My oh My

Its sure getting farther and farther apart from each post! I don't like it!

I've been spending my nights at Rob's house... most of the time doing homework while he is playing some silly little game. But I enjoy his presence and the occasional hand holding over the couch :)

A few days ago, we went out with a bunch of his friends for a surprise birthday party at Pirate Island... the new pizza joint in town. It was a cool set up and I enjoyed my food.... but Rob did NOT like his. I believe his exact words were "it tasted like the aftertaste of throw up." ew.

After we all ate dinner we headed to the birthday boy, Brett Bristow's house to have cake and ice cream. It was a delicious cake! Then we all watched the wonderful movie known as "Star Trek".
We had seen in at midnight when it came out but I had no memory of it when we watched it again.

I don't get the point of watching movies at midnight because I honestly, usually, forget them.

On to my next story! I went with Jessica, Amber, Alicia, and two other gals I didn't know to New Moon at midnight. I remembered it this time though.

It was a million times better than I expected and actually enjoyed it. I hated Twilight...... It should be remade. It was just plain awful and now it will never compare to its younger sisters in the saga.

Its now Thanksgiving break and I am enjoying not working for Wednesday (today), Thursday (Thanksgiving), Friday, Saturday, Sunday! AMAZING!
I am trying to convince myself to get out of bed, organize my room, clean out my car, eat a little snack, and then go work out at the rec center. I sure hope they are open today.

Maybe I will get you an update of how well I actually did of working out. Maybe.

This is my new goal: (again)
I need to work out. I eat so many ridiculous things... and never do any exercise to work them off.
I am slowly gaining more and more weight... but every time I take my work out clothes to work out after work.... I am dead tired and don't have any desire to do so.


Also, Christmas is coming up!
I have NO idea what I want. At all.
I would enjoy new clothes..
but after that... nothing! I have thought long and hard and I still cannot think of anything I need/want.
Besides Rob :). Spending my time with him would be wonderful and fulfill all my wishes.

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