Love him.

So lately, I've been up and down and all around crazy dealing with my attempts to lose weight.

[I'm officially down eighteen pounds today though... in case you were wondering.]

But with this, my mood has been all over the place. I've felt like a crazy person.

When I've gained, I've been angry.
When I stayed the same, I was upset.
Even when I lost, it wasn't enough and I was depressed.

All these emotions and I didn't know why I just couldn't be happy with myself. No matter how hard I worked, I wasn't working hard enough.

Now, enter Rob.

Every day, no matter how grouchy I've been he has told me "I think you're the prettiest girl I know!" or "You look extra skinny today."

Little things here and there to just boost me up. I just played it off as him not wanting to be on my bad side.

Then I finally decided I didn't want to be a grouch anymore. I don't need to be negative.
Rob loved me even when I was at my heaviest. [even though he told me we practically weighed the same amount....]

He has always been by my side. He has no reason to lie to me.
He is my number one fan.

He makes me the happiest I could ever be. Even when I'm at a point when I don't want to be cheered up, he still does. [with a little joke... What's red, white, and blue and goes on the ceiling?...... nothing.]

I love Robert Mason and I don't care who knows it.


Rob and I

We've been up to the usual.

Still in love.

In love at the Orem Fitness Center.

He is really funny there... especially since he doesn't know how to work the machines.

I love it.

We're about to head out to go do some more workouts.

I've been struggling lately. I've been working my butt off to just gain weight.
I know, I know... muscle right?

I hope.

But everyday I feel discouraged, Rob still tells me "You're the prettiest girl I know!"
           Multiple times a day.

He cheers me up when I think nothing can.

He sticks around even when I'm so grouchy that I just want to scream and then cry.

I love him more than anything.
I'm glad he is/was my valentine.


Love Potion

Picture Overload?

I've been looking through all sorts of ideas for what to do for Valentine's Day this year for my class.

Last year was a bummer and the year before I bought flowers for all the kids (I thought would be awesome.. they didn't care much).

After all my searching, I found a few people doing love potions.
I loved the idea but a lot of them had naughty sayings at the bottom of what would result.
Not school appropriate.

So, I made my own label on picnik and printed them off.

I also intended to use the red flavor of Crush, but the first store I went to didn't have it so I just got black cherry IBC instead.

I still think they look awesome and am excited to share them with my students on Tuesday!


New Camera Purse bag.

I want a new purse. I've been on the hunt.

But then I found Jo Totes.

I want one so bad.

First I was set that I wanted the Millie Bag... but then I don't know if I want a bigger one so the Rose Bag. 

I totally want it in yellow.

Plus this would fit my camera so I could have it at all times instead of just sometimes.

Please oh please can I have this?

I've googled for giveaways that different blogs are doing for it. All will be done by Valentine's day. My chances are slim to none to actually get it...

If I don't win though, I'm pretty sure I'll cough up the 90 dollars to get them.

But if you feel like you want to purchase this bag for me.

Please do!

I want it now!

Too bad its not my birthday yet.



I haven't been feeling too great for the last couple of weeks.. but when I started to feel not so exhausted of course I get a cold.

Now I feel like I can't do anything. Everything takes so much effort.

Rob and I were supposed to start our workouts this week but we've had to postpone since I really don't think it would do me any good to pass out on the elliptical.

I'm taking the day off tomorrow (at least from Canyon View) so hopefully I get better quick.

I need to get better quick.