2:33 AM

right now it is 2:33.
I just got back home.

I was half asleep coming home from the Mason's... and I realized my car was covered in egg

WAIT so is Rob's.

He fell asleep too quickly and I didn't want his paint to get ruined... especially since his car is so much nicer than mine.

So I got to spend an hour cleaning off egg off of TWO cars.

I have a pretty good idea who did it.

Someone who is so so mad at us.

P.S. if you read this... and you know who you are. its been a year. get over it.
let it alone.

and DON'T ever touch my car again.

Now off to bed to get some sleep before school


total frustration.

Today in school, we covered 3 sections...
usually its two but they were easy sections so we hurried through them.

I understand what I'm doing with the work.. but he assigned a million and a half story problems that I am so lost with.

I got home at 12.
Its now coming on 3 o'clock and I barely am starting the third assignment.

To add to it, Sean was playing guitar hero... Kyson and Haylie were eating at the table... and my mom decides its 20 questions time.

So finally I locked myself in the computer room to do the work... after I got everyone out.

My mom just came knocking on the door telling me she's leaving and Haylie is asleep.

I said okay and she screams for me to SHHHHH! How was I supposed to know she was asleep in my mom's bed and not in her usual place?

So then I said "Well if you would have told me, I would have known."

And then she got mad at me... again. Even though I'm balancing my homework and watching Haylie for her so she can leave.

She's been getting on every one's nerves lately.

We can't voice our opinions without getting scolded. I can't do anything right.

I take Pluto to get a haircut.... something that's been needing to be done for probably 6 months and she hasn't done it.

But when she wants to leave and I have to go pick him up I'm just thinking about myself.

I'm so frustrated with her right now plus this three hours of homework that will most likely turn into 5.


So I'm blogging instead.


Tuesday I received a random text from Kelli/Mrs. M asking what I was doing the next day...

She asked me to go to the school and help her in the classroom.

They can't pay me for the summer but I told her to let me know if she wants help at all.

So after school yesterday, I got to go and help start setting stuff up for school.

It was amazing.
Only one month left!

Well... less than that.

And my super favorite aide... Amanda... is coming back in the fall! YES!!!

I also got to catch up with her and see what she's been up to.

She's working for BYU for the summer and had some of the student teachers come to see how to set up a classroom.

Basically... they were asking the stupidest questions and am so glad I have had the opportunity to work in a classroom already so I won't be so needy and dumb as they are.

:) Go me!


Meet the Palmers

Paige, Sean, and Haylie are here to stay.. at least for now. We are the legal guardians and have loved having them.

Since we have them here... and I could possibly mention them... you might as well know a little bit about them :)

(the pictures are from our camping trip last September with the Muhlestein family.)

Paige is an energetic 14 year old. I never really knew her that well before all this happened. I've loved getting to know her. She's a lot of fun. She likes to clean... which is good for me since I can't stand a mess! She's a sweetheart. She absolutely loves green and doesn't ask for much... :)
Sean is a sweet 11, almost 12, year old. He is so helpful and very thoughtful of others. He likes to wrestle and loves to play the computer with Kyson. He is definitely a grown up version of the little Sean I thought he was.
Haylie is an attention loving, cereal without milk eating, "I want Michelle" girl. She's 5 years old and loves to tell stories. She is a lot of fun... but once you get started on something she doesn't stop.... but its super cute :)


picky eater.

I've always had a very very hard time eating certain foods... I'm a super picky eater.

I've always just hated the texture... or the taste... or even terrified to try new foods.

Everyone is always thinking its just in my head.

A couple Sundays ago I was at the Mason's and Rob had me try a piece of ribs.
Tears came to my eyes when it was in my mouth and I had to fight to swallow it...
(Finally, like a pill with water.)

I go crazy how I can never eat anything.

Basically, no meat
No veggies
Few fruits

Its awful.

So I was (again, at Rob's) flipping through the channels and I came across this show about adult picky eaters....

They described me EXACTLY.

I'm not alone!

There is even a website about it! :)


I may not be normal about it....

But I'm certainly not alone


Vernal Trip

Wednesday afternoon Jessica texted me, asking if there was any way Robert and I could come with her and Josh to move their stuff from the storage units in Vernal to one in Orem since they aren't moving there anymore. So Rob took off Thursday and we left around four Wednesday.

It was a long drive in our very large yellow truck. I had never been to vernal and wasn't expecting as long as a drive as it was. I had a lot of fun though... and didn't even get car sick.

We got to vernal around 8:30 and by 9 we were at the storage units and started the long task of loading up the truck. The boys brought in all the stuff and the girls organized it.

Well the boxes any way... once it got to the bigger stuff and the random stuff the boys took over (now adding Josh's brother-in-law). Our half was so much more organized... we probably should have taken a picture of the truck and how well we packed it.

We got done around 11 and decided it was too late to drive back 2-3 hours to Orem. There was a rodeo and so the only hotel we had was not anything compared to Holiday Inn... but it was a cute little place.

We woke up around 10 and got ready to go... first giving the keys back to the guy for the storage unit and then found breakfast.

There was a little shack that said they had scones.. and it sounded DELICIOUS.

Once we bought them... it was a biscuit with glaze on top. Plus Rob ate half of mine.... it was such a little breakfast.

On the way home I was falling asleep... and we were so so so close to running out of gas. We barely made it to Heber.

Once we were there I had to pee really really bad.... and when I got back in the truck, Robert smashed my fingers in the door. OUCH

We finally made it back to Orem around 3 and Scott came to help us unload all the stuff to the new storage unit.

