horror story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was just minding her own business.
All day long she had been just running around like crazy.
Up and down and all around she went.
Of course, that's when the worst things happen.
She was just minding her own business..
When all of a sudden...
A huge cricket jumped on her when she walked in her bedroom.
She probably had a heart attack and died.

The end.

BirthDAy BasH!

Today was Rob's birthday! Big two-three. He had to work, what a bummer. Usually, he gets off at three for Saturdays.. but NoOoOoO. They had to do inventory this week so he was off around four:thirty. I made grilled chicken. (He said it was his favorite) I bought the chicken, cut it, marinated it, AND grilled it. P.S. I do not eat chicken or any meat for that matter.. I had no clue what I was doing or how it was going to turn out. If he gets food posioning, I warned him before and it is NOT my fault.

After the chicken, I was craving cookies.. So I made a big cookie cake! It was supposed to be better than Mrs. Fields, buuuut as you can tell, it didn't quite work out that way. :)
Who cares.. instead of the 34.99 plus 9.95 shipping and handling and the day wait
I spent like a whole 4 dollars.

So.. The plans were to go to the corn maze at Thanksgiving Point with Scott and Emily (Rob's brother and sister-in-law.) Emily got sick and so me and Rob went alone. The first time through, we got out in 3 minutes, if that. What a lame maze! So we snuck back in and went through phase one this time, and we were lost for a while. He said it was my turn to navigate but if I said to go right, he would say no and go left. But, it was still my fault that it took us around half an hour because I was supposed to navigate. After the maze we went through the "haunted" creature blow up. LAME. I thought some girl who was supposed to be scary was lost and Rob about ran her out the exit so she wouldn't be scared.

Once we were all done with the Thanksgiving Point/Cornbelly's scene, we went to see Eagle Eye with Jessica and Josh (Rob's sister and brother-in-law). I liked it a lot. The first little bit they didn't know how to hold the camera still, and sitting kinda close it made me dizzy for like a minute. It was funny and definitely wins my approval. LUCKY!

So, then he dropped me off and I gave him his cake. He so kindly ran over a snake in the road while in front of my house. It's dead! But stuck there now. I hate snakes and I'll probably avoid it until it disappears.


Grandma Muhlestein

This woman is amazing. I was able to stop by her house and visit today, planning only to be there for a few minutes, and two hours later I left. She can make you feel like you are the most important person to her, and that she really does want to hear every little detail about your life. Even the boring stuff:). She's so strong living on her own. And while we were talking she said "I don't even really bother with keeping things too clean around here, I'm the only one that sees it. No one hardly drops by."
That honestly broke my heart. I've been slacking on it, but I figured she was always busy with everything or had other people over. She's so strong and I can go to her with anything. I wish I spent more time with her.
At the camp out she was always my buddy, since I had no one my age and all the little kids would go off and play. Talking to me about everything, making sure I was content and having fun. She never complains and just does whatever she can for everyone and anyone.
I love her so much.
She used to live a block away from me, across from the park. If I was ever planning to run away or had a bad day, her house would be my hide out. She would take such good care of me.
We used to fight about who loves who more. She's older so she has more room to love. I'm younger so I don't have as many people, therefore I can love her more. She has the biggest heart and has room for everyone to love them more than we know.


Special Needs Mutual

Tonight, I had special needs mutual, just like every other Thursday.
But we had to struggle to keep these gifted girls to stay seated listening to a speaker for an hour and a half. I had a hard time sitting there even. But I realized tonight how much people don't trust or understand these kids.
For our group we are assigned two advisors. They're amazing ladies, but one of them just doesn't quite understand.

First, let me give you some background? Me and a wonderful girl named Holly are paired with our buddy Amber. She loves to sing and cracks everyone up when she does. I'm not sure what disability she was born with, but she is still an awesome girl. One thing she does a lot though is have conversations with herself. For example in our lesson one week we listened to songs on a computer. When the computer was brought out she started this conversation:
"Oh what's that?"
"That's a PlayStation."
"Are you sure that's a PlayStation, I don't think its a PlayStation."
"Oh, its a computer."
"If it was a PlayStation, I would play with it."
"I like Harry Potter."
"Yes, I would play the Harry Potter game."
*burp* (she also burps a lot haha)
"Ew! Gross!"
"I'm Sorry."
"It's okay. Don't do that again."
"Excuse me."
"Yes, Say excuse you."

.. And on. When you ask this young woman a question, she will answer it, but use it in her conversations with herself. Like:
Holly: "Hey Amber, what did you do this past week?"
Amber: "Oh, I did nothing."
"No, you did something, you played with the dog."
"I don't have a dog."
"Yes, you do."
"Oh yes, but I don't like him."

She's a hoot! But, while sitting in class, one of the advisors takes a very strict tone with her telling her to stop talking. Honestly, she can not. She can't control it.

