Dear Brylie

You need to get your butt into gear.
You are getting too lazy.

You need to own up for what you do every day. Instead of being too wussy to see how many calories you ate, you need to accept it and responsibility.

You don't need to gain your weight back.

You can do it.

You ARE strong. You CAN do good.

Goals this week:
-Walk mores instead of sitting at Summer Program.
-Don't eat a second lunch after Summer Program.
-Pack a better lunch for the day.
-Exercise at least twice a week at the gym (before work)


Mia's Birthday!!

It was my birthday!

Last Thursday was my birthday and I'm officially twenty-two.
I'm getting old.

I actually got spoiled the day before by both my dad and Robert.

Rob got me a new Kitchen Aid  mixer! I love it so much! Rob would like it to be known that I screwed up the recipe for my first attempt at using the mixer.

[The recipe had a tsp for teaspoon and a t (lowercase) for tablespoon. I only put in 4 teaspoons of cocoa instead of 4 tablespoons because it had a lowercase t. Oh well.. it was still good!]

My dad took my car and got the windows tinted for me! It looks super good but I have yet to go take pictures. Imagine it looking so beautiful and classy. I'll get some pictures though because it is amazing.

Then on my birthday I got to have my first experience of having my birthday at school!
Maggie and Sydney were so great to have a party for me and Sydney even brought donuts.
[doughnuts? donuts? I like donuts better...]

We had a few behaviors to deal with throughout the day but it was fun to just have a party at the end of the school day.

After summer school I picked up the boy I work with and headed over to Nelson's Grove in Orem for Rise's Summer Program.

Turns out... I hate that park for doing summer program. No shade and it was muggy and just gross. I even had the sprinklers spray me when I attempted to sit in the little of shade there was. After moving to another tree a dog came over and kicked up dirt at me. The lady was just letting her dog run wild and it was bothering me. Dirt on wet clothes=mud. Awesome.

Katie was so great though and brought some delicious raspberry rolls and a cute little gift.

Finally at four I got to drop my boy off and go back home. Rob decided to get us Pizza Factory take-out and we rented Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I really like that movie but I probably made it 10 minutes into the movie before I fell asleep. I was so tired and just crashed.

A birthday nap is exactly what I needed.

That weekend we went to Brick Oven to have a night out and I must say it was super delicious. 
On Sunday Rob's family was super great and had a birthday dinner for me as well. Guess what we had... Pasta! My favorite. [That was a lot of pasta in a short time-frame.]

Rob's sister Jessica got me a cute picture frame with wire for hanging up earrings. Turns out.. I have a lot of earrings! Who would have known?!

Rob's brother and sister-in-law got me the cutest picture frame that has a film strip to put the pictures in. Perfect since I love photography.

Rob's parents were great and got me a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond. I need to go shopping!

It was a great day this year and I can't believe I'm seriously this old.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings!