Finals and random thoughts

So finals are over and I am finally done with my classes. I am so excited to have a break! It is amazing not having to worry about class.
I'm not going to lie, my class schedule wasn't that bad. I never really had homework except stuff I could quickly do just before it was due on the weekends. But the break is really nice and I even got to go to the choir concert at my work for the first time in over a year.

Wow. A whole year at Canyon View. I cannot believe how much time flies and how much I love it. It does get difficult sometimes, even to the point where I want to cry. But I think that's why I love it so much. This is my first job that I've liked and didn't give up on after a couple of months. Its the first job that has pushed me to be a better person and more outgoing. Its forced me to get along with other people who are different. When I first started, I wouldn't have been caught dead dancing in front of people. Now I don't even care.
Working with these kids everyday, I believe I benefit more than the kids do from me.

Lately, I have been having a hard time dealing with what I am forced to face with. When my cousins first came to live with us, I wasn't thinking how it would affect me long term.

Now is my time to vent because if I don't here, I might drive Allex crazy.

I feel uncomfortable in my own home now. I know they have no control over being here, but it makes me sick everytime I see or hear one of them complaining about how they hate it here and its so awful. We know they don't want to be here but they don't have to rub it in our faces. We actually stepped up and took them. Why can't they just accept that and blame it on their mom and not us. We didn't force them here... she did.

Lately, I have had to just bite my tongue and not say anything to any of them. That means I am almost always silent in my own house. I absolutely hate it. I can't be free and let go when I come home from work. This has caused me to spend much more time at Rob's house. I love that I have a place to go and him and his family are so loving and they accept me and listen. They're great! But when I have to stay at home, I can't stand it. I know everyone is about making them comfortable, but its not fair that they can say and do whatever they want about us.... but if we say one negative thing in front of a certain someone, we (meaning me and my sisters) get in a lot of trouble.

The thing that drives me the most to insanity is the fact that no one asks about our family. Its always about "well how are the kids doing?" "they must be going through an awful time." "how are they holding up?"
I think people don't realize that our world was completely turned upside down when they moved in too. Yes, they lost their parents. But they're taking over mine and I don't get to talk to mine like I used to. They lost their house, I lost my house. They still feel comfortable enough in our house to run it and get their way with everything. I do NOT feel comfortable in my house around them.
I'm not saying that I have it just as bad and that they don't deserve any of the attention. I would just like a simple "Hey Brylie, how are you feeling?" or "How are things at home?"
I've noticed that ever since my uncle passed, his siblings and family have been around for the kids a lot. (I don't know how much they were around before, maybe its the same.) But even at the funeral, not a single one of them have spoken a single word to me. Not ONE word. I don't mean they have to have a huge in depth conversation with me. But even "hi" would be nice.

Last thing. My aunt was selfish and I still blame her for my uncle's death. But I am the one that everyone gets mad at because I don't want to spend time with her. I don't want to be with her. I don't understand why its so hard to comprehend my hatred towards her. Allex and Rikkell hate her too. But because I am the only one that voices my opinion or walks away from my aunt.... I have "anger issues". I am the one that should try to patch things up. PS. things will NEVER be the same.

It would make me so frustrated if I had the chance to vent it all out more.
Maybe things would be better if I moved out...

Anyways, now that I am done with that.
Rob and Rob's family are great... its almost Christmas and I have NO idea what to get him.



I lack pictures so far... but hopefully will get copies shortly.

I started the day off at 12:00 pm, heading to Saratoga Springs with Allex to Grandma and Grandpa Harris' house.
It wasn't as chaotic as usual, but still was awkward.. I would say.
I haven't been for months... maybe a year even and everyone was sure to state that.

My grandpa, like always, asked how old I am now and then proceeded to tell me I will be able to get married in 4 years. Every time he has asked since I was like 16 he has always said 4 years.

I plan to get married on my own timing, not his though.

I stayed for a while, keeping close to Allex.

Around 1:30 I left to go back to Rob's house...
(Actually, I stopped at my house first and had a bowl of YUMMY muddy buddy cereal...)

He was playing his game for a while, so I started to make the rolls (our assignment) and he said he would change and come out to help.

Of course, like twenty minutes later..... after I was all done and the dough was in the bread maker, he came out of the shower. It was supposed to be a surprise (because he sure smells good after he showers) but he took too long and somewhat ruined it.

We then watched some TV while everyone was finishing their assignments.
Jessica and I decided it would be fun to make name tags..... mostly so we would get stuck sitting by their grandma.

