Join the world

I have finally decided to join the world.
Why the world has to be so strange and grown up is beyond me. I hate growing up. I hated high school and was so ready to get out, and be done. So I did. I joined the world for a moment and decided to work second semester.
That sucked. Who doesn't want a summer? So then I quite and spent summer wasted away ruining friendships. But was able to create a few new ones and find old ones.
To those people I hurt, I'm sorry. I honestly don't see what the big deal is, and why it had to go so far. But you know what? I'm a better person now. I am over it. (i think)

So, since I grew up and let the past be the past, why didn't I just go to school? I actually hate school, but now I miss it. The people interaction, meeeting new people, and being normal. Anyone want to take classes with me in the spring? I need to move on, get it over with, move out, and grow up more. But I'm still the shy person who won't talk to people first, they have to come to me. Once they have though, boy are you in for a treat... I don't shut up.

Also being jobless isn't helping my growing up. But now I at least know what I want to do in life. I want to work with little kids helping them grow and be better people. The early years are what matters most, what directs life. I want to be a part of that to help. :) what a dork...

Life doesn't really make sense to me right now. I'm just wasting it away. But hopefully in the future I see the bigger picture and maybe somehow this will make sense.


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Mason Family Blog :) said...

Brylie..........we are a lot alike!!! I am going into elementary education and want to teach kids, I also pretty much screwed up my senior year of high school by deciding I was so "over it," and I ended up ruining a lot of friendships and missing high school and how easy it was-I also hate getting older and that I am not a teenager anymore. I am also afraid to approach people......but not so shy once I get close to someone. We are like TWINS kind of lol.
So, I guess we are going to a corn maze? That will be really fun, we will be able to walk around David Archeleta! Who doesn't want that?