(Rob's bike...... I cannot find a picture of mine online... just know that its really cute. And Teal.)

Today Rob and I traveled around town to buy some new bikes.

We've been talking about wanting to exercise together more...

Since we cleaned out the exercise room we take turns working out... but we don't do it together a whole lot. (I feel like a wimp when I'm panting and so out of shape.)

But we ventured out and bought some new bikes and I'm so excited.

At first, I thought maybe it wouldn't be the best workout.. except for my legs. But riding from my house to his I was already breaking a sweat.... and so was he! It wasn't just me.

We'll be able to start riding in the canyon and my plan is even to ride to go get groceries since the store isn't far at all. That way I can work off my not so healthy dinner I cook.

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