LaserTag Adventures!

So yesterday was so exciting!

Work went by so quickly since it was early out day...
We didn't have much to do, but I still loved it.

At the end of the day a boy wasn't picked up yet because they forgot it was early out day. I waited with him since Mrs. M/Kelli had a meeting.

His dad is a creepy guy and I was scared to even call him.
Seeing him was weird.
Then I texted Amber!

I came home, changed, then headed straight there

Amber's mom was buying a microwave for her sister who is moved out and they don't really have a reliable car.. and we wanted to go
So I was the taxi driver!

We played at K Mart. I should definitely go there more.

After we took it over to her sister's and got Taco Bell for me.

(During this time I peed about 14 times.)

We got back to Amber's and I peed again and we watched Ellen.
Best. Show.Ever.

(In fact.. I'm watching it right now as I type to you!)

After Ellen we convinced Tiffani and Hailey to come laser tagging with us.

The initial idea was mini golfing but I said I would much rather go laser tagging since I CANNOT golf for the life of me.

We finally got there I had to pee... with the girl's bathroom HIGHLY unusable I went in the boys.

When we got back out we got stuck with a huge group who wouldn't listen or shut up or cooperate at all.

Finally, we got in.. Me and Amber the red team.. with a million other people.
Tiffani and Hailey on the green.. with their share of dumb people.

I basically dominated.

I found ths perfect spot where I could barely see out of.. but could still aim
But it was a little hole so they couldn't hit me!
Amber and some other girl on my team were hitting the green team around the corners protecting me so good.

Guess who got third out of fifteen?

Guess who got last?
Amber :) hahahaha

We then went back to her house and talked for a while and finally because I was falling asleep I went home.

Guess what Amber did when I went home?

To read Amber's first blog ever... with her own version of this story:
Click Here

She's my hero now for blogging with me.



First Impressions.

I feel really bad lately.

I find myself judging people before I even know them.

Nothing serious..

But its true.

It ended up lately that the people I never thought would be someone I could be close to
are the people I'm closest to.

The people I thought would be cool and fun
end up to be the people I don't like.

I hate being judged myself.
I'm always so self conscious about it.

So why am I so quick to judge others,

Especially on things I know nothing about?

I hate it.
This is definitely something I need to work on.

Really hard.

I'm the shy girl that hardly talks when you first meet her.
I don't talk and usually will try to hide my insecurity with sarcasm.

I come across as a complete brat sometimes because of it.

I get so hurt when people judge me by my first impressions.
But I always judge them.


Taco. Bell. Adventure. - Minus the Taco Bell.

Today Amber and I had a blast!

We decided we weren't going to just sit around all day like we usually do just watching TV.

First we headed to Robert's to look for crafts (the store. not the boyfriend.)
We found a ton of cute ideas.... but nothing we wanted to take on.

But we've decided to open up a bakery/jewelry/jewerly box/something else store.
I forgot what else.
Amber will HAVE to blog eventually and remind me.

Anyways.. then we decided to go to Shopko!
I love that store but never go.

I found some new work out/running shoes.

We then decided we would like to participate in the Walk for Autism.
Thanks to Angi for letting me know about it!

We also made appearances at Albertson's, Animal Ark, Apparel 21, and the Orem Downeast.
Then we headed back to her house.

We sat for a while just talking then went to pick up Tiffani from work.
Taco Bell.
So, technically.... we did have the Taco Bell adventure.

We got some food then and went back to Amber's and watched Grease.
While I ate all but two pieces of a medium pizza.

Jessica still won't believe me it happened.
Rob has his family convinced that I am on a zero calorie diet.

I feel so big now.
That is way too much for a normal person to eat.
At least in one sitting.


Friday was a fantastic day!

School went by quickly the first two class periods and then we headed down to Fat Cats to go bowling. It was a lot of fun and we only had a problem five minutes before we left... when I got clawed.

But no problems with anyone else.

It was funny and so much fun. I'll be getting those pictures up later....... its too late to care about right now.

After school I had to hurry and go to the bank to get cash, then go over to my mom's friend Norma who does hair.
She's a really nice lady and pretty good with hair.
I got it cut... and its so much shorter than I am used to.
And I did it.. I went back blonde.
I'm not sure that I like it... the length is definitely not something I like yet
But its so much healthier.

I came home when I was done getting my hair done and showered.
I like to come home to use my own shampoo and conditioner. My hair doesn't respond well to random other ones.

So I hurried and got ready...
Then Jessica picked me up.
We went and met Emily at Olive Garden for dinner.
These ladies are amazing and I love them.

During dinner we got to talking and Emily mentioned her boss saying there was a huge sale at Downeast. Naturally we had to go.
We each bought some new stuff and then we headed back to Olive Garden because Emily rode with us to the store.

She hadn't decided if she wanted to come to a movie with us or not and so she was going to meet us there if she wanted to.
Because she had to work the next day she didn't come... (we definitely need to have another movie night.)
We planned to see New In Town... but Jessica looked it up wrong and it wasn't even playing at that theater

Instead we saw Confessions of a Shopaholic.

