These were my goals for 2014.

Its officially November. How am I doing now that year is close to over?


1: Work out 4 times a week: I was horrible with this - up until the last month or so. I've been running usually 3+ days a week and have been motivated and excited to do more.

2: Run a 5k: I participated in 2 this spring but walked the majority of them. They each took me about 45 minutes walking. I really wanted to run a 5k. I will be running a 4 miler (just over a 5k) on Thanksgiving morning with Emily - so hopefully this will be successful.

3: Hike Mount Baldy: We tried - and never made it. But I did hike Angels Landing so maybe that counts? I still really want to do Baldy though ... maybe before it snows like crazy I still can?!

4: Eat Healthier: I definitely didn't start the year out great. I did pretty good for a while but have fallen back into not counting. I don't think I'm terribly over where I should be, but definitely over.

5: Drink 90 ounces of water a day: School days I do really good at this - but when I'm just hanging out around the house I am not so great at it. I get headaches very easily and if I could stay on top of drinking water I don't think I would get them nearly as much.

6: Only eat out once a week: Failure. I think a typically week Rob and I go out to eat at least twice. Its hard to keepup on having other things around to eat and its just so much easier to go out. We're usually going to winco to get some pre-made food in the deli so its better than like Wendy's, but I still have time to improve!

7: Be in bed no later than 11:00: I'm also slacking at this - Its hard to get to bed early when I come home and nap - then I end up not tired to go to sleep and just have formed a really bad cycle.

8: Don't sleep in past 11:00: so this may seem pathetic for a goal - but if I don't set an alarm, I do not wake up before like 1:00 in the afternoon. Seriously. I have actually done really good at this though! There have been a few times I've snoozed my alarm to 11:30 but for the most part I'm never still in bed past 11:00.

9: Make a budget every month: I started the year off great with this. It really helped me to see where I could be saving money - but slowly stopped throughout the summer when I made more money. Now I'm back to not having as much because of having to manage classes as well  and should get back into it but it kinda depresses me to look at it all.

10: Put 10% of money into savings: I was really good with this until the school year started. I have a hard time making it month to month without having to pull from savings right now because of my lack of hours. I know I could probably still make things work with being 10% less but I forget to take it out first and then just feel like I need that extra money for gas or something. Two more months and I can get more realistic with this.

11: Read one book for fun a month: I read a few new books this year but had a hard time getting into anything I really enjoyed. Any suggestions for me?!

12: Graduate: I'm on the track - two more months and I'm DONE!

13: Be Happy: This year has definitely made things a little rocky between my parents divorcing and having to sell the house. I have my moments of just wanting to curl into a ball but for the most part I feel I've been a happier person.

I'm starting to think of new goals for next year already and how I can help myself actually achieve them. I need to be more accountable and look at them often so I can remember where I want to be.

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