Crafting - Rosettes and winter

For Christmas my parents got me some new Cricut cartridges.

[Of course, they only did after I won them off of Ebay for super cheap! Go me!]

Anyways, I got this fun new one called Ribbons and Rosettes. [I also got a font cartridge, but that one isn't nearly as cool.]
See... super cute!

Well today I was bored because dear old Robert was playing with his Christmas present [stupid video games].

So I decided to mess around with my present and make my very own rosette. 

[R & B stands for Robert and Brylie... in case you didn't get that.]

Anyways, I'm super pleased with how it turned out. I am probably going to take my cartridge to work to try it out on a larger scale... since my Cricut is only up to 6 inches. Imagine how amazing this could be if it were twice as big! (Right now its about 12 inches tall.)

I also had fun making a Winter sign to replace my Merry Christmas one.
[I wish I still had the picture of it... it was so cute. Too bad I already took down my Christmas decorations. I also had a sweet awesome advent calendar...but you'll have to wait until next year to see those.]

I debated what it should say since Valentines is so far away and Happy New Year will be old in about a week. Winter it is!

Don't you just love the font? I think its super cute... I also used it for the monogram on the rosette.

And don't you just love the babe there playing his [stupid] video game? I think he's pretty hot.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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