About Me

My name is Brylie and I'm a twenty-something year old who spends all her time with the love of her life [Rob].

We've been together for quite some time now and are quite [in love].

I love to spend time [crafting], [taking pictures], [sewing], and [working with kids with special needs].

For the summer I'm working as a [group lead] for a [summer program] through [Rise]. We have a fun little group and I get to work with friends for the summer so its absolutely [amazing]!

During the school year, I work at Mountain Ridge Junior High School in a special education classroom. It can be crazy at times but I love the kids and wouldn't trade it for the world. I work with a good friend [Maggie] who makes it great!

After school a few times a week I also work for a company called [Rise]. This allows me to work with individuals (currently in their home) so that their family gets a break. I work with a fantastic family right now and with the cutest little girl.

I'm also going to [Utah Valley University] working on my [Behavioral Science] bachelor's degree, emphasis in [Family Studies] & [Development]. I'm also working on a minor in [Autism Studies] to help me further be able to work with individuals with special needs. I will graduate in [December] and hopefully work with [Alpine School District] as a Special Education Preschool Teacher!

I usually don't have a lot of time to do much between the two jobs and school, but I mostly try to use crafting as a release for stress. [This typically happens side by side with Rob.]

If I'm not working or crafting I'm spending time with either my family or Rob's family.

I have one older sister [Kacee] and her husband [Mattie], two younger sisters [Allex & Rikkell] and the youngest is a brother named [Kyson]. I have one spoiled little nephew [Tristan] who everyone can't get enough of.

Family has always been a big part of my life.

Rob is an older twenty-something year old who loves to spend time with web design, sports, video games, and his lovely girlfriend :).

He works at Boostability in Lindon which allows him to work on things that deal with his major.

He is currently going to school at UVU and has his associates degree. He is going into [Digital Media] with an emphasis in [Internet Technologies]. He is really good at it and loves it.

He loves to spend time with his family and still lives with his parents [kind of]. He lives in his own separate basement apartment... so he gets the benefits of living alone and living close to family.

Rob also is great at any and all sports. His favorite is probably basketball to play but he also loves going to BYU football games with his dad and brother.

He loves watching both basketball & football on TV though and always knows what is going on in the sports world.

He is in the middle of an older sister [Jessica] and younger brother [Scott]. They're all within about three years of each other and super close.

He has two nephews [Caden & Kyler] and two nieces [Mia & Alexis] which I claim as my own even though we're not technically related.

Together we love to watch TV shows and snuggle, play games, watch and go to movies, go out to eat, and tease each other. Rob's really good at tickling but I hate it.

We basically act like a married couple and someday we'll make that official. [Someday].

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