It was cute and dumb at the exact same time.

Crazy movie.

It was funny to see how every time we laughed at the same spots and totally thought the same thing about everything.
At one point and I said ".. oh my gosh, look at her necklace!" and Jessica didn't even hear me.
Two seconds later "What is up with her necklace?!"

We talked all the way home about random things
And then the night ended.
The End.

I was definitely sad Emily missed out on the movie though....

It was a lot of fun and hope to do it again soon!



I've decided.

I found this lovely dark blonde color that I love and want.
But then I decided I also want a new hair cut.

Angi inspired me.

My hair has been the same long and layered for too long.

I don't want to go short.

Still below my shoulders
But I need something new.



100th post!

I've already posted twice tonight...

But I saw I was at ninety-nine and had to keep going.

What to post about for your amazing 100th post?

I would think of 100 things I love

But that's too hard.

100 memories...

that's a lot.

So my one hundredth post with consist of this and only this.

But maybe I'll have a 101 post tomorrow!

Emperor's New Groove!

Sunday night Rob invited me to come over and watch a movie with his family.

With fondue set up with any possible thing you could want with fondue made.

We watched the movie and just laughed at the stupidest things

It was a lot of fun spending time with his family.

They're always a hoot.

We then watched a bunch of random web videos and then
Rob and I watched some TV in his room after.

I love being around his family.
They're great people
And very good friends
There is not a time that we don't laugh about something!

Jessica and Josh were sitting with us
and Rob's mom asked why we never go out on a double date..

It was funny and we thought for a second
Then realized that it wouldn't work because
I'm usually the babysitter when they go out.

We missed Scott and Emily, but maybe next time they'll be there!

Race for the Cure

I've always been a big supporter of breast cancer.
In 11th grade a couple of friends and I were assigned to do a service project, so we picked to volunteer for Race for the Cure.
I loved it and had a blast.
So this year, Amber and I decided that we are actually going to participate in the race.

I'm so excited and am going to start getting ready now.

The point of my post isn't just to tell you how excited I am to race and get ready for it.
Its about getting other people involved.

If you can spare a Saturday morning, to go to Salt Lake and participate in this, do it!
Its so worth it.

Saturday, May 9th.
Race starts at 8:30 AM
There's a 5k (about 3 miles) or a 1 mile race
$25 registration fee if you register online
$40 registration if you register day of

Its a great experience
Please join :)


Valentine's Day!

So I woke up in the afternoon and showered then slowly started getting ready.
In the process my sister brought down a box.
This box.
Rob had flowers delivered!
I thought it was so cute and completely caught me off guard.

He asked me for my address a while ago and said Scott and Emily needed it for something.
I asked why and he said he didn't know, so I just pushed it off like nothing.
Now I know why!

Then waiting for Rob to get ready and such
I get heart attacked!
The Price family is too cute!

They had hearts every where!
Poor things had my dog barking at them the whole time and I didn't even think to go check because no one knocked.

Finally they rang the doorbell and it was SO cute!

Then Robert and I went out.
He wanted to go to The Chef's Table, but didn't think I would eat anything there and he didn't wanna get dressed up for that.

So we went to the most romantic movie ever.
Friday the 13th.
P.S. Terrible movie.
It was really jumpy.. at least for me and Rob made fun of me for it every time I jumped.
Once the scary music started, he would insist to either have me laying on his shoulder or hold his hand. That way he got the whole jump.
Then he would burst out laughing.

After the movie we went back to his house. Josh was stuck upstairs trying to get grandma to go to bed so Rob went to get him out. I stayed downstairs and talked with Jess for a while.

Once Josh and Rob got back downstairs we all talked and then they brought up a movie they watched not too long ago.
Fools Rush In.
I hadn't ever heard of it before..
So Rob started it.

I fell asleep before it was over, I was exhausted.

It seemed like a good movie from what I saw.

He was definitely a cutie.
I probably love him :)


Third Cake!

So after all my practice,
I decided to make another cake.
One that had a purpose.

For the past month I've been pondering what to do for Rob for Valentine's Day.

He won't tell me what he has planned.
And if I ask again... we won't do anything.

I never realized how hard it is to get something for boys
Especially for lovey dovey holidays.

So instead of freaking out.. I made a stupid little cake.

I actually was debating between the homemade oreos.. which I planned to cut into hearts... but didn't, or the cake.

So I did both because I didn't want it to be so dumb.

I spent so much time.

As soon as I got home from work I figured out what I needed from the store.
Then I started at it.

Three hours later it was done.

Between decorating the cake and just having the frosting on,
one of Kyson's friend's little brother came and almost ruined it all.

I probably would have cried.

Next year I will definitely need some ideas of what to do...
This year it'll have to do with something so simple and dumb.

P.S. its really lopsided on the right side.

Monday Cake: photos

(They're actually backwards in order haha.)
And excuse the dirty oven.

catch up.

This week I have been lacking. Again.

I log on to look to see that it doesn't say any new comments.
And then go on to the other internet world.

