I finally am facing up to the fact about attending school again.

I was so excited but now I am just really stressed out.
I finally got my transcript and I cannot find anywhere that will tell me where in the world I take it.

I meet with my advisor on Monday which should clear up some questions, but I have no clue where her office is... or if I am able to meet with her without my transcript turned in.

I am dealing with all of this... I had a crazy day at work...
I didn't get much sleep,
And yet I'm blogging instead of sleeping.

I am almost to tears wishing I knew what I was doing.

I wish I could just already be done and past all this stupid first year stuff.

Being done with school completely and teaching would be better actually.



Mason Family Blog :) said...

Tell me what you need help with!! Scott too-we have both been going there for a couple years now so don't hesitate to ask us!! You shouldn't have to be walking around blindly-because we want to help you :)

Matthew, Alicia, Tommy, Connor and Riley said...

Oh Bri! Don't cry! Get some sleep and don't stress. It's like they say Stressing out about things is just as useful as solving an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum! And people think better when they aren't stressed. So light some candles and relax and you will be able to figure it out. What school are you wanting to go to? If you are going to UVSC, I have a friend that has gone there for quite a while and I am sure she would be able to help, so text me if you want me to ask her any questions!