Like always - life has just gotten the best of me.

It has had a lot of ups and even more downs.

But every day we grow and become older - I feel like I've become really old lately.

Last semester I decided to add an Autism Studies minor to my bachelor's degree. I've always enjoyed learning about disabilities and autism is just one that I would love to know more about.

This has postponed my graduation - hopefully just one semester (summer).

But the last few weeks I've been wondering if its worth it. If maybe I should just graduate this semester. In May I could just be done - my bachelors will be completely done. I could walk at graduation - I could move on and become an adult.

Both situations scare me.

I want to graduate - I want to be done. I want to move on.

But what if I don't like my job? What if I can't even get a job?! What if I'm not cut out to live in the real world?

Sometime though I'm going to just have to jump in - I won't be able to hold off on life anymore.

Last semester and this semester both I've squished in 18 credits each (yikes!!) and have also been working two jobs. Although, it doesn't even add up to very many hours. I've had to try and figure out how to live on next to nothing each month. I can't imagine what its going to be like to be on salary - not having to take money from something else in order to afford another item. That is one part I will happily jump into!

I am basically working or going to school Monday-Thursday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm and Fridays until 3:30pm. I feel like I have no life - which in reality I don't.

We're only two weeks into the semester and so far I enjoy this semester much more than last - but it is still going to be a ton of work to do.

My goal is to get ahead on as many things as possible for homework so I don't get so stressed out - but yet I'm blogging currently instead of doing homework so who knows if that is going to work out.

One of my favorite parts of this semester though is I have to do 40 hours of volunteering for my autism program. - The hours aren't my favorite part but half of my hours have turned out to be a great experience! -
An old student of mine from Canyon View - who I hate to say it was one of my favorites - gets to come hang out for me every once in a while. I still often think about her and when I thought about possibly being able to take her out and give her family a break I got so excited.

Yesterday I was able to take her out for the first time. I loved being able to give her family a little break as well as giving me the opportunity to see and hang out with her. She is non-verbal and many may think doesn't have a personality or what not. But I just connected with her and missed her ever since she went to high school.

She's definitely older and bigger and more stubborn - but I still love it!

I'm so glad her mom let me have the opportunity to hang out with her without thinking I'm just a weirdo.

I've set up a few goals for the year that so far have seemed not so great.
I'm back to watching calories and working out. I've done fairly well with the calories but struggle to get to the gym since I have to wake up at 5:45am to go.

I don't have many people volunteering to go with me that early - but I hope eventually I'll get the routine down.

My main problem with it is not getting to bed early enough so I just want to stay in bed.

I would like to get to the gym four to five days a week.

I also have goals for making a budget each month, drinking more water, going to bed no later than 11:00, hiking Mount Baldy, and running a 5k.

Then my number one girl for the year is to be happy.

This next year is going to be bringing a lot of changes. I am going to have to jump in whether I'm ready or not.

I might as well make myself ready!

And become the best person I can be!!