. It was so cool and I was so much more fascinated than I would have ever been if I wasn't taking this class.
We then headed down home and went to the Pizza Pie Cafe since Scott and Emily said it was the place to go.

I though it was very delicious and is one of my new favorites. Please check it out.
After dinner we went to Prince of Persia .. it was alright, and I mostly just enjoyed spending the time with Rob but I don't plan on seeing the movie ever again.

Summer time... and the livin's easy... right?

School has been out for a week now, but I haven't had much time to tell you about it.
I miss it but it still doesn't feel real to me what all has been happening.

The last week of school was great and I loved it. Although, the last weekend before school got out Rob's grandma had some medical problems and has since passed away.

I knew her before I knew Rob actually. My mom and her would go to the temple together and my mom loved to visit with her. Whenever she would go to visit she would drag at least one of the kids with her... So I got a good chance at getting to know her.

She was funny and would talk for hours.

Once I became friends with Rob she would always tell me "You know, I don't think he's seeing anyone. He could be your girlfriend!" I would laugh at the mix up but she knew it would happen.

Over the past couple years she has gone down hill with not remembering much. She would often tell me and Rob that she would drive us to Vegas to get married.

I have endless stories about her actually. She was a great great lady.

She passed away on Monday, May 31, 2010. Memorial Day. I felt awful but was unable to attend her funeral. It was the hardest thing to not be able to go. I wanted to so bad as Rob's family is like my own. No one usually understands how close I am with them and how often I see them. Its more than I see my own normally.

On a happier note, Josh is home from Afghanistan!!!! He came home Saturday, May 29. It was so fun being there to pick him up and seeing the family reunited. I am SO glad I was at least home to experience it. He is a great guy and I missed him.

Celebrating him coming home, we had 3 BBQ nights in a row. It was so yummy!! I love spending the nights outside, even if I smell like smoke for the next forever.
That lasted Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

I then had to leave on a trip and leave those I love behind in their time of sadness. But they survived and I came back to hugs and kisses knowing they missed me as much as I missed them. I'm glad they knew the pain for me being gone and didn't hold it against me.


School is a bore

I finally sat down today and figured out all my schooling for Summer and Fall.

I was very excited to see that I have 27 credits, which is a lot more than I thought I had... I am practically halfway (like I should be).

Anyways... I also took a look at what I needed in generals and what actually counted.
After figuring that out and making many charts, I registered for Summer and Fall.

It was perfect, all I would need by Spring 2011 is 7 credits of elective.

I was so excited and couldn't believe it.

Then I looked at how much my 12 credit summer tuition would be.

I wasted all my loans besides 200 dollars. Perfect, times that by 11 and that is how much I need.

So I dropped my online English class just so it could be more affordable. Now just times it by 10ish. (The teacher was supposed to be awful anyway.)

So now, 10 credits in 2011.. not bad.

But still I am going to be stepping on needles trying to make this work and pay for school. Secretly, I would have more money for loans when I dropped a class here and there..... but I spent it. Mostly on Christmas and things. I was stupid.

Maybe somehow, some way, I can find another couple hundred bucks to spend on summer and then in fall I can get extra money to pay myself back. We'll see.


:) ESY

The school year is coming to a close. I have loved my job so much this year and the kids are really fun.

But... I didn't know what I was going to do in the summer. I have yet to sign up for summer classes and I had no job.

I asked Kelli and she said the district does Extended School Year aka summer school.

She emailed the lady and gave me a quick recommendation as well as getting me the information I needed.

The teachers turned in the information to the district of what students qualify the week after spring break. It took them a little while to compile all the info and she told me it would take another couple of weeks.

That would have been this week.

So I emailed her, stressed that I wouldn't have a job, or that I would end up with 2 and have to let one down.

I nicely told her I needed to know one way or the other so I would know if I should start looking ASAP.

Apparently some teachers are behind and still getting the information to the district, 3 weeks late...

But to plan on me being there with more info to follow.


I spend all my time with one of two students, who both with be at summer school. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So.. lets chat

Its been a while... a long while.

I can't really report on much, I haven't been up to anything..

Here are the boring things that have happened lately:

.I finished my history class.. C-. Normally I hate not getting A's... but this class.. I'll deal with the C-.. it was awful.

.Robert and I are into House [MD]. Best.Show.Ever. We're just about done with the first season.

