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Live laugh love sign.. I bought the board at Robert's craft, painted it cream, glued down the scrapbook paper, then painted the wood words from Joann's. I love how it turned out.

A few weekends ago we had a yard sale and these vases just didn't sell. I remember a while back, my friend Erika from Oops I craft my pants colored her vases. I totally copied her idea and loved how they turned out. Especially the teal one.

I meant for this to turn out different, I can't decide if I like how dark the brown is. I purchased the letters from Joann's and the board its on from Robert's. I then just glued some scrapbook paper onto the letters to give it some more color.

My first quilt I made. Plus my cute lamps... I made rob put the quilt on his bed even though it might be too girly. Oh well.

My second quilt. I can't decide if I am satisfied with the results.
I love the grey back though!

I attempted to make a clock like TaylorMade's color wheel clock. That failed and I pulled out my cricut and did it on paper. Then of course, with the clock gears and everything, it didn't work out too well. I'm going to make another similar one with a board behind it.

Third and Favorite Quilt yet!

I've used the fabrics before for lanyards I made with Sydney for work. I loved them and turns out I only had half of the collection before! Bring on the next quilt!!

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The Mowers said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that OCD quilt!!! ... Yep. I just peed myself.. :)