Camping.. way way back

So.. a ways back Robert and I went camping with Sydney and David.

This was like the beginning of July people.

I'm awful.

Sydney made me promise to post like the coolest blog about it ever.
Surprise Surprise, Its going to be a let down.

I put it off too long that I may or may not have forgotten some of the funny stories.

Plus I hate the way that blogger uploads pictures. Five at a time? Really? I have like a million. Plus the fact that its a pain to organize them once they're uploaded.

So you are going to get a butt load of pictures in an order that no longer makes sense. Some of them may be worthy to receive a caption.. but since they're not in order I can't tell the story as they go. :( Lame.

Hopefully I will maybe someday be better - don't count on it though!

Anyways, lets get started:

Friday, July something another (Syd, help a girl out!) Sydney and I started grocery shopping and planning for our overnight stay at the Raynes' family cabin in Hobble Creek Canyon. We bought a million extra groceries (I was hungry at the store, okay!) and got all packed up. This included our 3- 5 gallon water jugs.

That's a lot of water for a one-nighter. Needless to say, we ended dumping one because 1- it didn't fit in the car without Sydney having to straddle it and 2- it was leaking all over. It looked like she had wet her pants.

Once Rob was ready we packed up my car and went down (without David). David would join us later since he had to work late. It worked out that it would be perfect timing to bring us Little Caesars pizza for dinner though!

It took us a while and the cabin was a ways up there, but we finally made it. We had a tour of the amazing cabin that David's dad built. HE BUILT IT! Oh my gosh I can't even imagine. Then we loaded all our stuff into the house and decided to go for a "hike" to find the raging river we could hear.

Well it turns out, this river was just a stream. Like tiny. How we heard it from the cabin I will never know. (probably a picture of it somewhere below.)

On this hike, we found a somewhat bigger river and took a few pictures. We then found a few random tractors and took a million pictures of them. We then went on a long loop hike where Robert let a snake touch my shoe and ended up sitting in the middle of the road to take a break. We then took more pictures.

It was fun to play around and experiment with my camera. It was also fun that Sydney liked experimenting with it so that I could have at least one picture of me. I never have any because I'm too busy taking the pictures.

Anyways.. Once we got back to camp we started to build our fire. Only thing that sucked was the wood was damp from all the rainstorms the night before. Eventually we got it started from all the handy things in Sydney's camp tote (It was like Mary Poppins' bag, but for camping).

After a while of sitting around David showed up and had pizza. It was about time too.. I was about to starve to death. While we were eating, we were joined by some deer... who came super close to us. Like really close. David decided to try and get them closer and looked really funny calling the deer. Eventually David and Rob started to throw rocks at the deer to see who could get closest. Boys.

After some camp fire time with mallows and starbursts (AND a clogged toilet), we headed inside and got ready for bed. We were supposed to play games, but the boys got out their phones (coincidentally, we ALL have the same phone. I might have copied Sydney's clear case, but Sydney and I have the same cover and then David and Rob have the same cover.) While the boys played, Sydney peeled off some gross skin... like tons of it.

Sydney then played Sequence with me and I totally won! Yeahhhh!

Then it was bedtime. I slept awful. Everyone always talks about how well they sleep while camping. I sleep crappy. I wake up wanting my bed.

Plus it didn't help that our air mattress had a hole in it and was deflated in a matter of minutes. And Rob didn't bring a sleeping bag. Dummy. I had to open mine up and we laid on the ground of the cabin (carpeted, but still uncomfortable.)

David stayed up the majority of the night playing on his phone. Like probably didn't sleep at all.

Finally, when we got up we got ready for the day and packed up. It sucked because I had to be to work by 12:30 in Orem.

But before we left, David wanted to show us a bus that was left up in the canyon that hobos lived in. We drove up a death hill, then went to far so I had to go in reverse down a death hill. Finally, we found the road and hiked up it.

Guess what! The stupid bus was gone!!!


So Robert and I hiked back to the car while David and Sydney hiked around the beautiful scenery.

And home we went.

It was super fun and my favorite part was that Rob was totally himself. He is usually quiet and doesn't say much around new people.. particularly my family. But he really opened up around Sydney and David and we had a lot of fun.


One of my favorite tractor pictures..

The "river" stream..

Rob climbing on a tractor

The beautiful view

Playing around with the camera shutter on the real river

Another amazing view.. with another tractor

This is what we found on our loop hike. We decided there were dead bodies in there and we tried to walk over to it, but it was too muddy.

This was an awesome weed. I loved it.

The deer that were getting really close.

Rob's sexy pose

Sydney snacking on Fritos while hiking

Me snacking on baked lays

Start of hike two- the loop

Sydney decided to sit down on our hike.. in the middle of the road.

Yeah.. he loves me.

Some humungous dandelion puffers.

Random swing set at another cabin.. no one was there so we decided to try it. It almost broke instantly.

David trying to get the deer to come closer.

Gorgeous sunset

Bus hike

The end.

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