I know there are so many people who hate these people. They didn't choose to be like this. They're amazing individuals, even though they're not at the same level. They can love more than you can love. They trust so much easier than you or I do. They have such good spirits and they are just like little kids in a grown up body. Why people make fun of them or are scared of them is beyond me.

I wish people would take the time to see how much potential these people have instead of just bringing them down. They want to fit in. They struggle with things just like anyone else.

I hate that people bring them down and don't think of them as real people. It breaks my heart.



On September 18-September 20 the Muhlestein family got together for a family camp out. It was crazy fun. I didn't go up on Thursday though because I am terrified of driving in the canyon as it is, and I has special needs mutual until 8:30. This meant it would be totally dark. So instead I waited and went up Friday morning. I'm sad to admit I wasn't excited to go up.. but I had a blast.
I wasn't able to sleep much Thursday night.. alone in my house. So when I woke up at like 7 Friday morning, I gave up on sleeping and just packed to get ready to go!

I drove all the way to the Heber Valley Camp. By myself. And I didn't even crash once! Everyone was just off doing their own things basically when I got there.. So I sat and talked to Grandma while we waited to have lunch. Becki pointed out that if you don't eat lunch until two you can't have dinner until eight. Boy, I must be off of the world's schedule of eating since I don't usually starting eating until two and I don't stop til twelve. :)

Our first activity was the repelling. It was a blast but I was shaking more than you could believe.. nerves. We only had about six in our group go up and actually do it: Mom, Allex, Julie (Allex's Friend. Not a Muhlestein relative), Madison (Rikkell's Friend. Also, not a relative) Sean, and I. You had to climb small plastic "rock" pieces up a tree, attach yourself to a small cable and walk across it, and then repel down the tree. The missionaries in charge were not the nicest.. you would expect more out of them.

After the repelling with our small group, we went over to the zip line and that was soooooo much fun. Most everyone got to do it, and it was fun to watch everyone too. While I was waiting for people to be done I took a lot of pictures. Too bad I forgot my camera and had to just take all the pictures on my phone. But, my mom is a crazy camera lover and takes as many pictures as possible. I was really glad to get home and have those.

Our long day ended Friday and finally it was time for bed. I fell asleep earlier than everyone else and woke up BURNING hot. So, I climbed out of my sleeping bag and had a hard time sleeping after that. Rikkell, Madison and Paige were whispering up a storm. They told me that I needed to check the door because there was a bear outside and they were scared. Being the sensitive sister I am, I told them to shut up and go back to sleep:). My mom got out of her bed telling them it was just her bed... and then went to open the door to show them there was no bears. The second she went to open it "WELL DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!!" How else do you check for bears through a solid door? They were cute though.. very grumpy the next day from not sleeping until two thirty or so.

The next morning I was not pleased when my dad jumped in my small bunk and tried to "cuddle"... wonder where he got that from... (Grandpa Muhlestein). Eight:Thirty is too early for me. We had a delicious breakfast of all sorts of assortments. We cleaned out our cabin and Allex said she wanted to go in the truck because the Sequoia would be squishy. She was a little bit on my nerves by then and so I rudely pointed out there would be only Mom, Rikkell, Madison, and Kyson. Leaving shotgun for her, and Julie would share a row with Kyson. She then said to Rikkell she was trying to get of cleaning.. Typical Allex. She did a TON of work after that and still got to go home in the truck.. At least I got shotgun:)
My dad wanted to leave early so he could get to a gun show. Typical Dad haha.

Thank goodness he wanted to leave early though... I was glad to get home, shower and take a nap.

I wasn't able to go to the camp out last year.. and had a blast this year. I hope its a tradition to stay forever:)


Join the world

I have finally decided to join the world.
Why the world has to be so strange and grown up is beyond me. I hate growing up. I hated high school and was so ready to get out, and be done. So I did. I joined the world for a moment and decided to work second semester.
That sucked. Who doesn't want a summer? So then I quite and spent summer wasted away ruining friendships. But was able to create a few new ones and find old ones.
To those people I hurt, I'm sorry. I honestly don't see what the big deal is, and why it had to go so far. But you know what? I'm a better person now. I am over it. (i think)

So, since I grew up and let the past be the past, why didn't I just go to school? I actually hate school, but now I miss it. The people interaction, meeeting new people, and being normal. Anyone want to take classes with me in the spring? I need to move on, get it over with, move out, and grow up more. But I'm still the shy person who won't talk to people first, they have to come to me. Once they have though, boy are you in for a treat... I don't shut up.

Also being jobless isn't helping my growing up. But now I at least know what I want to do in life. I want to work with little kids helping them grow and be better people. The early years are what matters most, what directs life. I want to be a part of that to help. :) what a dork...

Life doesn't really make sense to me right now. I'm just wasting it away. But hopefully in the future I see the bigger picture and maybe somehow this will make sense.