Boy was it hot! When we loaded it was already dark and so it wasn't bad at all.... but we were now in the heat of the day.
While building a shelf.. Rob hit me with a metal pole in the face... obviously he was out to get me.

It took us 3 hours to put everything in the new storage unit.
But we lost two people in the process as Jessica had to go watch the kids and Scott (being the only one with the car) had to take her home.

We came home after and had the best showers EVER.
Then had yummy Papa John's pizza... it never tasted so good

I slept so good last night, no one could even imagine.
Now enjoy my beautiful pictures from our trip:

We sure are pretty:)

Jessica pretending to drive the HUGE truck... but she's not really

Jessica and Josh.. on the way there
Robert and I on the way there
Me, Josh's Hand, Jessica, and Josh
Robert trying on my glasses.. day one
Robert trying on Jessica's glasses.. day two
Jessica and Josh. day two

Josh driving the biiiiiiiiig truck.. for real this time
The big wheel... and controls
Kissing picture one... he is such a weirdo
Kissing picture two... he stole my glasses again
I knew you all wanted to see us kiss... plus everyone always has kissing pictures.
So here is ours in the big yellow truck
Sleeping on the way home... and he's playing brick breaker
"My Husband. My Marine. My Hero"--Jessica... when we're finally home.

Kyler's TWO

Over the period of Friday the 3rd to Monday the 7th we had three Mason get togethers.

On Tuesday it was Kyler's birthday!
I cannot believe how big the Price kiddos are getting!

We went over to Sharon Park in Orem and had a hot dog themed party.

Jessica was so cute and made little hot dog cakes and french fries after Bakerella's fast food fun!

It was a lot of fun and I got to meet a lot of Josh's family.

Kyler had a blast and got tons of cute stuff.

Happy Birthday Kyler :)




Dear everyone out there,

I know 3 little children who are now without a father and struggling.

I know lots of cousins now without and uncle.

I know men and women without the brother/in law.

I know women now without their son.

Please pray for his family.

It truly is needed.

He was a great man and will be missed horribly.

Please help them so they can make it through

silly little me


Family Day

Me and My mom
Allex and my mom laying out
Kyson and Sean
Paige, me, and Allex
Haylie and Kacee going to take a nap
Allex (far away), Paige, and I laying out
Me... Allex and Paige

With the passing of my uncle, my family took his kids and went swimming at Kacee's pool on Monday.

Paige (14), Sean (11), and Haylie (5) are such troopers.

It was one of the only times we get most of the family all together.

We were only missing from my family Rikkell and my dad.

I had a lot of fun and even did laps in the tiny pool.

After playing in the pool for a while, we all layed out together.

Not that I got much sun, but it felt good

Fourth of July :) [maybe some of the fifth]

For the fourth of July, I went over to the Mason's around 3:30.

I took cake pops and popcicles...
Plus the left over pudding and whip cream from the cake for Jessica

We all just worked to get the food ready, and we had TONS of it.

Millions of steaks, lots of chicken, and loads of desserts.

While we were getting the food ready, Scott, Emily, Caden, and Jessica filled up water balloons so we could play the towell balloon game.

They didn't last and a huge water fight broke out instead.

I probably was the most wet because Robert dumped a WHOLE huge bucket of water on me from the roof.

The water fight eventually ended and we had dinner.. and boy was it yummy. Josh even made me a grilled cheese since I don't eat meat.

After we ate, we did the planned deal for the water games and then all got in warm clothes.

We then did fireworks. :)
While doing that, a huge fight broke out with the snaps.
Everyone was throwing them on everyone... no one was safe.

I loved spending the weekend with them.


The next day, Sunday, Robert called me over.

You should all be proud... I ATE MEAT. I ate a bite of ribs and a bite of chicken.

I had to fight the tears and gag reflex... but I did it.

Then Robert and I watched TV and I even fell asleep for a little while.

I got woken up by my sister texting me
I received news that my uncle Nate has passed away.

Its probably the saddest thing I've ever heard.

He was a great guy and usually the only one that would talk to me at the family parties.
He will truly be missed.

Jessica's Birthday!

Last Friday was Jessica's birthday!
The big twenty-five!


Anyways, we planned (by we, I mostly mean Josh) a surprise party for her up in the canyon. They would go to get food and then meet us up there.

Me and Robert were the only ones there... and we were even late.

We made a special cake for her and everything.

Those in attendance were :
Scott & Emily
Me & Robert
Jessica & Josh (obviously)
Tasha & her husband & their little girl Emma
Alicia Mower
Jessica "Penovich" (insert new last name here) & her husband
Jen (whom I didn't know)

We all brought up our own food and then played around the canyon for a little while.

Once it got dark, we (now down to Robert, I, Jessica, Josh, & Alicia) watched Lady in the Water.

I had never seen it before...

And had NO idea what was going on for the first half since I couldn't hear it.

It was a lot of fun though!

Happy Birthday Jessica!


school update

I know you all don't really care about my life in college... as all of you are probably also in school.

But its all I'm doing lately.. besides hanging out with the Masons :)

This is my first week and it was going good.. the homework was easy, but took its time.

I go to math in the mornings, come home mid afternoon and do my homework, and finish up around two.

Then I usually like to crash and just watch TV or a movie to get it all out of my system.

I even got nine/ten on my quiz.

Its not too bad since I only have the one class.

Then today was the test.


For the most part I did okay, but there were a couple of problems I kept going back to.

I couldn't figure them out. It wasn't like I didn't know how to do the work.. the problems were just bizarre.

So finally I finished and now I'm home trying to decide what to do...... as I did NOT enjoy going today at all.

Other than tests I'm really liking being in school again and wish I wouldn't have put it off for so long.

AND only a month and a half left until I get to go back to work :)