They were so fun! While I made them, Jess cut out strips and feathers to make indian hats for everyone.

I was back in Rob's room when the bread maker beeped and when Jessica went to look inside... I hadn't snapped the container down hard enough (I pushed as hard as I could) and so it was still the exact same as I had put in.

Luckily everything else took a while to get ready and we made the rolls just in time for the prayer.

We ate around 6... which was the latest I have ever eaten Thanksgiving Dinner.

I had my nice little plate of mashed potatoes, a roll, and some HOMEMADE stuffing.
Rob had made me promise earlier in the week though that I would try everything at the table.

Stan piled on the sweet potatoes, I picked my small pieces of turkey, and then Rob ruined it all by pouring spoonfuls of gravy. I HATE gravy.

He ate quickly and dismissed himself from the table.
I DID try everything.... but didn't eat everything on my plate... The only new thing I liked was Stan's homemade stuffing.

We then watched some football and Rob was looking up ads for a new laptop he wants. We eventually all had pie and it was delicious.
My pie of choice? Chocolate Cheesecake. Yum.

I am so thankful for Rob and all he does for me. He means well when he gets me to eat new foods and pushes my limits.
I love him and his family to pieces.


My oh My

Its sure getting farther and farther apart from each post! I don't like it!

I've been spending my nights at Rob's house... most of the time doing homework while he is playing some silly little game. But I enjoy his presence and the occasional hand holding over the couch :)

A few days ago, we went out with a bunch of his friends for a surprise birthday party at Pirate Island... the new pizza joint in town. It was a cool set up and I enjoyed my food.... but Rob did NOT like his. I believe his exact words were "it tasted like the aftertaste of throw up." ew.

After we all ate dinner we headed to the birthday boy, Brett Bristow's house to have cake and ice cream. It was a delicious cake! Then we all watched the wonderful movie known as "Star Trek".
We had seen in at midnight when it came out but I had no memory of it when we watched it again.

I don't get the point of watching movies at midnight because I honestly, usually, forget them.

On to my next story! I went with Jessica, Amber, Alicia, and two other gals I didn't know to New Moon at midnight. I remembered it this time though.

It was a million times better than I expected and actually enjoyed it. I hated Twilight...... It should be remade. It was just plain awful and now it will never compare to its younger sisters in the saga.

Its now Thanksgiving break and I am enjoying not working for Wednesday (today), Thursday (Thanksgiving), Friday, Saturday, Sunday! AMAZING!
I am trying to convince myself to get out of bed, organize my room, clean out my car, eat a little snack, and then go work out at the rec center. I sure hope they are open today.

Maybe I will get you an update of how well I actually did of working out. Maybe.

This is my new goal: (again)
I need to work out. I eat so many ridiculous things... and never do any exercise to work them off.
I am slowly gaining more and more weight... but every time I take my work out clothes to work out after work.... I am dead tired and don't have any desire to do so.


Also, Christmas is coming up!
I have NO idea what I want. At all.
I would enjoy new clothes..
but after that... nothing! I have thought long and hard and I still cannot think of anything I need/want.
Besides Rob :). Spending my time with him would be wonderful and fulfill all my wishes.


Bean Museum

So today was a field trip to the Bean Museum. It was so much fun I cannot even tell you!

For a while we just walked around and looked at the animals and then we went to Rock Canyon Park.

We ate lunch and then Wade, our new cute 7th grader, wanted to roll down the hill. No one else would go with him so I did! It was so funny to watch him.

I love my new class and am so glad that they let me play with them each day.
They can make me happy at any moment and I don't know what I would do without them and their funny little selves.

Halloween weekend

So I just had to post! Halloween is so much fun with my class I cannot stand it! First period we did donuts on string.

Second period was prep so all the kids went out to classes, while Kalisha stayed in and we straightened her hair! It was so much fun to see. She definitely has African American hair:) In the end it was so thick and long everyone thought it was a wig!
Third period we did mummy wrap up with toilet paper. We then made treats for our movie after lunch.
Fourth period we watched Matilda since we just finished reading it with the class.
This is me and Kalisha with her beautiful hair. (I'm a nerd)
Miss Amanda, Miss Brylie :), Mrs. M (Kelli), and Mrs. Tricia all together in our costumes.