.I dyed my hair blonde. Much more natural looking and I love it (for now.)

.Work is almost over, and it will be another dreary summer with nothing to do. I didn't do a student loan for summer yet and it might possibly be too late. Most likely I won't be taking any classes...

.I need a summer job. Hopefully I'll hear back real soon that they need my help in summer school. (Cross your fingers) if not.. help me!

.I've been struggling with a co-worker more than usual. It drives me insane. I probably just have no patience for normal people.

. I feel almost non-existent at my house. Invisible. Even when I am there, no one notices, so I spend much of my time at Rob's.

.Beginning of March I got a new car. :) My grandmother who I love so much sold it to me. She's so great.

.Rob, Jessica, and I have begun playing silly night tricks while scaring ourselves silly. We literally got nightmares. Included in these games: night vision goggles, charlie brown, and a loaded .22 gun.

.I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kids that I work with. They're my life. I wish I could take them home with me. Hopefully I get to be in summer school with them.

.We've done lots of remodeling at my house. New laminate floors, new paint, new carpet, new bathrooms. To go with the new carpet in my room, I had to reorganize everything. I also purchased a new comforter that makes me not want to get out of bed.

.Because of the remodeling at my house, I want to re-do Rob's room and make it more homey... its like a family room/computer room/bedroom all rolled into one. I would love to take down the silly stop sign he has and put up cute decorations... and even have lamps. He refuses.

.Rice packs have become the new fad. They are referred to as "the warms."

.I was doing so good with going to the gym 3+ times a week and have lost my motivation.

.I purchased 200 dollars work of bottoms/jeans at old navy. They actually fit and make me feel so much better, plus my tush doesn't get exposed on a daily basis.

.The warm inspired me and rob to go out for a picnic this afternoon. It was then followed by me doing homework in the shade while he played basketball. I am so excited for summer.

.The top two things on my list are BBQs in the backyard and movies in the canyon.

.Rob's Bro-in-law (I might as well say mine too.. we're close enough) Josh will be home in just a couple of months!! :]

. The week after school gets out I will be going to San Diego with Kelli/Mrs. M and a few of her family members. I was super stoked when she asked me. I am just hoping I don't miss Josh's homecoming.

.Sydney (my cousin.. whom we are hooked at the pinky) is getting married and I am a bridesmaid. We've had 2 classes with each other this semester and its been way fun getting to reconnect. It seems crazy she is getting married.

There isn't much more I can think of... any questions, let me know.
Or just drop in and say hello.
It will give me more motivation to say on top of blogging.


Pirates Pizza

A few days ago on Saturday Jessica (Rob's sister) asked me to babysit for her while she attended a funeral.

I agreed and she gave the suggestion of us going to Pirate Island.

I thought it would be absoultely mad but I dragged Rob with me and off we went.

It wasn't as bad as I though. The food was delicious and the kids had so much fun. The waitress even referred to us as the parents of Caden and Kyler.

But no thanks.

I am NOT ready to have a 2 and 4 year old... almost 3 and 5. That would mean I had a child at 15.

Anyways, it was so cute to see Rob take charge, actually discipline the kids but still be fun!

While we were heading to the arcade, he offered to take all of our stuff back to the car. I waited with the kids and looked around helplessly. Kyler was dragging me down and trying to roll on the floor and Caden was anxious to play games.. but it was a crowded Saturday night and I already had my arms full of coats (since it was snowing) and could barely hold Kyler.

I loved how much Rob was helping. He came back and took charge. He will be such a great dad one day... :)

Three Days of Madness

The best news ever reached me probably the end of January. Kelli (aka Mrs. M at work) would be gone for a week in March. This slowly got changed to just three days.

Those three days started today.

Even on a normal one day only sub day... its madness. I come home and crash instantly. Today though was the beginning. I felt like I never sat down, never got a chance to breathe... I never even went to the restroom once! I wasn't even busy... we had enough and plus some peer tutors.... but I still was all over the place.

Tomorrow will be worse. It will be like today, times two.

Friday, I can't even imagine. I will definitely be celebrating the last day after work. I am going to eat as much pizza as I can fit in my tummy.

Hopefully tomorrow we have a better sub! AND hopefully I live to make it through this.


brown vs. blonde

So I have loved loved loved having brown hair. I've done so many different shades of it. But I've looked at old pictures.... and again I long for a change.

