Happy Birthday Robert!
His birthday was on Sunday, September 27. Because I knew he would be home all day Sunday, I decided to surprise him Saturday. (His dad, Scott, and him have BYU tickets.) While he was gone I went to his house and cleaned his room. It seriously took me 2 hours, but I didn't want to decorate his room and have it still all dirty underneath. While I was doing that, Allex started blowing up balloons (with a pump of course) and hanging streamers. We covered the ceiling with them and had tons and tons of balloons on the floor. As part of his surprise also, I remade his bed.

.. Now a little side story before I go on: He doesn't have a comforter, because he sleeps on top of it. It wasn't the cutest of things so he took it off. He usually sleeps with his "Miami" or Falcon(read MY birthday blog for info on that) blanket. I decided that he needed a bigger one, plus the Miami blanket is starting to rip I made him a quilt actually..

I bought new pillow cases that all match and the made the bed with the quilt.
After everything was done I just waited, and it wasn't too long until they all came home. It seemed like forever for him to come into his room... but he finally did and I was hiding behind the couch. I popped out and gave him a big hug... and he acted like the bed was nothing new. Turns out when he was a little itty boy he had a San Francisco blanket on his bed. He connected to that and thought it was the same blanket! Silly little Robert!
I then went outside to do homework while he and Scott put up the basketball hoop his parents gave him. (before they would play horse on a playschool basketball hoop.) It was so great for him to have a new one and he loves it.

So Sunday, his actual birthday, I headed over right after church. He wanted homemade pizza for dinner so in the morning I made the dough, sauce, and all the other stuff I needed. He wanted to play some marvel video game with Scott, which was perfect since I had to cook the pizza. It was yummy if I may say so myself. After dinner we headed outside and played HORSE with his family.. minus Jessica and the boys (they were going to bed.) Even his mom and dad played!
It was fun and we even made everyone who got out prance around like a horse and neigh.

After playing for a while, we went in for cake :) YUM. Rob's favorite is volcano cake. Probably the whole family loves it. So we had cake and then finished the night off watching some TV and cuddling in his new blanket!

(okay, so if Rob's mom found out I put this on here, she would scream. If you look closely, she went in and got more whip cream... there is more than cake actually)

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