After work I realized my wallet wasn't in my purse and figured it would be in my car from the morning when I tore through my purse to find my phone. When I got out to my car it wasn't there so I called my mom at home to check and see if it was still on my bed. She kinda looked and told me it wasn't. I almost started to cry I was so scared. Finally when I got home and I got to look for myself I found it under my bed, half visible because it was covered by a shirt.

That night I went with the Masons to Chuck-a-rama and it was delicious. I just love it. When we got home Rob and I watched the 5th season of Lost on the computer since the new season starts soon and they don't have this one on DVD yet. Also we stayed up talking with his family for a long time. It was fun to joke around and just talk.

Saturday, actual Halloween, I woke up and got dressed and waited around for a while. I then went to Rob's and we all sat around for a while. Finally it was time to go trick or treating! Caden was evil Emperor Zerg, Kyler was Buzz Lightyear, and Jess was one of the green aliens. It was fun to go out and trick or treat with them and they were both so cute.

When we got home and they went to bed all the adults watched The Dollhouse Murders. It was pretty funny but Jessica was terrified.
We also got The Man Who Knew Too Much but waited until Sunday to watch it.

I sure love the Masons!

Disneyland 09!

So I am extremely late on posting about our Disneyland/California trip in October. We left the 14th and got back the 21st.
Jessica, Caden, Kyler, Rob and I flew out at 8:36 am to the Long Beach Airport. It was an early morning but it wasn't too bad once we were up and about. The plane was so tiny you have no idea! On the way there our plane only had 22 rows or something like that, and only four seats across. (At least everyone either had a window or an aisle seat!) After we arrived in Long Beach, at about 9:45 am (California time), we headed to Hampton Inn & Suites in Garden Grove/Anaheim.
It was such a nice hotel and I loved our room, but for the first couple of hours (since we were so early), we only had the Prices' room. They had two queens and their room was connected to our suite with the kitchen and everything. I loved having the extra space with the suite. After ordering pizza from Papa John's and waiting hours for our room, we finally all took naps from being exhausted.
I finally woke up when Janet and Stan (Rob's parents) and Scott and Emily arrived at the hotel. They drove separate. We had pizza again that night that they had picked up on their way. Also, Josh got to come! He has been at Camp Pennelton(?) for the Marines and was lucky to be able to join us! We all just hung out until we all went to bed.
The next day, Thursday, we all headed to Disneyland! At first we all went together on some rides.. besides Janet who would sneak off and throw up every once an a while. (The first picture is Rob and me waiting for Snow White!)

One of the family rides included Its A Small World. This picture is priceless to me because Stan is doing bunny ears to Scott and Scott is doing it to Jessica.
This is me and Rob on Autopia.. my personal first time. I've been so many times to Disneyland with my family but never been on this one. It was fun and Rob even let me drive!
As the day went on, everyone slowly went back to the hotel to take breaks and eat lunch while Rob and I kept going. I was exhausted by the end of the night and we went home a little early and just watched TV and watched the fireworks from our balcony.
On Friday we all headed back to Disneyland. Rob and I spent the majority of the day with Scott and Emily. It was a lot of fun to go around and go on the rides with them.
Saturday was our beach day! It was really foggy but a lot of fun. I don't have too many pictures because we were all out swimming. We went out and were actually swimming and it felt really just like the wave pool. I have never had so much fun at a beach! Rob and Scott even saw dolphins... but they thought they were sharks lol.
After the beach, everyone cleaned up and we went to the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. It was very delicious and Rob's parents even paid. The restaurant was way cool with it decorated like a rainforest, including lots of aquariums, and even a lightning/thunder storm every 20 minutes.
(Caden and Josh at dinner)
Kyler loved the coloring and would not look up. I have just about 13 pictures of this boy trying to get his attention.
I also took a lot of pictures of Janet and Stan because he kept messing up the picture. This last one was the cutest because she really wasn't expecting it.
During dinner at some point Caden started doing a "bum" dance. He was wiggling it back and forth for Jess and it was the funniest thing. She was laughing so hard.
As we were leaving, there was an artist outside who was painting with his bare hands. He painted this gorilla, but did it upside down so no one knew what it was going to be. He was really really good and it was a lot of fun to watch!

On Sunday, Jess and Josh had to go to Camp Pennelton(?) and so they dropped us off at the beach. It was fun to have alone time with him. We collected so so so so SO many shells it was ridiculous. It was still foggy but not as bad.
After the beach we headed to California Adventure that night. We did a couple rides but were just so exhausted that we went back to the hotel and just watched TV and the fireworks again.

