First, a side note:
Today at school was crazy.
First period went by quickly,
second period we practiced for our "mini talent show"
Then the soon to be new 7th graders came.

It was so cute to see them and meet them all.

We had our talent show
went on a tour of the school
showed them the classroom
then had adaptive PE with them.

They slowly left one by one.

At lunch we had a problem with a peer tutor who didn't listen one bit..
And she will get in so much trouble.

After lunch I had a break, then went to have cooking class for Dustin's birthday
But was interrupted by a bathroom change for a girl in the class.
It was not pretty.

I finally finished with that 5 minutes before we were supposed to be leaving to take them to the bus.

I originally planned to work out after school but just didn't feel like it.

::::I absolutely love swimming... I would stay in the water all day every day if I could!

Rain especially makes me want to swim..

So, after my absolutely insane day at work
I asked Allex to come with me and we went to the Orem Fitness Center.

I haven't used my pass there for ages.

First, we worked out
Second, we ran
Third, I biked
Fourth, I crunched
Fifth, we sauna-ed
Sixth, we swam
Seventh, we saunaed again!

It was so perfect and wonderful.

I came home feeling more ambitious to do things..
So I'll run more in a little while

And I went tanning with Robert.

It was fun. And now I am exhausted and can go to bed well rested tonight.

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Amber said...

I haven't been swimming in forever!!! We will have to go sometime :)