new phone

I did it.
I bought a new phone.

Not that much different from my old one.
Just a slight upgrade from the Blackberry 8100 to 8120 :)

I love it.

In my love of Blackberries, I've always installed the latest operating system and deleted the things I don't like, and added things I do.

Somehow in this process, I practically killed my phone.

An hour later, I finally got it to live again.
But this was without:
Old texts (I save all the cute ones)
Contacts I hadn't yet saved to my SIM card
Calendar events

Basically, everything.

I almost started crying.


Anyways, I've been working on this since I got home from work: about four o'clock.

Finally I think I have figured it out.

If it doesn't happen, I will forever remain in the corner of my bedroom devistated about this

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

ha ha you are silly!!! You and your blackberry!