Monday we were going to go to Knott's Berry Farm but Rob was sick. I probably slept in until 3 in the afternoon. I enjoyed the rest though and was glad to have him feeling better.
Tuesday, Rob was still feeling sick but didn't let me know until we got home. It was our last day to play and he didn't want to ruin it. This is us waiting in line for the Nemo Submarine ride... The lady behind us in the picture was so weird and I guess just wanted to be in our memories.

I really really badly wanted a picture in front of the Mickey Mouse flowers with Rob, but we never did until the last day. We had no one to take our picture at that point so I asked the lady who takes the pictures you can buy to take it. Of course she made it blurry and ruined my memories.
R for Robert!
We woke up and headed to the airport to go home on Wednesday. Once we got there and got threw all the drama of the bags, we went looking for food. This sign was up at a restaurant and I loved it. Don't be a boob. Save a life. hahahaha. I was so sad to leave.
This was our plane coming home. We were in the back on row 13 or 15.. I don't remember. It was even smaller than the first. The airport was tiny too. We had to walk out to the plane instead of having it pull up to a terminal. Once we got back to Salt Lake I figure it would finally be normal but they made us walk in too! It was freezing outside and I did not like it!
So the whole trip Kyler would tell me "No, Brylie! No!" for no reason and just hated me. But on the plane, when he started to not like it, he kept yelling "Brylie HUG!" and would try to come to me. They wouldn't let him until we were all the way up and he was crying the whole time. Two minutes after I got him he fell asleep. It was so cute.

Once I got home I hated it. I didn't miss California really (besides the warmness) but I missed Rob. I had spent almost every minute with him and suddenly I just felt lonely.

It was a great trip and I had a lot of fun. I love the Masons and was so glad I got to go with them.



Happy Birthday Robert!
His birthday was on Sunday, September 27. Because I knew he would be home all day Sunday, I decided to surprise him Saturday. (His dad, Scott, and him have BYU tickets.) While he was gone I went to his house and cleaned his room. It seriously took me 2 hours, but I didn't want to decorate his room and have it still all dirty underneath. While I was doing that, Allex started blowing up balloons (with a pump of course) and hanging streamers. We covered the ceiling with them and had tons and tons of balloons on the floor. As part of his surprise also, I remade his bed.

.. Now a little side story before I go on: He doesn't have a comforter, because he sleeps on top of it. It wasn't the cutest of things so he took it off. He usually sleeps with his "Miami" or Falcon(read MY birthday blog for info on that) blanket. I decided that he needed a bigger one, plus the Miami blanket is starting to rip I made him a quilt actually..

I bought new pillow cases that all match and the made the bed with the quilt.
After everything was done I just waited, and it wasn't too long until they all came home. It seemed like forever for him to come into his room... but he finally did and I was hiding behind the couch. I popped out and gave him a big hug... and he acted like the bed was nothing new. Turns out when he was a little itty boy he had a San Francisco blanket on his bed. He connected to that and thought it was the same blanket! Silly little Robert!
I then went outside to do homework while he and Scott put up the basketball hoop his parents gave him. (before they would play horse on a playschool basketball hoop.) It was so great for him to have a new one and he loves it.

So Sunday, his actual birthday, I headed over right after church. He wanted homemade pizza for dinner so in the morning I made the dough, sauce, and all the other stuff I needed. He wanted to play some marvel video game with Scott, which was perfect since I had to cook the pizza. It was yummy if I may say so myself. After dinner we headed outside and played HORSE with his family.. minus Jessica and the boys (they were going to bed.) Even his mom and dad played!
It was fun and we even made everyone who got out prance around like a horse and neigh.

After playing for a while, we went in for cake :) YUM. Rob's favorite is volcano cake. Probably the whole family loves it. So we had cake and then finished the night off watching some TV and cuddling in his new blanket!

(okay, so if Rob's mom found out I put this on here, she would scream. If you look closely, she went in and got more whip cream... there is more than cake actually)


What I've been up to

So here is my last week for you!:

Thursday, September 3:
I was starting to get sick and suffered through bunco. I thought it was allergies but turned into a full blown cold. I am still suffering from it a little. It didn't hurt my game though! I had 9 buncos and picked my prize first... good night :)

Friday, September 4:
I babysat Caden and Kyler all day while Jessica was away. We had a field trip that day for work and walked to Harmon's (about 4-5 blocks) and was still sick. It was rough but I made it.
While babysitting, Allex had to come and cover for me for one hour while I did my lab for ASL. After the kids were in bed though, I just went up with Rob until she got home (don't worry, I had the baby monitor to listen.) She probably got home around 3

Saturday, September 5:
I had my history class. I hated every second of it and not just because I was sick. Its economic history and it made normal history seem interesting almost. A.W.F.U.L. After My class I came home and did homework for my health class and then headed to Rob's. We watched TV and played games together.

