We just got back and I need to get things posted before I forget!

Rob and I left to drive out to Las Vegas Tuesday after work. After a few errands we were on our way. We made really good time after just a few stops to get gas and food. 
We stayed at LVH. I thought it would be a much better hotel than it was. It was alright, but I think really any hotel in Vegas wouldn't be super great. It seemed nice but they were really cheap. $15 a day for WiFi? No, thank you. The beds were gross and we didn't dare walk around without shoes on in the room. Gross.

We spent very little time in there. 

Once we took our bags up, Rob and I bought a pass to the monorail and went to the strip. My goal was to see the Bellagio Hotel Fountains. We saw about the last 30 seconds but it was gorgeous. After that we walked around to try and find something cool but it was all just smoke and gambling. 

I have to admit that Rob and I did try our hands at the penny slots. We had no idea what we were doing. We just pressed buttons. I won a few times but ended up losing our $3.00. Oh well! It was fun though.

On Wednesday morning we woke up early and drove out to California. I found someone on KSL who was selling their remaining three days to Disneyland for $118 [BIG improvement from the $105 for a one-day pass!]

We were needing to meet them by 11:30 so we woke up at like 6:30 and headed out. It wasn't too bad and we actually made great time and ended up arriving at like 10:30 [We thought we wouldn't get there until almost twelve!]

After we made the exchange, we still had a while until we could check into our hotel in California. This meant we had plenty of time to spend at the beach! Last time we went to California, our beach trip wasn't so great. We tried out Seal Beach and it was just oily and gross. Plus we had barbed wire fences all around. 
This time we went to Huntington Beach. It was super fun and perfect weather. After walking around for a while we got hungry and ate at the restaurant on the pier, Ruby's.

It was really yummy actually and just fun to hang out.

Finally, when our hotel was ready we went over and brought our bags in.

We were pretty tired from waking up early to drive in so we fell asleep for a nap. By the time we woke up it was a little later so we decided to just drive over to Downtown Disney and explore. We ate at some pizza place and it was pretty yummy.
We also were able to pick out our California shirts that we always get. It was fun to just walk around and take it easy.
Then we went back and just relaxed and watched TV until we went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up and got ready to go to Disneyland for the day. It was super fun to go around just the two of us and do whatever we wanted. The lines were super short and the weather was perfect. After going on all the faster rides, I started not feeling well at all. Rob wanted to keep going but I was ready to stop. So we decided to take it slow and go on the easier rides.
We actually went on any and all rides we wanted to go on in the first day.

For dinner we went over to one of our favorites, the Rain Forest Cafe.

It was super delicious and a great show. We were actually sitting next to a gorilla that would come to "life" every once in a while. There was one time where it started moving and Rob and I almost both fell out of a our chairs. It was the scariest moment of my life.

That night we watched "World of Color" for our second time since they started showing it. It is an amazing show and I reallllllllllly recommend that you see it in person if you haven't. It was kind of chilly when we were watching it though and we were both in shorts and a T-shirt. Rob was so sweet to hold me and keep me warm the whole time.

Again that night we crashed and slept sooo good.

Since we were able to go on all the rides we wanted to the day before, on Friday we slept in a little and then spent some more time at the beach. There was a surf competition going on even. It was fun to watch and I even fell asleep for a little while. Rob got really burnt.

After relaxing for a while we headed back to our hotel and over to Disneyland again.
We rode some rides and then went to the Rain Forest Cafe in Downtown Disney for dinner.... again.

We even decided to order their volcano brownie dessert. It was huge and we barely made a dent in it but it was SOOOO good.

We rode a few more rides and then went back to the hotel. It was a really chill day and super fun.

We woke up at about eight and started packing and getting everything together. Since we still had one more day on our passes to Disneyland we decided to go back and do a few more rides. We ended up going on Rob's personal favorite, Tower of Terror, three times in a row. I like it until I'm actually on the ride. Then I hate it.
After Tower of Terror we went on Space Mountain [after a 65 minutes wait... boring!] and then we wanted to go on Splash Mountain one more time. The lines were so much longer since it was a weekend so we didn't have time to go on it :[.

Instead we got a corn dog and ice cream and then off we went.

The drive was long so we stopped in Saint George (mostly because I was going to pee my pants!)
When I called and talked to my dad he mentioned that there is a Brick Oven in Saint George too. This was the perfect stop for us since its one of our favorites and we filled up quick. Then we finished our drive home, arriving at about 1:00 AM.
We planned on staying in Saint George but forgot to book a hotel for there (plus they would have been extra expensive since it was a Saturday night) so we just finished driving home.

Overall, it was a good trip. I loved spending so much time with Rob and just enjoying our time. We didn't have to worry about being anywhere.
Rob was super sweet to me and took great care of me. I can't wait to go back again!

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