So I'm just going to join this whole week into one big post.
[We'll see if it even ends up being big]

Nursery: Not so good.
Nap: Very good.

There wasn't much going on Monday at school. I decided to attempt to make a cake again. This one turned out beautifully because Amber came over to help.
It was heart shaped and everything.
I'll get to get you the pictures at a later blog.
After we ended up going to Olive Garden and The Uninvited.
I loved it. It was soo scary.
And plus Olive Garden is delicious.
Then we went to Amber's and watched Intervention.

I slept. Too late. Then couldn't sleep at night.

I came home and napped.
School was a pain.
Then I woke up, went to Kacee's house to give her a Valentine's present
Then went shopping with my mom at Ross

After school I went shopping with Allex. We went to the mall and I spent way too much money. Then we went to Target.
Thursdays always bring?:
Special Needs Mutual :) It was a Valentine's dance.
I'm not a big fan of dances... but my partner wasn't going to be there for our buddy.
I had to go.
I tried convincing people to go with me, but no one wanted to.
I got there and it wasn't terribly bad.
I played with the four kids from my class and Amber.. my buddy.
I gave her a present for Valentine's day and she absolutely LOVED it!

Valentine's party at school!
Tori's birthday party!
It was so much fun and we just partied all day.
First period for math we made valentines certain sizes.
Second period for reading we received pen pal Valentine's letters.
Third for writing we wrote recipes for green things.
Fourth was choir.


Now its a three day weekend. And Valentine's tomorrow. We'll see what it has in store!


angry. frustrated. depressed.

these are the words that describe
how hurt I am that no one even is around

I blog to myself.

I should probably just delete it.

:( I get on like ten times a day in hopes of having a comment.

BROKEN heart. ♥



For the first time, in a very long time
I have something exciting to talk about!

Number one exciting thing! Amber has a blog so now slowly I can convince her to blog with me!
Everyone will join me eventually.

Yesterday started out good with work, I stayed after for "tutoring"
Playing Skip-Bo and Uno.

Then I went over to Amber's.
We watched Ellen..
Since it is my daily ritual

And then I decided I wanted to make a cake.
While we debated on that idea

We took a walk down memory lane with old yearbooks and old stories.
It was fun to look and see all these old people and tell stories about them.
We find the STUPIDEST things funny.

Amber tried to tell me about a girl.. describing her as she was in our alarm clock... she actually meant to say english class, but somehow it didn't end up that way.

Around six we left to give Tiffani some food at work, went to Albertsons to purchase some items for the fondant, then went to KFC to get me some biscuits.
When we got back to her house, we started watching the Biggest Loser.
I've actually fallen in love with this show. It will be another addiction.

[[[Side story. At school during my break, I went into the teacher's lounge to eat my breadsticks and the principal and his two assistant principals were talking. I assumed it was a meeting and felt bad for walking in. Turns out they were talking about yogurt of all things. Then we got into dance talk.. and eventually got to The Biggest Loser. I was told I HAD to watch it!
Then they said they were going to call fat people "Paulid" because Paul was Solid.
It was so funny to see these people who are usually pretty serious and see how crazy they are!]]]

Anyways, during the second hour of the show, we started our frosting.
Instead of making the cake ourselves, we purchased the angel food bars. Horrible idea to eat... but fun to decorate.

We even tried to make it all cutsie but it didn't work out well, as my pictures will clearly point out to you.

In the process of tasting the cake afterwords, we remembered our dutch oven contest at Orem Junior.

We just signed up to get out of class for a day. Neither one of us had ever cooked with a dutch oven before.
So we made pizza as one of our dishes... it was not cooked well and completely discusting. Then we made brownies. In the frosting you could find little blonde hairs.. from me. Ew. But in the brownies, there were long strings of Amber hair. The outside was burned and the inside was still really gooey. I feel so bad for the judges that ate our food.

After that we watched these INCREDIBLY funny videos... and found out that my boom boom is permanently unavailable.

One of the videos went on about Guitar Hero.. So naturally, we needed to play it.

We played for a little while and then I headed home.
What a fun day:)



Saturday I got to babysit!
I know, I'm a little late posting. But if you haven't noticed...I've actually been terrible at blogging!

So I got up and went over at 11 and watched Kyler.
Jess & Josh took Caden to Handy Manny which I thought was soo cute!
They were home by four:thirty.. ish but I was there until like five just playing.

They asked me to come back and babysit again so they could go out on a date.
I definitely wasn't going to say no..
So I went home and ate
Then came back at six:thirty.

This time, I had both the boys.

In order to avoid Sister Mason who would just ask me the whole time where my mom was,
We headed downstairs.
The entire time , we played Hide and Go seek.
Caden loved it!

Then it was time for bed and so I just read my book
Ashley & Jen.
I love it.

Rob decided to surprise me and come down after he got back home.
We played upwords.. and he'll say he won..... but I really did.

Once Jessica and Josh got back home we all talked for a while and I went home.

It was a lot of fun!
I love those little boys
But they're growing up so fast!