Daddy's Night Out

Long story short my dad is currently in rehab getting the help he needs to stop doing things he was unable to do on his own. He has always said he is an open book and has no problem letting the world know about what is going on with him.

Because of my recent trip to California and then doing some respite work the next weekend it had been a few weeks since I had been able to see my dad. I told him I would really like to come up and spend some time with him when he got his day pass. He called to set up when we would go and said he had a pass to the Hogle Zoo. I drove up Thursday after work to pick up him. Kacee, Mattie, & Tristan decided to join us and met us up there. Too bad we didn't look up when the zoo closes! The gates closed 15 minutes before we got there so we had to come up with a different plan. 

Kacee & Mattie suggested we go to Chuck-E-Cheese to let Tristan play. We followed them and found one to go to. 
 Tristan enjoyed himself and I loved being able to spend some time with him because I don't see him as much as I would like to.
 We spent a lot of his tokens taking pictures - he wasn't too fond of it. Kacee, T, & I ended up playing while Mattie & my dad talked about different things.

 I sure loved being able to hang out with my dad though and catch up on everything. He is doing so good and I'm excited to hear about all the progress he is making.

My dad takes selfies with me!
By far my favorite picture of the night

He only had 3 hours to go out so after playing I had to take him back. I've really missed being able to just pick up the phone and call him when I want to talk but I have already seen such a difference in him. I can't wait for him to get out and not have to have permission to see him anymore!

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