New Job

I have been so back and forth as of lately for what to do for my job situation.

I was getting tired of not having coworkers and adults to talk to and see on a regular basis. In the school I not only had the wonderful ladies that I worked with, I also had everyone else at the school. If I walked into the office I had wonderful ladies to greet me and ask me how everything is going. There were so many wonderful people at Canyon View.

Rise has been great and I love my clients to death, but I can't quite afford working for them, almost paying to work for them. I also don't have contact with anyone else. I was able to work my schedule for school around and switch things up. I started getting on the hunt for a job in a school.

My good friend Kelli told me she would have an opening, but not for sure until February 1st. In school terms that means no paycheck until the last day of March. I would love working for her and with all the students that left Canyon View and moved on to Orem High. I would have known the routine and all the students. There would have been only a handful of students that I didn't know.

I miss some particular students so much that I have dreams about them. I wish that I could keep all of them.

But I didn't know how I would make the money work. Rob has been out of a job since August and has been looking but nothing has worked out quite yet.

I started applying for a few different jobs and went to a couple of interviews. I was even excited for a junior high in Orem where one of my "clients" from Rise goes. I was devastated to  leave her and cried so much over it. I ended up not getting the job.
(Ask Rob about that one. He doesn't know why they wouldn't want someone who worked in a junior high for four years... but we'll get over it)

Then I heard from my aunt Kinna and cousin Sydney about a job at the preschool for special needs students (and tuition students) in Lehi. I debated since I haven't worked with kids that young and its so far away and different hours than normal.
It wasn't until I talked to Sydney more and she kind of talked me into it. For wanting to get into early intervention, I don't have any experience with littles with special needs. I needed something more that would make me stand out.

So I interviewed and that day Kelli texted me telling me I could have a job at her school the following week. I was so torn of what to do. I was debating even after Sego Lily called me back and said I could have the job. I just felt funny and didn't know what to do. I would love love love love love to work at the high school. I even visited and it just felt amazing to be back with the students and in the school.

Again, Sydney came to the rescue and we decided I should go in for an observation day.. just to try things out.

I went in and instantly felt like I could do it. Its definitely not what I'm used to. Some of the students are higher than students I worked with in the junior high. It was a whole new setting but I got to play all day long. The kids didn't care who I was as long as I played  with them and it made me super excited.

I feel so much better about going to work there, plus I'll get to see my aunt a whole lot more often! I'll be starting Monday and hopefully everything goes as smoothly as it did today. There was definitely screaming/fighting/name calling... but not more than I'm used to.
I'm excited to start the next chapter in my life!



This year was quite different for all holidays. Everyone was sick for Christmas, including Rob and I.

Everyone was still kind of sick for New Years Eve and Rob and I were almost getting over our sickness/death.

We decided to out to dinner to celebrate us two. We started out trying to go to one of our favorites, Terra Mia. They were doing a weird party and we couldn't get the food we wanted so we decided to go somewhere else.

We attempted several different restaurants but ended up at Olive Garden. Rob has never been and we've tried a couple of times but its always been way too long of a wait. We decided our New Year's Resolution would be to finally stick around to go to dinner there.

It was delicious and so fun to go out and eat. Rob said that we didn't really fit in there since it was a lot of people dressed up and it seemed like a nicer place. We definitely didn't look like we fit in.
We'll see if I will ever be able to get him back there.

After dinner we were going to go get some ice cream at a yogurt place, but we were both stuffed. So on the way home we stopped at Macey's to get some ice cream and treats to make our own shakes when were weren't going to throw up anymore.

We watched different shows on TV, nothing too exciting and waited for midnight! Once it started getting closer to 12:00 we changed the station to watch the ball drop.
Then it was time for bed. I was way way way too tired. Every other day I can stay up until 2 or 3 but when you are supposed to stay up I just couldn't help but want to fall asleep.

It was definitely different to not be celebrating with anyone else and not playing games with his family, but it was still so fun to just spend time together and hang out.

I'm still hoping that next year we will all be healthy so we can hang out and play! :)