Happy Birthday Allex!

Allex's Birthday is tomorrow.. and since I stayed home from church sick (not wanting to get all the little kids sick) I made her birthday cake today.

She loves basketball and is really good at it.
Almost everything she says is about basketball.

So when I first started making cakes, I decided I wanted to make her a basketball one.

I had the fondant left over from Valentine's day
And so I just had to dye it.. which wasn't too easy.

It didn't take too long..

I hadn't really thought about how I would do the lines... So I ended up just using normal frosting.

That made a mess and I wish it was better... but what can you do?
I had enough left over that I decided to write "Happy Birthday Allex!!"
Actually, I was planning on putting it on the top, but with the lines it would have looked dumb.
Its written around the sides, pretty sloppily actually.

A ziplock baggie can only do so much

I love Allex to pieces and hope she has a great birthday!


Angi said...

I think you did a pretty good job Bry! Since you are so into cake decorating these days you can pick up a fairly cheap kit at Roberts and use a 40% off coupon. It has all the basics you need.

Mason Family Blog :) said...

awwww how cute Bryle :) I love it!