Work has been so crazy lately I don't have time to think. In fact, i even broke out into tears last week becasue I was so stressed.

Mrs. M was gone Thursday and Friday last week, back for Monday, then off again for Tuesday-Friday. That's right. I'm playing teacher.

I have to say, its started off better than I would have thought, but I hate having to be the teacher instead of having her around. Things are just smoother.

This puts me into doubts. In my own classroom, when I'm a teacher, things are this hectic? I litterally couldn't do it another day last week, let alone be the teacher and be locked in for a year.

What if I'm not cut out to be a special education teacher? What if my dreams were just silly little ideas but wont' be able to handle it?


Christmas Break

okay, okay, I'll finally get around to it.

But I don't have pictures... so you might just have to use your imagination.

I got a whole week off early for Christmas which was super nice.

Rob didn't work the last Friday I had work so he spent his day Christmas shopping. His plan for my big present was going to be a new MyTouch 4g. When he went in, they had a promotion of buy one, get one free. Of course, he had to do it. I would have been furious if he didn't. But when he got home it didn't even register that he needed to wait for his phone. He realized he couldn't have a knew phone while keeping mine a secret, so we got brand new phones for Christmas (super early!) I love it and couldn't have been happier.

Saturday we started off by heading to Salt Lake to attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with David Archuleta. That's right, we're some of the beautiful people.

Scott, Emily, Rob, and I headed up super early so that we could get good parking and eat lunch. It was freezing so we went to the first restaurant we found: JB's. It was what I called a ghetto version of Denny's. It was decent, but pretty expensive for the amount of food I got. After we were done we headed to the conference center to wait in line. It was only 5:15 ish if I remember right and they didn't open the doors until 6:30. I was completely numb.

The concert was great, besides the fact that I caught a nasty cold while waiting to be let inside. The whole concert my nose was running out of control and I had to keep asking Emily to borrow some toilet paper from her purse. Of course I made fun of her for having a roll while we were at the restaurant.

On the way home we made good time to get out of the traffic, but got stuck in an accident with the 3 people who ran across I-15. We didn't move for a good half hour. We then somehow made it to SubZero to get ice cream before they closed.

The next few days I spent sick as ever hardly being able to move. It took more energy than I had to even cough. I literally have never felt so sick in my life. I ended up missing the Muhlestein Family Christmas party over it.

I still had to somehow struggle into the world to get my shopping done since I put it off. It was awful and I would have to grip onto the cart hoping to not pass out.

Finally.. the good stuff. Christmas Eve.
So on Christmas Eve my family always does the exchange between siblings and also the famous pajamas. It took me about an hour to convince Rob to join me. He has always been intimidated by my family or something and has a hard time. One there we played dominoes (big mistake) and had some snacks. Eventually we opened presents.

I was so excited to give Kacee and Mattie their present I had been working on. I found an 8 piece frame set that held 12 pictures as well as a frame that said home sweet home. Instead of just giving them the frame, I scanned in and edited the mock engagement photos I took for my photography class in the summer. It was completely personalized and I loved doing it for them.

This year I was mostly excited for Christmas for the real reasons. I wanted to get the perfect thing for everyone and didn't care what I received in return.

After doing presents and playing for a while, it was finally time to go. Once back at Rob's house he said to me "You know, you could invite me to your family's stuff more often!" like it had been my fault all along that he hadn't gone. I didn't sleep that night in anticipation to tell my family about it.

Rob offered to come over for Christmas morning, but since no one expected him to, we didn't have much for him to open. He would have just sat having to be excited for everyone else. I let him off of the hook for that one... especially since we were up bright and early at 7 to open presents. When we were all done I got ready and headed to Rob's house to do their family presents. It took us a good while to open them since they do it one at a time. I loved everything I got and am so thankful for his family. They're so great to me... especially his mom. Over the course of the two weeks we've been off, she's repeatedly ask me: "You're leaving? When are you coming back? I know we can't hog you, but we'd rather have you here!"

We then spent the rest of the next few days playing all the new games everyone got for Christmas.

New Year's eve eve and New Year's Eve I spent a lot of time with my dad doing shopping a such. He helped me exchange a few items when Rob wouldn't go to the mall.

I also had the chance on Tuesday to go to lunch with Sydney, and then on Wednesday go to lunch with Kelli. Both times we went to the Pizza Factory. I spent some time with Kelli afterwords and I really realized how thankful I am for her friendship. She pushes me to be a better person, plus is giving me the training to help me be a better teacher. She is a great listener and lets me vent when I need to.

Now here we are, its Sunday and I'm needing to go back to work tomorrow. Ughh.. I dread it. Especially with school (College) starting up this week too.

Lastly, I have some news! This past year I've struggled with my weight a little. Not too bad, but definitely more than the rest of my teeny tiny family does.

But the Mason family has decided to participate in our own version of the biggest loser. We'll each contribute 5 dollars each month, and if we lost the most percentage of weight, we get forty dollars! I'm particularly excited about it because we can all help each other and be healthy.

I didn't realized until last night, but I will have the luck of my college classes on my side with: Nutrition, Fitness for Life, and Kickboxing. This will be great! I'm a little nervous for kickboxing, since its almost two hours long, but it will be great to get into shape and to do it the right way with tons of support.

Well, Happy New Year everyone, now that I've bored you to death.

(P.S. one last thing to add, today I finished Mockingjay, the last book of The Hunger Games. I love it! I cannot wait for the movies to come out.. clear in 2013. uuuuughhh)