New Adventures

Life has flown by and I feel like I have no control over anything.

Back in January, I thought I might be able to get a teaching position. They had told me there would be one and it ended up falling through. Once I got that news I was a little heartbroken. I didn't even get the shot to try.

But I knew Maggie would be leaving and I would have a full time job taking care of the class. 

Maggie has been gone since the middle of January and had her babies on February 19th. 
I've loved being able to have the experience of what its like to run a classroom without the full responsibility of all lesson plans yet. She's due to come back the beginning of April.

Well a few weeks ago I got an email from the district saying they would have two positions opening up for special education preschool teachers. I had been debating what to do - finally after talking to Rob & a few others I knew I couldn't deny my career. I applied. It was breaking my heart though, knowing I would leave my students without someone who really knew the class.

It took a while for them to call for an interview - so I began to think maybe I was a good enough candidate for right now. They must have had enough certified teachers apply. 

Finally, last Friday afternoon I got a call for an interview. 

Wednesday I was so sick and just wasn't feeling well. I seriously considered calling in (good thing I didn't, since both my para's weren't there!). I knew I could fight through it and just take things easy so I somehow made it through the day.

I went to my interview that afternoon and although I was extremely nervous I just had a feeling of everything was out of my hands. I didn't feel like I really wanted it at that point. I was there walking through the steps but I didn't want to leave my junior high students high and dry before Maggie got back.

I came home and crashed and wasn't able to really even feel anything towards the job. I was just too sick. They had mentioned they were wanting to fill the position ASAP to get someone working. I told them I was willing to leave if I got the job and that I had been warning the school it might come - I needed to take steps to my own career.

Friday, while still at school I got the call. They were "unofficially, but officially" giving me the job. They weren't done doing the paperwork to have me sign but they were 100% sure it was going to work and they wanted me. But, my teacher leader from the junior high requested I not leave until Maggie returns.

Although I am anxious to get started and be a teacher, I was glad and relieved that I would be able to stay for the end of year testing, end of the term, and transitioning at the school. I will stay at Mountain Ridge until April 3rd. I'll have a week off for Spring Break and then I'll start at Sharon Elementary School on April 11th. It still seems surreal but I will be able to sign all the paperwork and make everything official this next week. 

I am a teacher. 
I am going to have a classroom. 

For now, I'll be sharing a classroom and get trained with a teacher who is already in the room. Then next school year I'll get my own classroom at another school in South Orem probably. 

Everything just fell into place. Out of the two positions, I got the one in Orem. I am able to finish up my work with my current students. I will be able to train under a great teacher to get to know everything prior to being out on my own. 

I'm a little nervous still but am so excited to begin my adventures as a special education preschool teacher!!!