Its been a long time since I've had blonde hair.

My problem? I always have such a hard time changing so drastically. I am super nervous, even though I could just re-dye my hair back dark after if I absolutely hate it.

What's your opinion?

Here are some old blondie pictures to remember me by.


Homework week

I have officially finished all my assignments for my Exceptional Students class. Except for the final and a few quizzes here and there.... I'm done!

I also am halfway done with my history class. Its awful reading and then quizzes about the chapter. I usually just skim and then use the book (as suggested) to find the answers I missed.
As I just took the midterm, I got 26/60. That is like 43%. That really bummed my mood. A LOT.

My ASL class is going great and I love it.

I have all my classes (minus my online history class) with my cousin Sydney. She is amazing and I am so glad we have gotten to spend time with her!

Anyways... I'm still stoked I'm done with E.S. and the semester is half over! Geez


Kiddos and Freedom!

To inform you all.... since my last post about my Palmer cousins, they have moved out!

It was getting too crazy for my whole family.

Lies after lies, story after story, disrespect and such.

So my parents told the state that it was too much for our family and they are gone. They're currently living with they're grandma (dad's mom). She doesn't have work or other kids to take care of. She also has a bedroom for each of them. Also, because she is a grandma, and not a random aunt, they listen to her better.

I'm just glad they're gone and the house has been more peaceful.

I do feel like though, there are more fights between siblings. Maybe before we were just too distracted by hating every day that we bonded more.

Oh well... they're gone and we're free!

Stolen Ipod

Okay, so this was completely my fault to begin with.
During the winter, if I locked my doors to my car I was unable to get back into my car, since the locks would freeze. I got into the habit of unlocking just the driver side door.
So now, even though its warming up a bit, I have still been leaving it unlocked.

Basically, my ipod was still in my car after I worked out to charge up a bit for the next time I went to the Orem Fitness Center.... a must.

It wasn't like the ipod was COMPLETELY out in the open, it was well covered.
But some thieves decided to just open my car door and go through MY belongings.

They took my ipod. Complete with the headphones and money tucked in the silicone cover (just in case OFC decides that Novell isn't on the let in list any longer). Also, they took the ipod player that Rob bought me for my birthday last year.


I was so mad and frustrated. They also went through Rob's car... but nothing was in it to take.... since they took everything the last time they were around.

But this is my new ipod beauty. It should be here any day! Its smaller... for working out. Its orange. I love orange!

Valentine's Dance

Today was probably the greatest day ever at work.

We wanted to plan a Valentine's Dance with Orem Jr. because we had one with them last year. Then it hit me! Why are we planning a dance with kids we don't know, when we could plan one with Orem High School and have our old students come and dance with us!

((My favorite part though by far, was seeing one particular student (who really is lazy most the time) get up and dance... like really dancing and boogie-ing by herself!))

It was so much fun to see the old kids, I loved it and it just made my day.

I hate having to have kids move on... it makes me really sad.
In fact, only like 2 1/2 months left until we lose 3 more :(

How is it almost summer already? This year went by so fast I cannot believe it..

I don't know what I will do in the summer... except cry.

Hopefully though, I get my part-time aide job in the summer school and I can possibly work with some of the students in my class... plus meet some new students. I am crossing my fingers they call me and need me. I would love to see what it is like in other teachers classrooms.

Caden & Brylie Date

On Monday/President's Day, Caden and I finally got to go on our date!
I thought it would be fun to do, but we've been talking about it for at least 2 months...

He had just barely eaten lunch, but he didn't care, he was set on going to Chuck-E-Cheese.
It was a little crowded but that didn't stop us from eating yummy pizza, playing fun games, or riding cool rides.
We ended up with 84 tickets! Yaaaay go us!

He got a roller suction cup stick thing and a sticker puzzle.

We didn't want Kyler to feel bad, so after we headed down to the dollar store to pick out a couple of things, including: a walk climber (Pooh bear), a ball that attaches to your wrist so it comes back, and a yo-yo ball.
Then of course we had to get something for mommy/Jessica, so Caden picked out some glass cups and some candy then helped me fill it before we gave it to mommy. I couldn't NOT give one to Rob... so I made one for him too.

It was a lot of fun to give Caden 100% attention and let him do whatever he wanted!
I loved spending time with just him :)

flowers :)

These are the lovely flowers that Rob gave me for Valentine's day... with the bear :)