Summer is just beginning

This is my first summer as a teacher. I did it. I survived two months of craziness for the end of the year and now I get to start putting together my own classroom. I have keys and was able to move everything over today.

I'm going to be a real teacher at Suncrest Elementary School this coming school year. We have tons of fantastic things ordered and its going to be so fun to set up and get together. And then at this moment I become terrified. I'm going to be in charge. I'm going to be the one running the show - training everyone - making sure it all goes smoothly and I don't accidentally break the rules of everything that is special education.

I'm officially a grown up.

And... so is Robert.
He got his job offer on Friday and will be doing Custom Web Design at Boostability - working full time on salary.

When did we get so big and old?

When did life turn into this? When did we get so grown up that we have all these responsibilities and yet get to have a say in so much?

The summer is beginning and soon enough I'll be in the classroom setting up each day - trying to change it just how it fits me. Its all mine.

Life is ours!