Singing Time

I'm definitely not a big singer - those who know me well probably have never heard me really singing. I don't enjoy it nor do I want to embarrass myself in front of people to ever do it.

But for preschool singing time is kinda a big thing.

[I'm hoping I can find a cd or hook my ipod up to have the songs already ready to go so the kiddos don't have to hear me sing] - but I still want to give them their singing time and be able to make some choices.

The old classroom I worked in had all the songs in clipart and every kid would get to choose a song during circle time at the beginning of the day. I really liked that idea but wanted to find my own pictures so I googled a bunch of clip art and organized them into a sheet for each song. I'll print that out on cardstock and heavy laminate it because I'm sure they'll get a lot of use.

I have about 37 ish songs right now that I will want to rotate out to get a good mix.

I also didn't want to forget the lyrics at any point - so I made little lyric cards that will also go on cardstock, then I'll hole punch the corner and put them on a binder ring. Ideally I'd like to number the cards and then have a number hidden on the back of pieces they choose. That way I can find it quickly if needed. But I also coordinated and put the clipart behind the lyrics so that its easily recognizable. 

Hopefully this will make singing time more fun and let all the kids get a say in what we should sing for the day.

If you'd like copies of the songs I've made so far:
Here is the file for the songs to choose from
Here is the file for the lyrics cards

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