Sunday, September 6:
Immediately after church I went to Rob's house and hung out with his family. I feel like they're my own family and I love all of them! I did some homework after dinner for my online English class while Rob played games... then he watched TV with me.

Monday, September 7: Labor Day
I woke up and got ready... then around 1 I headed to Mason's. Rob and I got the meat ready for chicken fajitas and steak. We even made homemade tortillas.... basically, they were amazing. After we made the tortillas, I made taco meat for me, and then we grilled the steak. Jessica was inside cooking the chicken for everyone too.

Tuesday, September 8:
Back to work, but it was an easy day without our lowest functioning student that I am normally with. Rob was sick and came home early from work. After I was done at 2:30 I stopped at kneaders and got him some chicken noodle soup. I stayed there and watched TV with him until my sign language class. When we got out at 7:30 (which was super early) I went straight back over. I made myself some stuffing and had that for dinner. We just sat on the couch for most of the night, since he was sick.

Wednesday, September 9: (9/9/09!-- 999!)
Rob didn't go to work since he was sick (stomach flu, not my cold. I didn't give it to him!). Also, the student I work with wasn't there so it was another easy day at work. After, Miss Amanda and I stopped at Orem Jr. to see the student teacher from last year. She has her own classroom now and is engaged. We had to catch up on what is going on. I made more tortillas at my house before I went to Rob's. Actually, just the dough and then I cooked them there. We ate dinner (using the tortillas, of course) and watched some more TV. (We love that TV!)
Also, while I was at work, Jessica texted me. We are now flying to Disneyland instead of driving. It was $138 round trip and will only be an hour and a half flight. I am so excited since I get car sick.

Thursday, September 10:
Again, we didn't have the student I work with and so we just slowly passed time doing other things. I also dropped my history class because I don't understand it one bit. There is no point for me to pay for a class that I will just fail and have to pay for again anyways. I'll probably take a normal history class next semester. I went early to my ASL class so that I could do my hour in the lab. On the way there was just a tiny wreck that everyone wanted to look at. While passing it, I witnessed a car hit the back of another because they didn't pay attention. But there was a long line of cars that were pretty close to each other (while stopped) and they all hit. It probably involved 5-6 cars. That made getting to class take longer. I loved the actual class once I was done with the lab. We got done a little early again and I went over to Rob's. He played his computer game for a while and then we started watching our new show. Criminal Minds is amazing. I love it!

Friday, September 11: (9/11)... (Today)
Finally, the student I work with showed up! I missed her so much and was glad to have her back. It made work go a lot faster. At 11:30 Kelli/Mrs. M left to go on a trip with her sisters. That made it so Miss Amanda and I had to take over. It was really crazy and I am not looking forward to her missing anymore!
Me and Rob are planning to go to a movie later, but we are still unsure what one.

That's my past couple of days for you :)



Monkey thing..Giraffes.. including the baby


Cheetah.. Leopard, something

The bear eating some sort of popcicle... Basically he cooled himself off by rubbing on it and then ate it!


Lion... but my camera focused on the fense, not her

Flower... edited.



I was basically there.

The owl winking, I even caught it mid-wink.


Thanks for visiting :)


"This is the Place"

On the way home


Robert told me Friday that he planned to go to the zoo the next day after my class.
I was so excited, but still thought it might not work since we tried SOOOO many times to go with Jessica and the boys.
But it happened! After my History class, we got ready we headed out.
Of course we had to stop and get gas first AND fill up our tummies with Del Taco.

On the way up there we got stuck in horrible traffic. Turns out there was a huge Walmart truck on its side... a SUV lost control of their car and ran into him.

After a long ride up we finally made it!

It was probably the funnest thing ever!
I loved spending the day with him and seeing all the cute animals.

A lot of them had babies but they couldn't be out..
Like the elephant and tiger.

On the way home we stopped at This is the Place park. We looked at the monuments to see what it was all about and then headed home.

To avoid the traffic of the crash we went over South Mountain. It was my first time up there and it was a beautiful view.

It was a wonderful day and I loved it!